So, apparently Selena Gomez has signed a deal with adidas. This seems like a strange marriage of celeb and clothier, since I have never in my life said, “Hey, look, it’s noted tracksuit megafan Selena Gomez.” And while I still would not say that, I got a good laugh out of what she wore to promote the deal:

Girl, please. When does she ever dress like that in public? She looks like she has Bieber Fever, which is amusing given their current non-relationship. I’m not saying a girl can’t decide to change up her personal style if that’s what she wants to do, but for real, this feels like Selena Gomez five years ago and NOTHING like Selena Gomez five minutes ago, and probably even LESS Selena Gomez five minutes from now. At least try for SOME synergy, folks. Kids who want copy Selena Gomez aren’t doing it because they want to wear flannel and snoods and skull tees. Even Avril Lavigne would’ve made more sense, and I can’t BELIEVE I just wrote that sentence because I don’t think it’s ever been done before, ever, anywhere. What a world.

[Photo: WENN]