Fug or Fab: Diane Kruger


Empirically, taken straight-up, to me this is fugly.

The bodice doesn’t even fit, and well, the rest of it is just an ode to chafing. But the way Diane Kruger styled her hair, like an old-school pin-up girl, gives it a costumey flair that might actually work — only because she is who she is, and has the waist and the face that she has. Ergo, I’m giving this a thumbs-down on its own merits but a thumbs sideways, maybe even sneaking upward, for the fact that¬†probably¬†ONLY Diane Kruger could even CONCEIVABLY make this work, and indeed, she gave it the best try. Now somebody please free her pelvis. Paging Pacey?

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Comments (25):

  1. lefty

    Dita von Teese.

  2. Sandra

    Why did somebody waste that beautiful navy color on a halter-back jumpsuit? How great would this have been with a slim floor-length skirt? With a bodice that fits properly, of course.

  3. Mo

    no. just no.

  4. amys

    Jumpsuit, no. But, those shoes are sexy as all get out.

  5. Vandalfan

    Them’s the fanciest pair of overalls I ever done seen.

    I mean, really. Bodice aside, the expanse of fabric between her waist and crotch looks bad, even on such a mere slip of a lady.

  6. Laucie

    Am I the only one who is so tired of the “It’s Diane Kruger, so that even if it’s awful, it’s really OK” trope ? I don’t think we’ve seen her in a good outfit in months, and this is no exception. Dull and ill-fitting.

  7. Sophia Loren

    I rather like this from the belt down. As pants with a silky black turtleneck sweater? Or a silky black cardigan and she can keep the hairdo?

    I understand that the fit of the pants from waist to crotch isn’t trendy right now, but that doesn’t make it essentially fugly.

  8. ringthing

    “An ode to chafing” hahahaha. I’m so glad to see you guys.

  9. Jo

    It would have worked if it was in a different fabric- this looks way too heavy and cumbersome. Fail!

  10. Cat

    If the bodice fit, I think she’d look amazing. This whole look definitely has a costumey vibe to it with the hair/makeup, but I love it. Just wish it fit on top!

  11. Gigi

    I’m in the “if the bodice fit I’d love this” camp. But I don’t hate a jumpsuit just for being a jumpsuit and I love that Diane Kruger makes unusual dress choices and carefully styles herself to suit. she’s never boring

  12. Maria

    How in the world can anyone walk in shoes like that? I really want to know. Her feet look like Barbie feet.

  13. Roosje

    I actually love this, I feel it is more interesting than if it had been a dress – tbqh I think had it been a dress we would have now been complaining about it being just another navy dress. I also think she has the right attitude to pull this off.

  14. TonyG

    She should never, ever, wear her hair that way again…


    I kinda like the jumpsuit though.

    • natalie

      yeah! i actually think the hair is the problem here. with a sexier hairstyle, like loose waves or a messy updo i think this could work.

  15. jean

    The styling almost saves it. She’s not remotely haphazard here. It’s all intentional and therefore I give a thumbs down because while it is interesting, it’s not flattering to her fantastic body and it’s not enough of a statement piece to be a statement. She’s worn ugly clothes before but I could see the ambition. This is just kind of dull, with the exception of her great hair and make-up. How nice when you have a face that can rescue almost anything.

  16. Miss Louise

    Laucie, I am so with you on not liking the ‘Diane saves it from being fug’ trope, especailly because Diane’s belief in her own power to fend off fug is written all over her face. I find her cold, and not in an interesting way – I mean ‘cold’ as in ‘fish’.

  17. Sajorina

    I love it, except for the ankle straps on her shoes! A sleek stiletto would’ve been perfect! Diane is pretty much an Instant FAB for me!

  18. Emma

    I’m completely anti-jumpsuit, and I think this is an ill-fitting one, but I agree that her retro hair and makeup is so awesome that the look almost of works.

  19. Corriner

    Whither the poll? I am weirdly supportive of this, though I agree it’s probably only because it’s on her…

  20. Hima

    She is so gorgeous, but this is proof that jumpsuits are ridiculous. I love her hair and makeup, and I like the fabric and pattern of this outfit. But, like most jumpsuits, on even the most gorgeous women, this is incredibly unflattering to her body. Why do jumpsuits still exist when they look so terrible on people? Why does anyone want a huge and boxy stomach/pelvis area? This trend continually baffles me.