Fug or Fab: Emma Watson in Oscar de la Renta


This is the second outfit Emma has worn recently — the first being the Pants Dress — that was great from one side and not so much from the other.  But with this one it’s the BACK I love and not the front. If only we could somehow average all these out, cosmically.

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  1. Mrs. Helpful

    Sigh. Well she is just so tiny and I don’t know how much custom fitting goes on with these dresses for normal events? But without a doubt: the relentlessly unforgiving and eternal evils of satin. Does nobody outside the readership of this site understand that?

  2. emster

    Already done. Crystal flask clutch: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/62487513553238516/

    •  cath

      But is it big enough to fit an actual flask inside?

      • emster

        It’s a flask only disguised as a clutch. The question is where to put your lip balm, I guess.

  3. emster

    The back is GORGEOUS. How funny that the front makes her look stumpy.

    For the record, I did a reversal on the pants dress and It ended up being one of my favorites for just how closely it walked the line–and somehow succeeded.

  4.  Anna

    I love her blue shoes! I think she looks super classy–and I’m not entirely sure how to alleviate the bunching at the shoulders in the front, what with the plunging back.

  5.  Fawn

    I was actually hoping this one was pants in the front, and I still think it would be more effective that way. The back is stunningly gorgeous.

  6. Callie

    I really like it! It’s dramatic, but not ridiculous.

  7. Bella

    I like it. She looks very classy. Looks like satin and that’s a tricky fabric, so I’ll give her a pass with fabric that lays less than perfect. She really changes things up with her styling – good for her!

  8. KHS

    I have solved the problem with her dress by just ignoring the front. I am only going to look at the perfect first picture. Look! The back is amazingly elegant, you can see her great blue shoes, and you can also see a hint of the bracelet and cute purse. And she has turned so we can see her gorgeous face. Yup, just don’t click to the next picture and you’re all good.

  9. Cyd

    Also love the lines in the back – what if the sleeves were black stretch lace? I’m just spitballing, but a closer-fitting sleeve would look better, and something with stretch would still allow movement. Could be a nice contrast with all that (*slight shudder*) satin. Overall, though, Emma pretty much always looks fab.

  10.  Dani

    The back is perfection. The front is… fine. It’s not bad enough to detract from the whole; it’s also not good enough to make it a total knockout. Her head looks great. Love the styling, too.

    •  Constant Reader

      My thoughts exactly.

    • HelenBackAgain


      And, to be specific: Personally, I don’t have a problem with the fit of the sleeves, except for the armpit, a little bit. It’s the pointy, too-obvious boob darts that are detracting from the front, for me. Designers, if you’re going to make a bodice that requires boob darts, you have to custom-tailor those darts PERFECTLY!

      But, like you said, not enough to keep it from being basically a win; it’s just a missed opportunity. The front of this could have been every bit as much a smash as the back, and it isn’t. Watson still looks very good in it.

  11. Kate

    She looks like a formal hobbit from the front.

  12. Alicia F

    I think the front partly looks wonkus because the train is twisted around to the side in that picture. There’s a reason why brides have bridesmaids wrangling their skirts.

  13. Genny

    OOOOh! A flask clutch. Hello etsy!!

  14.  Mina

    Gone with the Wind in the back something something in the front.

  15.  Anita

    The back looks expensive, the front looks cheap. Not sure how they managed that.

  16.  Elizabeth

    The front looks a lot more elegant when you compare it to the front of Russell/Noah over her shoulder. Though the shoulders of his gown fit better.

  17. jean

    I don’t see the problem with the front. I was expecting zaniness. She looks pretty. It is a lot of dress but she is not overwhelmed.

  18. Alyssa

    I think the front is basically just doing what backs of dresses normally do- that is, not overshadow the real showstopper. It’s a role reversal in a dress and I can deal with it.

  19. Sajorina

    LOVE IT!!! The dress, shoes, clutch, jewelry, hair & makeup are all FABULOUS! Well Played, Watson!

  20.  Nora

    Has she always secretly wanted to play Jane Eyre, and is hoping to subtly plant the thought in casting directors’ minds?

    That said, the front fits a bit funny, but I like the general concept. The black makes the whole thing kind of severe – the difference between a little black dress and a big black dress – but a slightly better fit in a dark blue would be lovely.

  21. Ailatan

    I think it’s a simple and gorgeous gown, and Emma is young and gorgeous, but perhaps lacks the gravitas that might make the whole thing work for someone else.

  22. Jan

    Agree that the back is perfection. I think the main reason the front doesn’t work is because it’s too short. It needs the same kind of sweeping effect that it has in the back. As to the front and the sleeves, the design is just lazy. If you’re going to have a 1961 style gown, you need to have a million 1961 style darts and tucks. That’s how it’s done correctly.

  23.  Maura

    There is no reason in the world Emma Watson should look matronly.

  24. eandh

    IIt’s just too matronly for me to love it on her – imagine Helen Mirren wearing this dress as though it owed her rent money. I generally like Emma Watson’s style choices – she’s certainly a model for other starlets her age – but she’s very young and very tiny and sometimes she chooses TOO MUCH DRESS, like the Bottega Veneta she wore to the last HP premiere in Nyew York.

  25. InvaderTak

    Little much for a premier isn’t it? I agree with the general thoughts here; back is fabuous, front needs help and the thing stunts her little frame. Over dressed for the occasion IMO.

  26. Sandra

    It’s a good idea poorly executed. It may also be more dress than the occasion demands. I would like the whole thing better in a smoky blue silk rather. But the back IS gorgeous.

  27. CCKilleen

    That bracelet is soooooooo pretty!

  28. KC

    I need that bracelet

    • Jinx

      Just buy some cheap lace and wrap it around your wrist–that’s what it looks like she did.

  29. MelissaW

    Beautiful bracelet/cuff. I think if this were a sleeve-less boatneck it would have been a knockout dress. The sleeves, even if correctly fitted and sewn, look too heavy and it’s a lot of dress to begin with.

  30. asuffusionofyellow

    Emma can do no wrong anywhere ever.

  31. Claire1

    You had me at flask clutch.

  32. G

    She doesn’t NAB bit I think the simple neckline of the front of this dress demands a statement necklace. Just think if she had something in chunky gold around her neck. That would make the front live up to the sweep and drama of the back.

  33. buttercup

    This is just TOO.

    Too black, too conservative, too unadorned, too much dress and yet too stumpifying in the front. How does THAT happen?!

    And it’s March. So it’s also too funereal for the burgeoning season.

  34. Paula

    I like the idea of dressing like the March sisters at a funeral!

  35. Jinx

    My problem with it is that the fabric looks really cheesy! I know it can’t be, but it looks like the material Halloween costumes were made from when I was a kid and you bought them at the 5&10.

  36.  Lucy

    The THEORY of the front is fine. But if you are going for that very plain and slightly severe style then it needs to fit beautifully, and this just doesn’t fit her at all.