Let’s try something here. Check out the gown in black and white:

If you imagine this colorized, how would you do it? What color and then contrasting panels would ensure that you loved it? Paint it with your imagination for a second, and then see how it stacks up for you in full bloom:

What do you think? How did it compare? I know those inserts are designed to shock the eye, but even so I’m not actually sure that brassy shade is quite right — somehow even on a dress that’s trying to be dramatic, it feels at odds. But in the pro camp, she’s totally selling it, and she’s such a delightful example of how minimalist makeup can still let your face be a star (ahem, Kim Kardashian, she of the Ten-Trowel Regimen). Regardless, I am so happy Cate Blanchett is starring in something that will require her to leave the house. She seems to have receded somewhat from red-carpet dominance, which if you think about it is a great tactic — make us miss you, then show up in a pimpled lilac confection that is oddly hypnotic and super, and we will be like YES SHE’S BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER — but it also means we’re being denied her tomfoolery. Or her triumphs. Which would you say this is?  Is it fug, or is it fab? Or is it a classic case of carte Blanchett?

Call it:

  • Cool (44%, 2,569 Votes)
  • Crusty (21%, 1,258 Votes)
  • Carte (35%, 2,046 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,873

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