Fug or Fab: China Chow


This is quirky for sure — and I really wish I could see the back — but there is something about it that I find appealing:

It’s like the world’s prettiest hospital gown.

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  1. Reg

    remove the butterfly wings and I am totally on board and covet

    • Emma

      Remove the whole outfit and put an actual dress-shaped dress on her and I am totally on board and covet.

    • Gill

      I think I agree with Reg–the sleeves make her look like a potato sack, but the colour’s nice and the cinches are kind of interesting. Not quite a fug, not quite a fab.

  2. Aphy

    I’ve been staring at this pic trying to find something positive to write. I might like the length? I don’t like any of this. Not even the shoes. The fabric is too shiny and billowy. I hate the shoulders and the two strips of whatever that is across her waist.

  3. Mouse

    It looks as if it’s on backward? The two white stripes look like elastic that should be falling at her lower back were she wearing it the right way ’round…

  4. Genevieve

    I really like the pattern on the fabric but it’s way too shiny, the white details are puzzling & the silhouette is a whole lot of no.

  5. Willow

    My grandmother wore a near identical outfit to my mother’s wedding and we have always giggled about it looking like a hospital gown!

  6. Stella

    The whole thing looks like it might be inflatable, which would be handy given that this appears to be a poolside event,

  7. VanDee

    Looks like she can’t move her arms in it. FUG!

  8. laziza

    The strangest thing to me is how much she looks like an Asian Julie Bowen. How is such a thing possible?

    • Helen

      This wouldn’t have occurred to me, because I think Julie Bowen ruins everything, but you’re right, laziza, there’s quite a resemblance. They could be sisters with one parent different.

      I do have to give Bowen credit for her dress sense. She wouldn’t have worn this!

  9. Beth

    I’m pretty sure I’ve never dressed to match the pool water at an event. ;)

  10. patricia

    The sleeves remind me of those little dinosaurs in Jurassic Park that have fins flare out when they get upset.

    • Rachael

      Now I cannot unsee that. Also, after reading the Fugs’ suggestion that it’s a fancy hospital gown, I keep think that if she turned around, I’d see her bare back and underwear exposed — an image which is causing me to giggle every time I look at the picture.

  11. Squirrel!

    I think Mouse may be on to something in suggesting that the dress may be on backwards.

    As for me, I love the colors (always a fan of teal/turquoise shades), but it’s like the bathing version of Scarlett O’Hara’s dress made from Miss Ellen’s po’teers. “Oh no!” cried China. “I have nothing to wear to the party tonight!” Hastily wrapping a shower curtain around herself, she peered under the bathroom sink to in search of inspiration. She located some white medical tape next to the Ace bandages and applied it artfully in sections of twin stripes to hold her new frock together. “There,” China thought to herself, fluffing up the back of her neo-toga. “That’ll work.”

  12. Vandalfan

    Those shoulders remind me of Carol Burnett dressed as Scarlett O’Hara, except this gal’s using kitchen or bathroom curtains and first aid tape, instead of living room drapes.

  13. Evalyn

    Okay, here’s your challenge. You have a length of fabric, a roll of masking tape and15 minutes to make a dress for this event. Go!

  14. Charlie

    I don’t actually think it’s that bad- I mean, her vagina is not visible. A big belt would solve it. Belt ‘n boots….. if you know what i mean!

  15. Helen

    I think this would be PRECIOUS on someone under about age 8.

  16. Bottle Ginger

    I’m an ICU nurse in real life, and FYI the gowns at the hospital where I work are better looking than this.

    The hospital gowns are a similar blue-green that flatters most complexions, but our gowns don’t have that ugly blotchy pattern. And the hospital gowns have sleek, simple lines, instead of huge ruffles that add bulk to the torso. And the hospital gowns don’t have those hideous little strip of reflective tape or whatever they are, just some simple matching ties. Etc.

  17. Peggy L.

    It looks like it’s inside out. Though, I must admit, that’s easy mistake to make with that dress.

  18. Sajorina

    Oh, NO! I don’t want to look at a hospital gown after just having a Mammography & a Sonogram of my breasts done! That was torture & this is FUG!

  19. SaraK

    Even if it were the world’s prettiest hospital gown (and I share Bottle Ginger’s doubts on that point), it’s still supposed to be worn IN THE HOSPITAL. Unless maybe this is also the world’s coolest hospital, where they throw evening pool parties to celebrate your recovery, in which case carry on. At least until your insurance refuses to cover the cater-waiters and champagne, anyway.

  20. Marissa

    I agree with Squirrel! I immediately thought of Scarlett’s drapes-dress too — although the Carol Burnett version with the curtain rod attached.

  21. Moi

    Oh for crying out loud: fug, fug, FUG! This gal just cannot dress.

  22. Elle

    I actually love the color and print here. I want a dress made out of this fabric. Just not this dress.

  23. Emi!y

    I’d totally get a Pap smear in that.

  24. ErinE

    I think this si beautiful! wihtout the wings I would absolutely wear it, but if the back were open I think the wing-things could be really lovely and make it more interesting for the red carpet.