It goes without saying that I think she is great, and I am always happy to see her out and about. I think, in part, Emma comes across so likeable because she always seems happy to be photographed on the red carpet — whether or not her feet are killing her, or she’s been working for 36 straight hours, or Andrew Garfield accidentally left her flat-iron on and almost burned down the bathroom, or whatever the heck else is happening to her for real:

It isn’t an actor’s FAULT  if they feel awkward on the red carpet and don’t want to do it, but it always strikes me as odd when actors can’t…you know. Grit their teeth and ACT HAPPY to be there for ten minutes for pictures before making a beeline into the bar/the crepes station/the arms of their co-star/out the back door and home to watch Real Housewives and eat Frito Pie like the rest of us. Emma’s very good at coming across like, “hey guys! It’s so nice to see you! Later, let’s talk about whether or not Slade SERIOUSLY thought it was a great birthday present to decide Gretchen needed to pay more money on a car lease by getting her a Rolls Royce!” even if what she’s really thinking is, “ugh, I just want to go home and eat those frozen chocolate croissants I hid behind the wheatgrass.” And that’s really all I ask.

All I ask of you is to weigh in on her dress:

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