I was going to make a snide joke about how I wonder if Biel will ever work again — I keep forgetting she was in Hitchcock – and then IMDb reminded me that there is a rumor that the David O. Russell movie she made with Jake Gyllenhaal in 2008 (which was apparently a disaster on several fronts, from financing to problems with SAG to apparently huge chunks of it being unfilmed) is finally coming out this year. Can you imagine knowing that what should have been a total marquee film for your career has been moldering for almost five years? And watching Jennifer Lawrence win an Oscar for her David O. Russell movie during that time? Biel can be annoying — remember that time she moaned to Allure about how it’s been super, super hard for her to be SO BEAUTIFUL, career-wise? — but that has got to have really stuck in her craw. Insert your own “craw” joke when you see her bird outfit.

[Photo: Getty, Splash, Fame/Flynet]