Fug or Fab: Emmy Rossum


Rumor has it Emmy Rossum is good in Shameless, or, as I like to call it That Show That’s The Reason William H Macy’s Hair Looks So Crazy All The Time Now:

Rumor also has it that she’s topless in that show A LOT, which may explain why she decided to swing the other way entirely and show up at this event in a pantsuit. Now, I am not actually anti-pantsuit: If it was good enough for Agent Scully, it’s good enough for me (note: there are many things which were good enough for Agent Scully that I don’t want to actually HAPPEN to me, up to and including aliens putting a nose cancer-causing chip in her neck). And I love this color on her, AND I would like to applaud the fact that, for possibly the first time ever in the history of this website, she’s posing with her mouth closed. HEAVENS BE PRAISED.

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  1. Bevvie Hedstrom

    Oh, FugGirls — I am BEGGING you to get rid of the spider crawling up and down the right side of my screen. I. Am. Phobic.

    • Kit

      There’s a spider?

      • Jessica

        Bevvie, I have no idea what you’re talking about! Is is an ad for something? Email us and we’ll see what we can do. I’m not seeing it.

  2. Carrie

    She is GREAT on Shameless. It made me like her, when previously I couldn’t stand to look at her face.

    The outfit is…fine.

    • EveEve

      She’s freakin’ outrageously fabulous on Shameless! Slacks are a little tight across the crotch, but eh, it’s still lovely. I am getting a little tired of those hard little rounded clutches the stylists are shoving into all their clients’ hands though.

  3. Bevvie Hedstrom

    Switch the spider for a dolphin? There can’t be a single person with an irrational fear of dolphins! That would be crazy.

    • Kit

      There’s a DOLPHIN???! :)

      • Heather

        Bevvie, Tyra Banks has a documented fear of dolphins. I’m not even kidding.

      • Bevvie Hedstrom

        “Tyra Banks has a documented fear of dolphins.”

        Actually, I was trying to insinuate that Tyra Banks is crazy. I suck.

    • Anne B

      I want a dolphin.

      If I remove my adblock stuff, can I get a dolphin???

      • Kate

        Anne B I’m not sure if it was you who posted about the adblock thing but it is the second best thing to ever happen to me :)

  4. Annie E

    I love it. The pants are a little tight, but it looks so much better, and more appropriate, than the ways that other celebrities wear pantsuits.

  5. annieD

    Terrible things are happening in the crotchal region.

  6. sara l

    I think she looks **almost** perfect…I just wish she had gone up a size in the pants.

    I think her hair and makeup look terrific.

  7. EGG

    O.M.G. I need those shoes!! Anyone know where they are from?

    • Mel

      I totally forgot what the outfit looks like because the shoes have stolen the show for me!!

    • Karen

      I’m with you–the outfit I could take or leave alone but OMG those shoes are STUNNING.

  8. m

    I really like this, but the neckline + necklace combo is not doing it for me. Raise the neckline of the shirt or pick a longer necklace; as it is, it’s like she’s creating this huge expanse of boring boobland, which makes her chest look saggy. Her chest is SO not saggy, and it has no business looking that way.

  9. Carolina Girl

    The color is nice, but the pants are too tight. The shoes, however, are fantastic!

    • Jacq

      Yep, that’s exactly my opinion as well.

      Actually, I love the colour, but not as a trouser suit. I think I have some kind of phobia of trouser suits, unless they’re ‘traditional’ colours (black, dark grey or navy).

  10. Jasmine

    The outfit is crazy, if a little… weird fitting. But the SHOES. I COVET THEM.

    Funnily enough, I just started watching the X-Files on Netflix (when my boyfriend found out I had never seen it he was personally offended), and one of the first things I said was “Does someone hate Gillian Anderson? Why else would they insist on putting her in pantsuits that just DON’T fit and make her look teeny tiny?!”
    As soon as I said it I thought of you girls… and the bf didn’t appreciate the fact that I was paying so much attention to her outfits rather than Mulder’s craziness.

    • LibraryChick

      You need to get more into the series. As the show evolves, the outfits improve. Also, sometime in the early years of the show, Gillian Anderson took some time off to have a baby. It’s possible the wardrobe folks didn’t know what to do outfit-wise since her character wasn’t pregnant or dealing with a post-pregnancy body.

      • Jessica

        Yeah, once you get into like season 4, Gillian Anderson looks AMAZING.

  11. Lina

    If the pants fit better and if the shoes were different, I think this could be a well-played. I am a huge fan of pantsuts — they are practical! And I think we see them in the office so much that on the red carpet they can’t help but connote: “This actress is a total professional on the set and not a diva at all.” It may not be TRUE, but that’s the image they present.

  12. Julia

    Thank GOODNESS that she has her mouth closed. Now, if we could just go back in time and have her re-shoot “The Phantom of the Opera” with her apparently-now-working jaw muscles, that would be awesome.

  13. Sarah

    Shameless is actually a great show and she IS great in it as are many of the other cast members. She does go topless a bunch in it although not in a totally whore kind of way but with her boyfriend. I agree about this outfit, though. The pants are way too tight and, thus, not the most flattering. She has a great figure and I would have rather her wear a cute dress with boob coverage than this, but, if she had to wear this, she should definitely go up a size. But would that make it too big? Ugh!

    • taylor

      I know! I feel like she doesn’t need to go up a WHOLE size, maybe just HALF a size. Can they do that?

  14. Lynne

    This colour is fantastic on her. Don’t like suits of any kind so I’m not really qualified to judge if this suit is good or not. Also, her hair. Shiny!

    And by the way, she’s fantastic on Shameless.

  15. Crystal

    As Michael Kors would say, the crotch on those things are INSANE.

    But I’ll take everything else!

  16. carly

    It gives her a camel hoof!

  17. Alle Malice

    I’m not seeing the camel hoof, but I AM seeing polterwang.

  18. Jen S 2.0

    The fit of the pants is a little wonky and the neckline of the cami could be just a skosh higher. I also think the shoes — which I like on their merits — need to be much closer in color to the suit OR a different color altogether; they are clashing horribly, in my opinion. But overall, she looks very good. A- ;change the shoe and alter the pants and it’s an A.

  19. INeedANap


    I have been looking for a purple suit for AGES! I have been wanting to dress up like Willy Wonka for Halloween — dressing up as an Oompa Loompa two years ago was such a rousing success I want to keep the theme going.

  20. Jenna

    She looks okay and I love the color, but I honestly thought this was Sasha Alexander. Alexander is also beautiful and would look great in this, but she’s 13 years older than Rossum.

  21. vandalfan

    Lordy, I have sported suits for 25 years, pantsuit among ‘em. Some were stunning (The purple Barney suit! The tweed! The red wool! Good times) This is really hideous. The color is great, but the fabric looks like cheap stretchy polyester, and it’s too tight and short in the jacket, and the pants are so unflattering in the calf, crotch, ankle, waist, they’re hopeless. It may have come from Lane Bryant. And the mere glimpse of the camisole with acres of exposed bosom, just no.

  22. Anne B

    So the thing about Agent Scully was that she was an FBI agent. Not that her clothes mattered much — but they fit. THEY FIT.

    This is just dodgy overall: poor fit, girl’s missing a blouse, and the crotch (My God! When cheap fabric attacks!) is terrible. Also, the shoes are just Discount-Store-Off-Season-Nightmare.

    Emmy can wear anything. Not sure why she chose to wear this. :(

  23. Maisie

    Hey, Jessica, just so you know (and perhaps quite ironically), in all four of Emmy Rossum’s “Related” photos under this post, :her mouth is closed.

  24. marianna

    I was never a huge fan of Emmy Rossum before, but she is fabulous on Shameless. Come to think of it, everything about Shameless is fabulous.

    Also — I would not have matched the shoes and the suit so closely together. And maybe put a camisole on? Also, the pants don’t fit. But I still like her? IDK.

    • jean

      She IS fabulous, shockingly so. I didn’t believe it was her at first. She’s funny, a bit course, maternal, cynical, yet hopeful! There’s nothing precious in performance. I wouldn’t have thought she could play grungy so well. And yeah, topless a lot. Or even harder, braless in tight shirts.

  25. Mahastee

    Pretty sure I wore this to work experience some time in the 90′s. It’s vile.

  26. crystal

    Yep, she looks like a teenager out on her first temp job.

  27. Sajorina

    I love how the jacket fits, but the pants… NO! This is cute and auburgine looks good on her!

  28. Mo

    The crotch on those pants. Good Lord, take her out to dinner first!

    I’m not against pantsuits. I think it’s just that she still looks ridiculously young to me, and the pantsuit (while not matronly by any means) just seems too old for her. It’s not, but it looks like it is.

    Even though I like the color, I couldn’t help but hear Olympia Dukakis + Shirley MacClaine in my head:

    Clairee: “Bob, would you call that color grape or aubergine?”

    Ouiser: “SHUT UP!”

    Clairee: “What?”

    Ouiser: “You’re makin’ a fool out of yourself Clairee”

    Clairee: “I am not.”

    Ouiser: “This is football. All people care about are touchdowns and injuries. They don’t give a damn about that grape shit.”

  29. Mahastee

    Yay!! Any excuse for Ouiser and Clairee. <3

  30. schroob

    I covet those shoes, but she’s a bad makeup day away from looking like The Joker in that suit.

  31. KelseyA

    I’m getting a Heidi Fleiss vibe from this outfit.

    Did I really just make that reference? I’m not old enough to be making that reference. Right?