Happy weekend, Fug Nation! While you’re waiting for the factory horn to blow:

– It’s nice to read that Hugh Jackman is actually as awesome as we want him to be. (Lainey)

– Chloe Sevigny dressed up like Terry Richardson for the cover of a magazine, which would be more interesting if Terry Richardson were not, as Celebitchy points out, a noted perv. (Celebitchy)

– This story — about a woman stuck in SFO for eight days (!) because she couldn’t pay her bag fees — is amazing and bizarre on multiple levels. (Time)

You will enjoy this list of IKEA’s most ridiculous names. Personally, whenever I go to IKEA, I like to read the names of every product aloud. This is part of why I’m single.  (Flavorwire)

– You may have heard that ABC is developing a reboot of Judith Krantz’s Scruples. We are SO excited. But first! Let’s revisit the original mini-series. IT IS AMAZING. (Sighs and Whispers)

– The FBI has declared the Juggalos a gang, officially, which sounds like the set-up for an amazing episode of something. (Wired)

– Speaking of law enforcement, it seems this dude tried to give a police office a taco when asked for his form of ID. Maybe he just really IDENTIFIES with tacos. They are delicious! (LA Weekly)

– The inside of the Fendi atelier is amazing. Plus: Diet Coke gelato. (The Selby, via Refinery29)

– If you are a Kelly Clarkson fan — as we are – you will enjoy this article about her in the New York Times, as it is essentially about why she is awesome. (NY Times)

– If you liked the posters about STDs I linked to last week, you’ll enjoy these posters for public housing. (The Atlantic)