I am not sure how I feel about the asymmetry of the hem, overall, simply because the execution looks perhaps a bit more like an accident than a decision.

But the pattern is speaking to me. What it’s saying is up for debate — it could be “I am a very funky and cool watercolor-style motif”; it could be “do not look at me while under the influence of martinis”; it could be “please DO look at me under the influence of martinis because that’s when you will see interesting shapes”; or it could be “murder is my art.” Or maybe I don’t speak its language at all and what it’s REALLY trying to say is, “Do you have directions to the nearest laundromat?” But regardless, I think Amanda is pulling off a bold choice, and also, THAT HAIR. Good lord child. It appears to be entirely natural. I had almost forgotten what natural hair looks like on a starlet. Treat it right, Amanda, because it’s being mad-crazy loving to you. (And if it’s extensions, tip whoever puts them in. Tip him or her RIGHT NOW.)

And then there’s this:

I love this. It screams, “FINE. IS THIS BETTER?” Yes. Yes it is. Although next time, while you’re smiling through gritted teeth at Justin, hiss to him that he needs to invest in a travel steamer.

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