Fug or Fab: Kaley Cuoco


Well, her HEAD looks great:

Too bad the rest of her looks like an incredibly chic French door.

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  1. lola

    I was thinking she looked pretty good, though her sister usually is the one who looks really tired….. when I realized it wasn’t Ashley Olsen. Doppelgänger.

    • Carol

      I had the same Olsen moment … and I don’t think her head looks great … hair has not seen proper attention in quite some time.

  2. rowynn

    Wow, they took a shapeless, sad sack kinda dress and put a half-assed mullet hem on it. Way to add insult to injury, designers!

  3. Lynne

    I was on the verge of suggesting this would be cute if it were a mini and then realized, no. It’s really too shapeless. I love Kaley Cuoco. I want her in a fabulous, chic ensemble just once.

    • ringthing

      Me too. She’s so cute and she’s on a number one sitcom, you’d think she could get a better stylist.

      • Courtney

        Exactly. As much as I hate to admit it because I really detest The Big Bang Theory, she’s consistently cute on her show. Why can’t her on-set costume designers just start dressing her all of the time?

  4. Tiffany

    I actually kind of like it, especially the purse with it. I would make it shorter and change the shoes, though. I love the detailing at the top, and appreciate the fact that it isn’t skin tight. I think the loose fit is very chic.

  5. pidget

    Le sac is doing her no favours. She’s gorgeous and hourglass-shapely, and this thing is obscuring everything. Black and white also seems a bit somber for her – I always think of her as being colourful and fun. This is more “Dressy Crusades”.

  6. Anna Svahn

    Is it just me, or are her eyebrows a little funky and over-plucked on the ends?

    • Helen

      The otherwise lovely Cuoco does have an unfortunate tendency to have sperm brow, yes.

      • Hima

        That is the best, most apt description I’ve ever heard. Stealing it. Can’t wait to use the term “sperm brow” in my day-to-day life.

  7. pantsonfire

    This really isn’t so bad, given her track record. Her head DOES look fantastic. The dress on its own really isn’t the worst. I’d be lying if I said that I wouldn’t give it a go if I saw it in the store. I like a nice 1920s look once in a while. That said, I don’t think it’s terribly suited to her–she looks good with things with a nipped-in waist, as she’s got an hourglass figure. And regardless of who is wearing it, the dress would probably be improved by shortening it (either to just below and a bit above the knee), and of course making it all one length.

  8. Dazie

    No. Head does NOT look great. Head looks like November, after a summer of beach and Sun In. :p

    • LoriK

      I’m with you. The face is pretty as always & the make-up is fine, but the hair looks bad. Girl needs a color touch-up on those dark roots, some deep conditioner & a brush, STAT.

  9. Big Noise

    Is it me, or are there two faintly visible pads in the top white section, just under the boobage area? I swear it looks like she has 2-inch Johnson & Johnson Band-Aids taped to the inside of that bodice — or maybe they’re the VERY FAINT outlines of pockets?

  10. Bubba

    This is not an ideal look, but she wore a really adorable dress to an event honoring stylists the other day: http://www.popsugar.com/Celebrities-Hollywood-Reporter-Stylists-Luncheon-2013-28551850#/Celebrities-Hollywood-Reporter-Stylists-Luncheon-2013-28551850?slide=2&image_nid=28551862

    I think if we could get ^this^ more often, we’d be in business.

    • anny

      Color: check.
      Waist: check.
      Hair done: check.
      Business: In.

      • Helen

        That blue-and-yellow dress was adorable on her, Bubba, but her hair and makeup were terrible.

        Poor pretty Kaley just never gets the whole thing right.

  11. witjunkie

    …Or maybe the Pope’s new door.

    I voted cute though. She’s tall enough to pull this off and I like to see something different in a silhouette now and then. I like the dark eyes with it. Weirdly, the roots matching the piping works for me.

    I did vote before I realized the hem was mulleted, and I wish I didn’t see the boob flaps. But overall, I think she looks very nice.

  12. Kat

    I just wish someone would take away her (or her makeup artist’s) kohl pencil. She ALWAYS does raccoon eyes. There’s nothing wrong with eyeliner, but you gotta know when to stop!

  13. maryse

    i think she is so cute on the show. like in order to appreciate her beauty, you need to see her moving around. in still shots, she never looks the same to me. anyway i’m meh on the dress. it does look comfy though.

    • Helen

      True, she’s much better-looking animated.

      The dress… on a beach boardwalk, with sandals, I might quite like it.

  14. wordphreak

    This is complete WTF. She looks like she knows it, too.

  15. LS

    She’s not pulling off the 1920′s flapper look. It makes her look shapeless and fat. Which she definitely is not – I’ve seen her Shape issue.

  16. LS

    Oh, her clutch looks interesting though.

  17. Vandalfan

    No, that’ s terrible, rooty hair! And the dress would be cute if it was six sizes smaller, ending just at the knee in front, with the waist stripe at the waist.

  18. Monica Bing

    Is it too late to submit her in for Fug Madness????

  19. Bottle Ginger

    I like the dress.

    It’s light and fresh, and so baggy it’s perfect for those “I feel fat” days.

  20. Katete

    For the record, I only voted harshness because the line made me smile REALLY BIG. And the black piping across the middle was at her waist instead of dropped, it would be totally adorable.

  21. FuginB'ham

    She is so great – would someone please hire her a stylist?

  22. Sajorina

    I don’t think that any part of her looks good, in this instance!

  23. Emma

    I don’t think her head looks great (unless you’re comparing it with her Golden Globes head, which is almost as bad as celebrity heads get). Her platinum blonde hair washes her out, her dark roots are showing, her complexion needs some colour and her eyes need less black liner.

  24. PB

    Looks like she’s wearing a potato sack!

  25. Marcie

    I love any and all Clueless references.