Fug or Fab: Alicia Keys


I kind of feel like her expression here says it all:

“What? I’m dressed as a formal bumblebee. HAPPY HOLIDAYS.”

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  1. pantsonfire

    I wish I could pick multiple poll answers. It is definitely better than her usual (oh-so-much better), I AM scared of how it looks when she stands up (she has a penchant for clothes that emphasize her pear shape), and I do think I love it. Check, check, check.

    Also, her face looks better than usual in that photo.

  2. Ruth

    This reminds me of Busy Bee from Best in Show. “This is not a bee. This is a bear in a bee outfit.”

  3. Stefanie


  4. cathy

    “i could just walk up here in my jammies and i will probably be the prettiest woman in the room, but i think i’ll wear my fugliest outfit instead”
    why, alicia? why?

  5. Joe Dwarf
  6. Helen

    If this were a dress, instead of a skirt and stupid crop top, I would love it unreservedly. I adore clothing with a sense of humor.

    • Candy

      Good idea! And maybe if the stripes went all the way around?

      • Helen

        Hmmm. I don’t know, think I’d have to see that to decide if I liked it or not.

  7. Sandra

    A bumble-bee dress I could just about stand, but a bumble-bee skirt and belly shirt should not even be possible.

  8. Candy

    I’m torn. I love sequins but… not in this configuration? I think maybe it would be better in a different color. That yellow is really jarring to me but she’s pulling it off. So, maybe either the yellow dress with no sequins or keep the sequins & change the color of the dress?

  9. Vandalfan

    If only it was a dress. I love me some sequins, and yellow, too.

  10. Bella

    Well, at least it’s not a pair of too tight pants squeezing her nether regions.

  11. The Fugger

    The concept of this is objectionable. By all means, this outfit should have secured her a 1 seed in Fug Madness.

    And yet. AND YET. She’s working it. It looks cute and adorable (if a bit unseasonal). I can’t hate this – I want to hate this so bad, but she’s just not allowing me to.

    You win, Alicia, THIS time. Although I’d unequivocally love it as an actual dress or as a full top with a navy pencil skirt (and yes, I know, I’m THAT person who suggests a pencil skirt on every single post, but seriously).

  12. Jen from cincy

    Just say no to crop tops.

  13. Tracey

    I’m with the Fugger. I should hate it, there’s so much wrong… but it’s so cheerful! And in my defense, I actually liked when Kristen Stewart wore that yellow number a while back, and I don’t generally like anything she wears… maybe I just appreciate a little whimsy from celebrities who take themselves so seriously so often.

  14. Crystal

    She looks like a sassy crosswalk.

    Though I can’t deny that I love her expression.

  15. Jules

    Oh, no, it’s one of those deadly, midriff-baring crop tops!

    Can you remember when that wasn’t just tacky, but scandalous?

    At least it’s not, “transparent lace commando style”…

  16. ceecee

    It’s a homage to the Blind Melon “No Rain” video. She’s the Bee Girl! If she starts tap dancing, I promise not to laugh at her.

  17. gryt

    It’s definitely out there, and it’s cute. So I’m for it! I say bravo for doing something unusual.

  18. Sylvia

    My recent feelings about her “new” music are clouding my judgement (it hurts to say because I was a fan from day one), but I can’t do formal bumble bee. It sounds wrong.

    Sadly, it IS better than a lot of the outfits she’s worn in the past. That’s a shame, because she’s gorgeous.

  19. NumberSix

    If I had to change only one thing, it wouldn’t be the crop top (I think she’s working it as well as anyone could), but rather the tiny half-stripes on the sleeves. I can’t pinpoint why, but those make it look like the designer had an accident with a hot-glue gun and tried to cover. Maybe if the sleeves were ringed in the sequins? I mean, I’d love it to be a dress instead of separates, but those sleeves bug me for some reason.

    The best part of the photo is that the interactive “Get the Look” part links only to Dave’s clothing.

  20. Luxe

    No. Just no. I don’t pay AKeys much attention (haven’t liked her last few albums), but I had to comment on this. I just left Target (on Christmas Eve!) and this reminds me of an outfit they’d have in the little girls section. I will say that I love yellow and blue together, but not with this style and pattern. The worst part about it is the crop top, so if it were a whole dress and maybe if it were a few inches shorter (not mini, just not knee length), I might think more of it.

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