Fug or Fab: Emma Stone


It goes without saying that I think she is great, and I am always happy to see her out and about. I think, in part, Emma comes across so likeable because she always seems happy to be photographed on the red carpet — whether or not her feet are killing her, or she’s been working for 36 straight hours, or Andrew Garfield accidentally left her flat-iron on and almost burned down the bathroom, or whatever the heck else is happening to her for real:

It isn’t an actor’s FAULT  if they feel awkward on the red carpet and don’t want to do it, but it always strikes me as odd when actors can’t…you know. Grit their teeth and ACT HAPPY to be there for ten minutes for pictures before making a beeline into the bar/the crepes station/the arms of their co-star/out the back door and home to watch Real Housewives and eat Frito Pie like the rest of us. Emma’s very good at coming across like, “hey guys! It’s so nice to see you! Later, let’s talk about whether or not Slade SERIOUSLY thought it was a great birthday present to decide Gretchen needed to pay more money on a car lease by getting her a Rolls Royce!” even if what she’s really thinking is, “ugh, I just want to go home and eat those frozen chocolate croissants I hid behind the wheatgrass.” And that’s really all I ask.

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  1. maryse

    I don’t care for this outfit at all, but i agree with you. she always is working it. and honestly, an actor that acts all bored and above the whole red carpet thing needs to not be an actor. or suck it up. i don’t like every aspect of my job but i suck it up and i’m not paid millions of dollars.

    • Beth

      Agreed. I get that celebs have their off days, and that sometimes they’d rather be home than posing for pictures. But showing up to events and posing for pictures is all part of the job.

      And yes, Emma Stone seems like a perfectly delightful person. I think I would be disappointed if I ever read a story of her, like, screaming at the craft services people or something.

  2. HKS

    I hate this pattern. Especially the weird cut outs (?) on top. And how it drapes. And the length. Yah, I voted super terrible. Even if I love her.

    • Danielle

      I thought it was cut out at the top as well, but upon closer inspection, it’s just a shadow making the white pattern look beige/peach-ish.

      • HKS

        Yah, I did the close-up view, and still couldn’t quite tell. I still hate them, even if they’re just part of the pattern. Because as C-No points out, she’s wearing a cow. And not in a cool, black leather dress, kind of way.

      • Esme

        You’re right; I was skeptical, but when I zoomed in, it IS a shadow. The impression of peachiness doesn’t help, but even without it, this thing is pretty hideous.

  3. C-No

    She is wearing a cow.

    • Sandra

      And it’s a cow that is much larger than she is. You’d think that somebody could at least find a little one for her.

    • Squirrel!

      Yes… this pattern is called the Reverse Holstein.

      • Edith

        So many lovely patterns you can do with black-and-white, too, so why would ANYONE make (much less buy) a dress in Holstein?

    •  LibraryChick

      Maybe she felt nostalgic for Gateway computers?

  4. Gigi

    I got distracted at Frito Pie…. mmm

  5. Melanie

    She looks hunched over and her hair is in her eyes. She needs to stand up straight and get her hair out of her face.

    I sound like my mom.

  6. Kristen

    I see pregnant sea horses in that pattern…her arm is like an underwater maternity ward. It’s distracting.

    • Jennifer Weldon Adams

      Once you see the seahorses, you cannot unsee them! Although I think that would actually be a paternity ward. Seahorses are weird.

    • Megan

      That’s funny! As soon as I read this I scrolled back up and those are totally pregnant seahorses on her arm.

  7.  Helen

    I like the dress, and the relatively natural makeup (freckles yay!), but this shade of hair on her does not quite work, to my eye.

    • Aphy

      Yep, I think so too. It seems very brassy I miss her red hair.

      •  Helen

        Me too. She’s always SO pretty, but as a redhead, I think she shines the most.

  8. Megan

    This is like a cow in camouflage draped itself over her in an attempt to sneak into the event.

  9. Jacquilynne

    I feel like the dress has good elements, but the pattern and the very conservative cut of the thing just makes it feel really old. It’s lovely that she was speaking in honour of her mom, but that doesn’t mean she needed to borrow something from her mom to wear.

    (And if she did actually borrow this from her mom to wear, I apologize profusely.)

  10. Alma

    It’s not a GIFT if the receiver has to then PAY for it. C’mon Slade!

  11. Nanny

    That cut is so 80′s. I guess the 80′s are back but the cut is very Julia Sugarbaker to me.I love me some Julia, but remember she was the OLD one.

  12. Esme

    HATE this–old lady-looking.

  13. Annie E

    This dress is blech. I love that it’s Andrew who leaves her flat iron on. I turn off my flat iron and my boyfriend unplugs it because he doesn’t understand it has an off button.

    • Sandra

      Actually, it’s a very sound idea to unplug heat-generating appliances when not in use. That way you never have to worry about whether you left the switch on. Also, the electricity is still on, so a switch failure could be disasterous.

  14. Alicia

    I like it more now that I know the top doesn’t have cut outs and that the beige color is the effect of a shadow…

  15. Sajorina

    I think it’s Super Cute! I like it and would happily wear it myself, but I’m 10 years older than she is! Anyway, her freckles are so adorable! FAB!

    By the way, what on Earth is “Frito Pie” and where can I get me some frozen chocolate croissants?

  16. BrownEyedBetty

    She looks like a Manhattan Lady Who Lunches. Why, Emma, Why?

  17. Tracey

    While she is lovely, the dress is very 80s soap opera older lady glam. Katherine Chancellor-like. (RIP Jeanne Cooper)

  18. Guerra

    Her make up & hair are terrible!!

  19. gryt

    She needs to swing her arms a little. (TM Elaine)

  20. fritanga

    I’m always mystified when young, fit and beautiful actresses feel the need to wear a 1980s dress Aunt Edith always trots out for wedding receptions.

    Kids! You will never look this good again in your lives! Don’t waste the pretty by wearing Coldwater Creek dresses meant for women “of a certain age.” You’ll get there faster than you think, believe me.

    • Edith

      HEY! I look AWESOME at wedding receptions; I would NEVER wear this!!!


  21. Pamb

    i love the shoutout to RHOC. Is it really a present when Gretchen is paying for the lease on the car? “Here honey, I increased your monthly car payment because I think you need a fancier car!”

    Anyone know of a good recapper for this show? I’m NY Mag is great for B Hills, NY, and ATL (we’ll see if the recapper for NJ is better this year) but I haven’t found one for OC.

    •  Gigi

      Brian Moylan does a wonderful RHOC recap. Look or him on twitter; he links to the recap.

  22. swellcat

    She is adorable, but I don’t love the dress. But to address your Slade comment Jessica. WHAT THE HELL WAS SLADE THINKING!??! When you put a bow on something, it means it’s been bought, not oh, I Just changed your lease without talking to you. And she is the one who is making the payments. He is disgusting. They make fun of Alexis for faking her “wealth” when that’s obviously what Slade is doing. Idiot. Sorry, I had no one to rant with this about. Lol :-)

  23. veronika

    omg it’s Sissy from Family Affair! Where is Buffy? Where is Mister French!?

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