I just learned that, although I thought I ordered FOUR packets of Peppermint Bark from Williams Sonoma, I ordered FORTY. Um. Does anyone want some Peppermint Bark? While I try to figure out what happened here, please enjoy:

– If you are a Parks and Recreation fan, you’ll want to see this fanvid in which the MURDER OF LIL’ SEBASTIAN is turned into a very disturbing movie. Sometimes I love the internet. (Uproxx)

– If I know you guys — and I do — I know you will want to see the new Star Trek trailer due to how very much Benedict Cumberbatch voice-over there is. He is totally one of the cast members of Phone Book, the movie Heather and I are going to make that is just people with good voices reading the phone book. “Cumberbatch. Sutherland. Freeman. PHONE BOOK.” (Celebitchy)

– Outfits inspired by books. And, in one case, made of them. (Flavorwire)

Freaks and Geeks fans, you must read the Vanity Fair oral history thereof. The pictures alone are worth your time. (Vanity Fair)

Grantland was on the set of last week’s Homeland. Can we all agree that Damian Lewis — an otherwise terrific actor — can NOT act against a Skyping terrorist on a Blackberry? (Grantland)

Vulture takes a look back at the year in hate-watching. (Vulture)

A dog rescue organization in New Zealand has taught some dogs to drive. YES, CARS. (Time)

– I was neutral on Lenny Kravitz until I saw the EPIC SIDE-EYE he’s giving to Demi Moore in these pictures from Art Basel. Now I want to go to brunch with him and talk smack about people. (Lainey)

– Better take this quiz to find out which Wakefield twin you actually are. (Buzzfeed)

– The history of the Little Black Dress. (Refinery29)

– One of the most interesting things I read last week: What Thirteen People Wore to Their Interview With Anna Wintour. (The Cut)

– Is this the best hoodie in the world? (Slate)