Fug or Fab: Aubrey Plaza in Peter Pilotto


This is kooky, but I kind of dig it anyway:

I mean, yes, she’s wearing a belted screensaver, but it’s an awesome belted screensaver. That’s something. Imagine going out there with Flying Toasters belted to your body. THAT would be a misstep.

What say you?

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]

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Comments (46):

  1. Rachael

    I can dig it. However, it could stand to be a couple inches shorter.

    • Rachael

      Am now envisioning a dress patterned with flying toasters. I think it could be done.

      • Kris

        I think I would wear this dress in a flying toaster pattern. I’d tone it down to one belt, though.

  2. jjdaddyo

    Flying Toasters? What’s that, Grandma?

  3. JJPP

    I think she looks GREAT. It’s a crazy dress, but it’s also super flattering. Her makeup is good with it, too.

  4. Mina

    I have a shirt like this from forever 21 except it’s a mountain and water in a blue motif. I wonder if I bought a knock-off shirt?

    This is fab. I like it. Maybe could do without one of the belts.

  5.  Another Katie

    Mystify was always my favorite screensaver. It would probably make an interesting fabric pattern also.

    I like this dress, but I think it could stand to lose at least one of the belts.

  6.  Alyssa

    It’s interesting and I think she has the attitude to pull it off. I’d maybe have liked some corally orange shoes, but that’s small potatoes since her shoes aren’t black or nude!

  7.  Fawn

    I love it!

  8. val.

    I hate the white belts with it but I like the colors of the dress.

    • Cara

      I would like it more with one belt instead of 3, but I don’t hate it as is.

      • Jasmine

        Exactly what I was thinking. Keep the middle one, lose the last two, and we have a winner.

    • chappy05

      I don’t mind the 3 belts, but I do mind that they’re white. They remind me of sanitary napkin belts. Make them black and we’re in business.

  9. Jenz

    I like it… even better when you decide the white belts aren’t belts at all but that there are three parts of Aubrey Plaza simultaneously floating along and the white is actually the Step and repeat backdrop.

    I may have had too much caffiene.

  10. Bella

    No, thanks.

  11. Jo

    Yuck! Looks cheap and the white belts don’t help. Dislike the matchy shoes too.

  12. Sensible Sea Monster

    If Bai Ling turned up–well, anywhere, really–with Flying Toasters belted to her body, I think that we can all agree she would win the Internet.

    • Jenz

      Oddly enough, it would ONLY make sense if Bai Ling was wearing said Flying Toaster Couture.

  13. Joanie

    She looks great! And while I understand the complaint about the belts, I do think the trio is what takes this from average dress to something that requires beefier fashion chops to pull off.

    I’ve done my ninagarcia (said in mangled little dog squeak a la Klum) and tried to remove belts. Again, I think taking it down to one belt is “eh”, taking it to two — they’d have to be the top two (and it could work, but it’d still look “common”), but all three together make this something very different.

    • Joanie

      P.S. I always preferred my own phrase in morphing fonts as my screensaver of old. Or the ever-connecting pipes.

  14.  HelenBackAgain

    I love it! Would prefer the belts in a dark color, but love as is.

    And would like the same thing with flying toasters, too! It’d be fun.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      Also, now that I’m home and can take a better look, her eye makeup is ON POINT. She’s not the easiest person to do that for, and whoever did this nailed it. Perfect.

  15.  Tina

    Love it! But I love her too — am I biased? No, love it :).

  16. Suzy Q

    Scroll-down fug. I was with it until a certain point.

  17.  H.C.

    don’t mind the dress but 3 belts is a bit much, unless she’s got a hardware stores’ worth of utility tools in the back.

  18.  Tasha

    I wouldn’t wear it but I LOVE IT on her. Yay for colourful accessories, yay for the interesting print and yay that it shows off her figure without showing me her bikini wax/acres of cleavage. Classy but FUN! My only notes would be that the hair is ‘meh’ and I would have liked some colour on her nails (but then and again I am a colour junkie).

  19.  Mrs. Helpful

    I love this and she looks beautiful!

    And look at her go with her career! I hope her new movies are good!

  20. marylou bethune

    I think it is so HER and such cute shoes. She looks confident and cool and not like a trollop which, after Hudgens or whatever and KIMMIE, and is relaxing. I bet she would be so much fun at a dinner party. Can you imagine what it would be like with those other 2 I mentioned? Heather should write a scene…

  21.  Miranda

    BUT LOOK AT HER SHOES!! I give her a thumbs up just for that.

  22. Trish

    I think it’s terriffic.

  23. Liz

    this is one of the few Peter Pilotto dresses that works for me

    normally his stuff looks like a Norman Rockwell painting in hell

  24. Gypsy Danger

    Ditch the sleeves, the bottom two belts and make it a bit shorter and I’m 100% in.

  25.  RachelB

    I want to snip off the uneven part at the bottom. Is that wrong?

  26. forrest gump

    i’s an excuse for looking miserable?

  27.  Jules

    I think I saw this projected on a wall at a rave 20 years ago.

  28. Mallory


  29.  Steph

    I love it, and its perfect for her. She’s awesome. I would absolutely wear this!

  30. Lori

    I feel like I’d hate it on anyone else, but it totally works on her.

  31. Olga Becker

    I love it!

  32. Electric

    100% love. I want that dress!

  33. Yvonne

    If there were a flying toaster dress, I would ROCK it. I’m just saying.