Fug or Fab: Joe Manganiello


If applicable — and at all possible — please try to set aside the stirring in your loins and just consider Alcide here on his clothing’s dubious merits.

Indeed, many of you may hate this on the sole basis that they are clothes, and that he is wearing them (and to you I say: Be strong, forĀ Magic Mike is coming soon). Others of you may love it because there is something magnetic about him even though he kind of has Scott Foley’s old Felicity hair — which might not be a bad thing; it’s just that I only now noticed, and now it’s all I can see. Still more of you may think it’s fully bangin’ on its own merits.

But my issues are: whether a butterfly is about to birth itself from the caterpillar-made womb that is his necklace; and why he felt the need to button his vest over a scarf. Was he trying to anchor his fringe there? Did his crotch need a curtain? Did it, after the Magic Mike experience, begin insisting upon waiting to make an entrance until the music and lighting and state of lubrication is just-so? If it’s that, well, I hope he built a confetti cannon into his zipper, or else all that buildup will feel like it was for naught.

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[Photo: FameFlynet]

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  1. christine christine

    It just seems like too much. It’s more a late fall/early winter look. In the heat of summer (it’s 109 where I am, where is he?) it seems like he’s trying so hard to be trendy. Take it off Joe!

  2. Art Eclectic

    Clothes? What clothes? That’s a fine looking man….

  3. ortenzia

    totally fanadoring right now but:
    - it’s soooo true he has noel’s old hair from felicity
    - i love you and this site for mentioning it

    i may need more felicity reminders in my life. they make me too happy.

  4. Kate

    Maybe his zipper broke?

  5. Prolixity

    This might be your funniest comment since that time you said Paul McCartney’s date looked like her leggings were made of Miss Piggy, or the genius of the Paula Abdul post that included the words “It sounds like rainbows, and rainbows taste like cookies.” Joe Mancandy up there looks like he is trying too hard when really he just needs to show up decently dressed.

  6. kmcm

    I’m getting a weird Keanu vibe. I can’t excuse that scarf. It’s so close, but still so far.

  7. b

    Can’t wait for the confetti cannon!

  8. Brooke

    I was not familiar with this guy, so googled him, and WOW. Yes, sin = wearing clothes at all. Are his abs for real? Good golly. Definitely can’t ignore my loins now. Sorry, were we talking about clothes or something? Suddenly super distracted.

    • Carolina Girl

      This man should be contractually obligated to be — at a BARE minimum — shirtless at all times. He is absolutely lovely.
      I’m glad the age of metrosexuality seems to be coming to an end. I am loving this testosterone-chic thing. Hemsworth and Mancandy up there. UMM UMMM.

  9. fiatluxury

    did somebody say bangin’? yes, please. also, i like his shoes. no, really: i like them. they are scruffy without being down-at-heel, and who doesn’t love that in a man?

  10. Adriana

    Mmmh… he was Jason Segel’s bromance partner for an episode of HIMYM. Maybe they shared this whole hapzhazard layering thing between takes.

  11. Amber

    The crotch curtain kills it–I can’t see anything else.

    • Shiitake

      Maybe there’s a curtain pull.

      • pidget

        Brilliant! (Snort…) I agree, too much foof for such a hot guy. Shear the excess and let us enjoy an enormously good lookin’ dude.

  12. llism

    I selflessly offer to host a luncheon with Mr. Manganiello, Dwayne Johnson, Eric Bana, and Christian Bale, wherein we discuss current men’s fashion. It will be a sacrifice, but I’ll endure.

  13. McLisa

    WOW he should just lose the entire outfit EXCEPT the crotch curtain… you know… for a little mystery. Thank you for this one. I will carry it with me through the weekend.

  14. Sandra

    He should take all of that off and start over. I’ll help.

  15. Crystal

    Is that a bolo tie?

  16. Kara

    I really can’t look at him without thinking about the abs that I know are under those clothes. (I am so seeing Magic Mike.) But the scarf really doesn’t work. I know it’s too warm for a scarf in LA and even if it weren’t, the proportions on that one are all wrong. He does seem to be trying too hard – he looks like THAT, so simple would be best. (I do wonder if tailoring is an issue for him – isn’t he like 6’8″ or something?)

  17. Ranee Singleton

    Sorry, but this outfit just reminds me of all things dangly.

  18. Evalyn

    He’s trying way too hard. It does have a Keanu vibe, and we don’t need any of that. Easy, big fella.

  19. buttercup

    I agree the scarf is a misstep. But I kinda feel for the guys. It’s hard to be creative with the same three pieces of clothing you have available for these events. Johnny Depp goes too far in one direction and the boring tuxedo goes too far in the other.

    I’m not even into beefcakey guys (prefer them lean and athletic) but HOT DAMN! He’s hot.

  20. Claire L1

    I think I am the only woman who just isn’t into him. I mean, he’s nice looking, but he just doesn’t do it for me.

    • kickassmomnyc

      Doesn’t do it for me either. Just not my type, I guess.

      • Julie

        Or me. I find men who look like they spend several hours in the gym every day offputting. It’s like, surely there are more interesting things to do? But he is good looking…

  21. Mary

    Clothing critique aside, this was the funniest post I’ve read in a long time!

  22. Sajorina

    Scott Foley’s “Felicity” hair! Ahahahahaha….. OMG, that necklace is weird, the scarf under the vest is weird & those shoes with a suit look weird! Plus, his jacket’s raised collar reminds me of Mick St. John in “Moonlight”! I’m as confused as his ensemble looks!

  23. kickassmomnyc

    Ridiculous getup. Trying too hard, not succeeding, just a mess of toooooo much, especially the scarf.

  24. Allie

    I just really love you both. Thank you for existing on the internet to write posts like this one.

  25. kinx

    I’m sorry, but can’t ignore my loins. As I write this I’m unconsciously making slurping noises. Only thing I can think about related to his clothes is how nice it’d be if there’s less of it.

  26. vandalfan

    Never heard of him before but he’s miiiiighty purty. Of course, I probably have shoes older than him.

  27. jjdaddyo

    1) This outfit is too sweaty looking for summer, unless this is the Norwegian premiere 2) button your vest over your scarf? WTF? Did you tuck your shirt into your underwear?

  28. Mahastee

    I like it all except for the scarf placement. I REALLY like the jacket. Is that wrong? Oh well, he can always take it off.

  29. Dana

    He bores me on “True Blood.” I find Russell Edgington sexier than Alcide. I guess werewolves do nothing for me. Except Oz, of course.

  30. Eli

    You should have made this an Unfug it Up, which would namely involve removing all cloth items above his waist and adding one Alexander Skarrrsssgarrrrd to the picture. Et viola. Masterpiece.

  31. Helen

    It’s so sweet of men to try to accessorize.

    I wish they wouldn’t.

  32. Elbyem

    You know the actor who plays Ridge Forrester on “The Bold and the Beautiful”? Ron Moss? This. Don’t toy with beauty.

  33. Other Emily

    I just don’t understand why he’s wearing SO MUCH. I don’t expect him to be semi-nude (although I would appreciate it), but this is just SO MUCH. Just the suit and a decent shirt and he would be fine. Then nothing would make you think about his clothes instead of his serious manliness. I mean, really, he is a whole lot of man.

  34. Deb Chasteen

    Mickey Rourke is gonna be gunning for this guy.

  35. Liv Rancourt

    The jacket and shoes, and, okay, the vest make me think Samuel Clemmons, but then I see the semi-hidden scarf and wonder when Mark Twain went to Vegas.

  36. witjunkie

    I like the cut of this jacket a lot, I like the colors and the fit…I appreciate an effort from a man to look interesting and different, he manages to do this without looking insane…and of course the crotch jabot is distracting and needs to not be there, and I could do without the collar pop, but other than that – this person on a show I don’t watch looks pretty good.

  37. Aspasia

    Yeah, the whole vest over the scarf thing was my first “WTF?” And now you mention the Scott Foley hair and the butterfly cocoon that I assume he bought at Forever XXI…I sprayed all manner of foodstuffs on my monitor. Thanks a lot.

  38. Tessie Bee

    Well, if everywhere I went women were clamouring to rip off my clothes and shag me til I broke, I’d layer and layer just like this. Poor chap.

  39. Katharine

    I feel as though this is sort of the look that Mr. Depp should be going for.

    But the scarf… I saw a clown turn yesterday, in which a butch dyke plays “Dapper the clown” getting all dressed up in her drag king gear, and she did a whole hilarious thing with her tie, where she tied it too long and was going to cut it off, and then pulled it through her boxers and “peed” with it, and that’s all I can think of now, looking at this. (She finished the turn by making a massive packer out of most of a box of tampons and a sock, and being very pleased with the result.)

    I think what I’m saying is that he could consider a slightly different arrangement for the scarf. But I do like a man who can work some summer layering in linen, otherwise.

  40. Melanie

    well, that has now decided it. I need to start watching True Blood.

  41. yeahandalso

    You had me at Alcide, you had me at Alcide

  42. yeahandalso

    sidebar remember when he de-virginized Mouth’s girlfriend on One Tree Hill…good time