Fug or Fab: Jennifer Aniston


First Rooney Mara wore navy, and now Jennifer Aniston is wearing color too. MULTIPLE colors. IN A FLORAL PATTERN. In other news, Satan just put on some Uggs, and reached for the optimistic blanket Kathie Lee Gifford gave him for Christmas.

Here’s the whole can’t-win problem, though: Is this too twee? It’s CUTE, but the white underlay might be shoving it into “precious” territory. Does it belong at the Teen Choice Awards on one of the few actual teen attendees? Should this be in the Nickelodeon closet and not hers? Or should we all just be freaking relieved that she’s doing something NEW  (for her) and that it’s neither naked nor desperate, and leave it at that? I’m tempted, Fug Nation. I’m tempted.

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[Photo: WENN]

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  1. maryse

    i would be on board if it were a solid or a graphic print (stripes?) because i love the shape and i would want to wear it. but at 40something she’s really too long in the tooth to be wearing a cutesy floral in this youthful shape even if she’s got the figure for it. it’s either/or lady.

  2. Deborah Stultz

    Pretty great shoes, too!

  3. Amanda

    Oh dear God. That is ugly as hell.

    • julyol1972

      Right??? And why are most fashion sites giving her a pass for not wearing black, when it looks like she and Justin just finished from their romp in the back of the limo and she rolled onto the carpet with mussed hair? I mean, LOOK AT HER HEAD!!! Ugh!

      As for the dress – please return it to the Juniors section where you found it, Jennifer!!!

      • Kara

        Yep, too young for her by, like, 30 years. It’s a middle school graduation dress. And her hair looks a hot mess – from the neck up, she looks like she just woke up.

  4. ErinE

    I saw some other pics of this that showcased it better and really loved it! I think she looks cute and I like that she mixed it up. And I kind of want it.

    • Lerie

      Me too. I think I like it because I am not sure I have seen her wear something with a print! I love dresses like this though anyway and I wear similar vintage stuff all the time. Makes no difference to me how old she happens to be.
      Get rid of the stupid under layer and make it a bit longer and it’s fine.

  5. Nanny

    Yes it is too twee. She has the resources both phisically and financially to knock it out of the park every time and she just doesn’t. I don’t get it.

  6. Stefanie

    I like it. I may not LOVE it but I like it and that’s good enough for me.

  7. marcy

    WAY too young for her, imo. I was sitting her thinking maybe on Hailee Steinfeld, then realized I think it’s too twee even for her.

    Like I feel mean saying this? But I think she looks embarrassing. Not just in an “ooh, bad dress” way, but like verging entirely too close to Baby Jane territory. The hair, that silly dress, it’s just BAD.

  8. Lisa

    It could work, if not for that horrid white underlay. The white part looks like a bed spread I had as a kid, in the 70′s. I like the shoes, but but not with this, and I think her hair is a mess,

    • One of the Leahs

      That white flounce is my only objection here; get rid of that and make the blue skirt longer. Her hair is a lot more interesting than usual, so she deserves credit there.

  9. Cora

    Lose the petticoat, make it below the knee (pleats still okay) and make the top solid blue and make it not so strangley. It’s the neckline that bothers me most; she looks like she can’t breathe.

    • Amy

      I feel the same way about the neckline. It’s more like an Unfug it Up to me. There are things that can be done with this.

    • Jennifer

      Yes, the neckline is too high. She doesn’t need to show a massive amount of cleavage, since she’s got a lot of leg there, but maybe a scooped neckline would be better.

    • Laura C

      Yes. It doesn’t just look strangly — though it does that — it, combined with the hair (and WTF is up with that?) make her look like she has no neck at all. Yet still somehow is being strangled.

      Plus the tiered skirt thing just sort of looks like they realized belatedly they’d made the original dress too short and stuck something on the bottom.

      Plus, again, the hair.

  10. Amy

    Does this just fuel the fire of the pregnancy rumors? It’s a cute dress, but I think she is too old for it.

    • Mel

      Agreed, Amy, that is absolutely the FIRST thing I thought when I looked at it. She’s usually into the body-skimming dresses so if anyone wants to really come out strong with the pregnancy rumors, *this* picture can only help.

      • Laura

        She must be pregnant, right? I know she’s denied it and cited a few pounds weight gain, which would be fine because she looks great, but I don’t know. (a) celebrities always deny it, then get to a certain point and are like, “Well, yeah. I am. Obviously.” and (b) I don’t know. Something about the outlines of her face is giving me a pregnant vibe. A lot of women start to look softer or something.

    • Trace

      The rumour have been circulating for MONTHS. If she really was pregnant she’d have a much bigger bump by now.

      • India

        Plus, she is 44 years old! Sorry, but it is extremely difficult (especially when you haven’t been pregnant before) to get pregnant at that age, without serious scientific intervention. I’ll believe this when I see it.

  11. qwertygirl

    It’s not a black dress nor is it a black romper. I may not love it, but I’m so gobsmacked that she’s not wearing a black [fill in type of garment here] that I can’t not give her at least a single thumbs up. It doesn’t warrant two–it Has Issues–but it’s a step in the right direction. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone, Jen–embrace patterns! Embrace color! You can do it! I have faith in you!

  12. greatwhitenorthchick

    I don’t mind the dress, though the pattern is maybe a tad too busy. I just think it’s not dressy enough for a premiere.

  13. Sandra

    I like that it isn’t all bare, but the neckline is actually too high. It looks like it’s constricting her breathing. Make the main pattern go all the way to the hem of the underlay and lose the underlay, and we’ve taken some big steps in the right direction.

  14. me

    She looks great!

  15. Linda

    The dress is a little too young for her, but I’ll cut her some slack because her hair isn’t flat ironed to death and hanging all stringy around her face. She needs to lop about 2-3 inches off her hair, let it hit right at her collarbone, have some light layers added around the face and have the ends bevelled so it gives it a thicker look.

    With the height & fullness to her hair she looks better than she’s looked in years.

  16. Lauren

    I love it. I want it. I need it.

  17. Laura

    She parted her hair differently, too! This is a very exciting day.

    Too young for her. Great shoes though!

  18. Rachael

    I love it, full stop. I don’t think it looks twee. I think the floral isn’t a young floral at all, actually. And in any event, she really upped the sexy factor with those shoes, which are killer. I’m sold.

  19. Chrisa Hickey

    It’s perfect if she’s announcing a reboot of Little House on the Prairie. Otherwise, what is she, 12?

  20. TonyG

    I really love the dress and shoes.

    The only thing I don’t like about the entire look is the overdone hair.

    Don’t get me wrong. It’s nice that she’s changing it up, but this is kind of South Jersey/Housewives-of-Wherever territory.

  21. Sue

    I’m a sucker for floral, and color, and girly, and I HATE this. Everything about it. Now I’m beginning to understand why she usually sticks to beige and black.

  22.  AM

    I’m onboard the hair train. I think it looks the best its looked since maybe, Friends-the early years.

  23. Bella

    The look on her face says it all … “Do you think this was this a bad idea?” Yeah, Jen.

  24. Gigi

    Not even Hailee Steinfeld or Selena Gomez would wear this. Jen knows this was a wonky move. It’s like her face is saying, “what, was the hair flip to one side a step too far?”

  25. Naomi Laventhal

    The dress is for Nina Dobrev, but can we talk about the shoes? They’re really good.

  26. that girl

    This reeks of trying too hard to be relevant to “the kids”.

    I do love those shoes. With a different outfit.

  27. hfree

    I can’t get past the hair to get to the dress. Her hair looks like mine does when I even attempt anything other than a middle part, I always promptly brush it back to where it wants to be (my hair is very stubborn, I’m okay with that and with waiting for parts to cycle back to the middle).

  28.  Stacey

    You need to see the back of this dress. It brings the “TWEE” factor to a whole new level!

  29. Eliza Bennett

    With strappier shoes, no white underskirt, bright earrings and a sleek updo, I’d be dancing in a fountain wholeheartedly. even as is, I’m happy. that hair is ridic, though.

  30. Claire1

    I would love that…..
    For my 13 year old daughter…..
    who would complain that it was for “little girls”

  31. Goldfish

    Mutton, lamb, incongruously FM shoes, trying too hard, long in the tooth for American’s Sweetheart, etc. etc. etc. I’m over Aniston, whether she’s doing beach yoga naked in a cashmere blanket to promote her fragrance, or just trying to make her thing that yes, she really is, seriously, absolutely, going to be able to get married WIthout Incident.

    All that being said, though, this is the most pathetic and reaching I’ve seen her in quite awhile.

  32. Julia

    I’m not onboard with the dress, but it was raining at this premiere and I think that’s why her hair looks crazy. In the other pictures I saw – presumably from earlier on – her hair looked nothing like this.

  33. SimonGodOfHairdos

    I’m fine with the flowers and the underlay; it’s the high waist and high neck that are making it a bit too precious for me.

  34. Nicole Brenes

    that dress is made for Chloe Moretz, or someone 16 years old!

  35. Sparky

    Zoeey Deschanel called and wants her kitchen curtains back.

  36. Beth C.

    My only quibble with it is the neck is a bit too high and tight. If it were cut just one inch lower, or alternately cut as a boat neck or something else that gives a bit of breathing space, it would be a 100% win for me.

    I actually like the print and I even like the flounce. I think it’s cute and totally fine given that this is obviously an early afternoon event. It doesn’t seem too twee or too young to me. I do think part of that reaction is just that it’s so DIFFERENT for her. Like when your friend who ALWAYS wears jeans wears a simple sundress, you think she looks so dressed up, but she isn’t it’s just SO different it feels dressed up. I do think her hair could have been done a little differently to better set off the look, even just a simple, high ponytail would have been better, but I like it.

  37. Terri Watson

    Sweet Lord. I’ve seen dollhouses with better curtains than that dress!!!

  38.  maevej

    She usually looks pretty effortless. This screams Trying Too Hard.

  39. Cristina

    It’s like a sexy Laura Ingalls Wilder costume.

  40. APH

    What? I can’t even see the dress because I’m just so amazed that her hair, for a change, isn’t STICK STRAIGHT and totally boring! There’s some actual waves there. Nice.

  41. Karen G

    I like her, so I’d like to like this, but, no. First of all, I hate the neckline – way too tight, makes her look like she’s being strangled. Then the arm holes are also too tight. Third, it is too young for ANYONE over 21.

  42. MissTee

    This is all very 80s. Except her marvelous shoes.

  43. jen

    for all the snarking she gets over never mixing it up- let’s applaud the effort.
    Heather, I can always tell when you are posting just by your tone- time to find your happy place lady…I love you guys, but jeez. Can you ever not find something wrong?? It’s getting to be a bit ‘bitter pill-ish”.

    • Goldfish

      Uh, jen…you DO understand the premise of this site, right?

      My goodness, what a nasty little comment for you to leave.

      I, for one, enjoy the work that goes into this site, and think the tone is consistent to what it has always been. Did you, yourself, take a Pollyanna Pill?

    • India

      This isn’t a “let’s find something NICE to say even if the thing is hideous” site, silly. You’ll have to go somewhere else for that. And in this case, snark is totally warranted.

  44. Kat

    I kinda love this. And I love that she loves those shoes enough to wear them again (she had them on in the pics in the purple sheath dress that fueled the latest baby rumours)

  45. Tess

    All I know is, I’m 33 and would wear this in a heartbeat, IF the white underskirt was cut off. Floral-on-black can look so edgy & cool!

    • Goldfish

      Aniston is 44. I just think she’s pushing it, not necessarily b/c she can’t carry it off with her body, but because of the style. I wouldn’t have worn this at 23.

  46. Daenerys

    This would be perfect for a summer brunch with friends- or maybe fas a guest going to an afternoon wedding. But the look is far too casual for the occasion.
    Methinks because she is playing a stripper in her new movie [going against type]- she wanted something demure and decidedly not stripper-like.

  47. Cat

    Love that she’s wearing a print, but I think with the white underskirt it is heading towards “too twee” territory. I also kind of want to tidy up her hair. But hooray that she’s wearing a print!

  48. Kate

    I would love it more if she had her hair up in a fun messy pony. Show off them yoga shoulders, girrrrl!

  49. gryt

    It looks like grandma’s apron. Its horrible.

  50. cd

    It is way too young and looks poorly made. Is she serious?

  51. Heidi

    I’m ok with it from the waist down, but from the waist up it’s an unqualified “no” for me. Especially from the back, ugh!

  52. sarah

    I thought this was a picture from Friends when they were doing a flashback to young Rachel at high school haha

  53. ChristieLea

    This is full-on Mutton Dressed As Lamb territory.

  54. BeeDreams

    At least it’s *something* but the neckline, holy shit, the neckline. All sorts of wrong. And the layer is a bit Holly Hobby?

  55. Sajorina

    This is one of the BEST POLLS EVER! I love the dress and the shoes, but maybe not together? Anyway, it IS a departure for her and I love that her hair is styled differently, that her makeup is not all bronze and nude lips, and that she’s wearing bigger beautiful earrings to go with that rock on her finger! I say FAB!

  56. Mags

    This is hilarious! She’s putting us on, right? And that HAIR–did she make some kind of detour through 1980s New Jersey? If she wanted to highlight the fact that she is now far too old to be “America’s Sweetheart” any more, she couldn’t have done better.

  57. Esme

    Honestly, where would you even BUY a thing like that? Did she run it up on the sewing machine? Because that’s what it looks like. FUG FUG FUGETY FUG.