Let me begin with how HAPPY I am that Kristen Stewart has another movie out, because I feel like I’ve exhausted every play-on-fug with all the titles on her resume that I remember without the aid of IMDb (and I didn’t want to have to dig up In The Land of Women, because I promise you nobody wants that).

Now let us move on to the formal shorts — and yes, I checked other pictures, and they really do appear to be shorts.

I really do not like the aesthetic here — it’s the blah old black-on-taupe thing, shot through with equally fatiguing lace and a shot of tiresome sideboob. I don’t think this piece adds anything fresh nor delightful to any of those things. Well, perhaps there is one angle: I cannot be completely sure whether those are separates, or all one outfit. We could be in Lingerie-Romperville, an exclusive and very snooty hamlet in Intimates County that doesn’t tax its residents because the personal price of being seen in one is toll enough.

[Photo: Getty]