Fug or Fab: Amanda Seyfried


I am not sure how I feel about the asymmetry of the hem, overall, simply because the execution looks perhaps a bit more like an accident than a decision.

But the pattern is speaking to me. What it’s saying is up for debate — it could be “I am a very funky and cool watercolor-style motif”; it could be “do not look at me while under the influence of martinis”; it could be “please DO look at me under the influence of martinis because that’s when you will see interesting shapes”; or it could be “murder is my art.” Or maybe I don’t speak its language at all and what it’s REALLY trying to say is, “Do you have directions to the nearest laundromat?” But regardless, I think Amanda is pulling off a bold choice, and also, THAT HAIR. Good lord child. It appears to be entirely natural. I had almost forgotten what natural hair looks like on a starlet. Treat it right, Amanda, because it’s being mad-crazy loving to you. (And if it’s extensions, tip whoever puts them in. Tip him or her RIGHT NOW.)

And then there’s this:

I love this. It screams, “FINE. IS THIS BETTER?” Yes. Yes it is. Although next time, while you’re smiling through gritted teeth at Justin, hiss to him that he needs to invest in a travel steamer.

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  1. Sue

    HER HAIR. I covet it. So much.
    I’ve never been gaga about blonde hair but I love that it’s your typical “starlet” blonde and I love the layers. Gorgeous.

    I like the dress. I feel I’d probably change *something* about it, but don’t have the energy to decide what. It looks nice on her.

    • lisas

      You know what I think it is? She’s a natural blonde. That’s why it looks so great compared to her peers; it hasn’t been processed anywhere nearly as much, so less breakage and no extensions required.

      I feel like the dress should have EITHER the slit OR the asymmetrical hem, but both with the blobby watercolour print is too much. I hate the slit so that’s what I’d ditch.

      • InfamousQBert

        i totally agree. i kind of like the dress, but that hem is making it feel like it’s a really fancy bath towel that’s about to fall off.

      • Elle

        I can’t decide whose hair I want more–Amanda’s or Kate Middleton’s.

  2. Chrissy Cunningham

    i love it.. and I htink sh’es always had that nice, thick hair… or if it’s always been extensions she’ll be bald in 5 years

  3. Sue

    It’s the torso. I’m seeing two faces (at least one alien) in the torso. The colors are fab.

    • Karen

      Yeah, I’m seeing a skull right in her cleavage and it’s freaking me the heck out.

      • vandalfan

        And I see the face of an Imperial Storm Trooper at her waist.

        I love the fabric, but this doesn’t fit at her waist, and who know what the bodice really looks like because of her bad posture and silly hair. Now as a slip of a girl I wore my blonde hair waist-long, but managed to keep it behind my shoulders. Of course, I wasn’t being photographed from the front every time I set foot outside the house.

  4. Miranda

    Love the fabric, wish the slit were constructed to look more intentional–or that it were just a straight pencil skirt.

  5. Meredith

    She has said in interviews that she doesn’t color her hair, and I believe her. It is absolutely gorgeous and suits her skin tone perfectly (funny how nature does that).

  6. Kary

    All I can see is the weird monkey-skeleton face up on the bodice. Also? I love how uncomfortable these two seem together — it’s refreshing not to have the “oh, yeah – we worked together for two months and WE LOVE EACH OTHER WE REALLY DO WE’RE LIKE FAMILY!!!” thing forced down my throat. I work with people I don’t like very much all the time — it can’t be all that different for movie actors.

  7. Kristen from MA

    Agreed: her hair is fab! As for the dress, I like the print, but not the cut. It looks sloppy on her. But I do give her bonus points for not wearing clodhopper shoes.

  8. ceecee

    The combo of the print, the sarong top and the giant slit says “I was surprised while posing nude and wrapped up in the artist’s drop cloth” to me.

  9. Stefanie

    MMMM I LOVE LOVE LOVE that print.

    And I love her hair. I have super thick hair and I would totally wear it long if I had someone who could come to my house each morning and give me a blowout.

  10. Jen S 2.0

    All I see is the skull on her boobs. i cannot get on board with that.

  11. gin_in_teacups

    I love her and I watch terrible terrible movies just because she’s in them. So probably I can’t really be unbiased, but I think she looks amazing. Maybe I would close the slit because the dress is so interesting it doesn’t need the extra umph.

    Seriously though, I want to be besties with her.

  12. Sandra

    I kinda like the print and the cut–except for the slit and the hemline. They look like something I might have done back in the third grade when my mom still held out hope of teaching me to sew.

    As for the hair: What kind of sacrifice did she have to offer up to the Gods Of Keratin? Because I want to do it too.

  13. jjdaddyo


  14. celia

    I can’t see anything but the cray cray look in her eyes.

  15. Blanche

    Her neck could elongate, but this Seyfried girl is the real deal, in terms of beauty. She has it all over Boobs Legsly and then some.

    Is she in any movies? What about good movies? I watch a lot of movies, and I’ve never seen her in anything. Wasn’t she in that “Red Riding Hood” dreck? Is it her youth, or is she kinda not all there–is that why she doesn’t get cast?

    • Kris

      Oh my God. Please tell me you’re joking, please please please tell me you have seen Mean Girls. If you haven’t, you must go stream it or rent it right now.

      Why are you still reading this? Go, go, go!

    • Sajorina

      @Blanche: Are you seroius? Under what rock do you live on? I’ve never seen her in a movie that I didn’t like! She’s in “Mean Girls”, “Mamma Mia!”, “Jennifer’s Body”, “Red Riding Hood”, “Alpha Dog” (also with Justin Timberlake), “Dear John”, “Letters To Juliette”, “Chloe” (my ABSOLUTE favorite), etc… She was also in the TV shows “Veronica Mars” & “Big Love”, among others!

  16. Claire L

    I think the print is fabulous on its own. I wish they had kept the hem simple.

  17. Anne B

    Nothing quite like wearing the hell out of your own hair color, is there? :)

    I’m just sad about the dress. I could really get to like this print, if (1) the cut of the dress were not so freaking AWK, and (2) it didn’t have that ghost of a skeleton monkey looming out the top.

    Almost, kid. Almost.

  18. anny

    Fancy print or fancy cut – pick one. Personally I think the scale of the print is a little too large overall though.

  19. Lina

    She looks lovely as nearly always. He…okay, my bias against him aside, WHAT is he wearing? Wrinkled black pajama bottoms, wrinkled black denim-looking shirt, and is that a double-breasted VEST under the suit jacket? WTH? (Who makes double-breasted vests??) But mainly, tweed and thin cotton do not go together, dude.

  20. exquisite red

    I like this look, and I like her..And via this blog mostly, since I’ve only seen a couple of her movies. I went through some of her posts on here, and she had a few interesting prints. She’s a teeny little thing, so I think the prints (& shapes of her clothes) help things look a bit more busy sometimes (distract from her not being naturally curvy). I gotta applaud her for working with what she was given, rather than go the typical starlet route of crazy extensions/surgery/etc. She looks like a real person (granted, a very pretty real person), which is great.


  21. CranAppleSnapple

    Lady Bracknell would be all up in her face.

  22. Mahastee

    I love it, she looks gorgeous, murky Inferi faces and all.

    The only really creepy thing here is the guy in the crinkly crepe pants.

  23. Sajorina

    I’M IN LOVE!!! I love the dress in a bold fabric and a simple silhouette with a geometric twist! Plus, the aubergine pumps are a great choice… I love them! I like that her makeup is soft and her hair is shining in all its splendor! But, OMG, I’ve never seen so many wrinkles on a young man’s crotch before! Justin’s pants and untucked shirt should be burned in effigy!

  24. Sarah

    JT is like, MMMM mmm… gotta get me summa that.

  25. Katharine

    I think the print is too much for the cut of the dress — even if it were a bit faded out/watercolour-y, perhaps, it might work better. I can’t tell if I love the cut of the dress or just like it because this beautiful girl is standing like a cave troll surprised by sunlight.

  26. Säde

    In the first picture Amanda herself don’t seem like enjoying to be in that dress. And then… with Justin – yes yes yes, way better ! But honestly…that dress is not very…beautiful.

  27. alice

    I saw “In Time” last night and it was better than I expected– and she looked AMAZING in it. She wears 3 or 4 different dresses, all cute, and her eyes look spectacular with the red blunt bob she has in most of the film.

  28. Megan

    excuse me, where is my voting option?!!

  29. Dale Janee

    I think she is really pretty but I’m definitely not a fan of this dress

    I’m a stylist here in LA and SF

  30. Mooshki

    There is an amazing dress waiting to be made with that fabric, but this isn’t it.

  31. kimmy

    her hair is so lush and healthy looking! all young starlets should take notes from her. i watched chloe more than once b/c her hair was ridic gorgeous in that movie.