Fug Madness 2011: The Final Game

final game


AT LAST THERE ARE TWO. Two blondes. Two child actors turned teen-drama centerpieces. Two girls whose Get-A-Grip friends seem to have gone on permanent hiatus. Two women who have trampled over the likes of Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, and the combined power of both the Olsen twins and Will Smith’s entire family to make it here to the big dance, the whole sandwich, the one for all the marbles. Are you ready, Fug Nation, to cast your vote and choose which of these two Princesses of WTFery and frequent Oh Honey No recipients most deserves the crown of  Fug Madness Champion? Choose wisely — check out Taylor’s and Mischa’s archives if you need to — and remember, only their efforts from the past year (essentially, from Oscars 2010 to Oscars 2011) are eligible.  Think long, think hard, study the examples in the slideshow and carefully CAST YOUR VOTE:

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Comments (174):

  1. Erin

    Seriously, Fug Nation? Mischa Barton? Pathetic fug is objectively and certainly no match for the likes of meat-dress fug.

  2. steen

    Taylor Momsen is fugly, I will grant you that, but she’s also lacking in complete imagination. It’s just one endless feedback loop of ripped lingerie, kohl, jack boots, platforms, more lingerie, some thigh with a sneer with a switch up to lipstick as eyeliner. Yawn. Mischa, on the other hand never fails to elicit a complete head scratching ‘WTF?’ from me. She is a delight.

  3. Aria

    I said it before, I have to go with T-Mom for her consistent lack of pants, use of lady parts as accessories, the heinous extensions and eyeliner, and for her general attitude of thinking she is this awewsome rock star/fashion icon when she is really just a bratty teenager.

  4. CranAppleSnapple

    Raccoon McPantless has this.

  5. Deborah

    I’m always curious to see what Mischa will wear next; never surprised or much interested in Momson’s attire–and that’s what decided my vote.

  6. Clara

    Misha all the way. I don’t care for Momsen, silly brat that she is, bit Barton is so sloppy looking, she looks like she smells funny.

  7. Kelly

    Mischa. Mischa all the way. A lot of Taylor’s awfulness is on stage…and I think that just puts her in a different fug category all together. Mischa. Man, every single time I see her I just shake my head why? why? why? And on top of HIDEOUS choices she also doesn’t seem to understand her size which is a mistake I can never ignore. Taylor’s an actress and has a band. Mischa, she’s full time fug!

  8. jen310

    This is a match-up of attention-getting fugery vs. has no clue-completely misguided about what is stylish and fits appropriately fugery. Therefore, I have to go with Mischa. This whole competition has been “LOOK AT ME” fug against clueless fug. Taylor thinks she bad-assed because she dresses like an underage skanky whore, shows her crotch, and f*cks for Satan. She knows what she is doing. She is following in the footsteps of Gaga, Madonna, Nicki Minaj, and everyone else trying to seek attention with their obvious fug. Don’t let her win.

    Mischa is clueless. She has no sense of style. Her fug is an assault on the eyes of her victims. Her fug is the real deal. I’ve voted for attention-whore fug before but I truly believe that clueless fug is worse. Mischa has no idea – and that is the real crime of fuggery here.

    Taylor doesn’t want help and doesn’t think she needs help. She’s “hardcore”. Let’s help Mischa. Let’s tell her we care and she needs to get some style sense. Mischa has to win. Mischa should win. Mischa FTW.

  9. Christa

    I had to go with Mischa FTW. As I said before, taking that much pretty and making it look that bad takes talent.

    On the other hand, I have to say: Momsen, GIRL. You are neither Cherie Curry nor Sid Vicious nor an actual whore. I mean…for the last…unless you want to be. Make healthy decisions.


  10. Aych

    Mischa FTW!!!

  11. Christian

    I have a feeling T-Mom will take this, but I voted for Mischa. As another commenter pointed out in a previous match, Mischa was briefly a fashion “it” girl in the early 2000′s. Therefore she modeled for and/or was chosen as someone whom young women would want to look or dress like. She’s probably still in that mindset, and she chooses to dress like THAT.

    I don’t think anyone has or will ever want to aspire to look like Taylor Momsen.

  12. Daniel

    My bracket has been effed up since the sweet sixteen results. But I did have Momson FTW! Woo!

  13. rmcgrudiva

    I’ve gotta go with Mischa because–GOD I am so DEPRESSED after scrolling through Taylor’s crap again. That girl is making me put her in the death pool.

  14. Jo

    Taylor Momsen must be following this, y’all, cos guess what?:


    I’m still speechless..

  15. amy

    Even though Taylor’s wardrobe is absurd, you can tell she’s trying to create a “character” wherein she runs around in lingerie and raccoon eyeliner and revels in her teen angstiness. I don’t know if that’s a word but it is now.

    Whereas Mischa probably thinks she’s making wise fashion choices but instead she’s horribly wrong. And as I said before, unintentional fug is worse than intentional fug because it means you’re clearly unaware of how awful your wardrobe is.

  16. Bella

    Mischa is seriously trying which is what makes her the bigger fugger. Jailbait with an attitude does not deserve such a worthy crown.

  17. geemee

    I’m with steen — you never know what craziness you’ll get from Mischa, but you know there WILL be craziness. The sartorial fates aligned and this was just her year to “shine.” Mischa deserves to Win. It. All.

  18. vandalfan

    Mischa fugs in all directions, all seasons, anywhere, anytime. Taylor is a one trick (pardon me) pony. And, she is the deliberate product of a stylist, so it’s Mischa for me.

  19. Lisa Bryant

    Taylor’s fugs are all the same, albeit incredibly offensive. Mischa fugs it different every day. Hence, Mischa must win.

    Both are equally sad and pathetic.

  20. Ares

    There may not be any stopping the TMoms juggernaut, but I stand by Mischa’s endless ability to baffle and amaze. If the award where “WHERE ARE YOUR PARENTS CHILD Madness,” I’d vote differently, but I have to go with the breadth of fug rather than depth of fug on this.

  21. sarrible

    Come on, Fuggers! Don’t validate the naked child by giving her the attention she’s screaming for! If we ignore her maybe she’ll put on some damn pants!

  22. Liz

    Mischa’s fug is genuine, whereas Taylor’s fug is calculated to be shocking. Mischa actually thinks she’s being trendy and stylish, but is full of fail, while Taylor is going out of her way to look bad on purpose. I think the misguided soul is more of the essence of fuggery and therefore, Mischa should prevail.

  23. dee

    Wow. I’m really surprised to see Taylor so far ahead. She dresses the same, is just a young attention-getter but Mischa is clearly clueless to what looks good, like some of the earlier commenters said.

  24. Cyd

    Poor Mischa – in so many of her photos there are parts of her that look OK/fine/pretty, and then everything else just sends it all wonky. Does she have selective vision issues? A really, really messed up/completely possessed Cher-type wardrobe selector? A stylist who regularly suffers head injuries? Whatever it is, it’s FUGTASTIC. MB for the win!

    T. Mom = just EWWWW.

  25. SKA

    There’s a difference between slutty attire and effing ugly attire. And, since this is Fug Madness…

  26. Simone

    Taylor! She had it coming for a loooooooooong time.

  27. Jeanie

    Clueless Fug > “Rebel” Fug. Mischa FTMFW!

  28. Christian

    I think Barton wins based on the broad spectrum of fug she unleashes. Momsen is a one fug pony.

  29. Antof9

    Best. Name. EVAR.

    Raccoon McPantless has this.

    CranAppleSnapple is my new favorite commenter.

  30. alice

    Misha! Momsen has a look and is beating it to death. Misha seems to try find something new and edgy and fashiony, and still looks like FUG. Slightly related – I really really prefer the scroll down to the slide shows. Each reload takes a while and on my lap-top screen I have to recenter each slide. I vote for scroll down! (even though it’s not a vote).

  31. snorkel_maiden

    It’s got to be Mischa. Taylor always looks the same (with greater or lesser exposure of genitalia) but Mischa can fug any look, any time. Also, sadly, I think she sometimes thinks she looks good, whereas with Taylor it’s all about the statement. Go Mischa!

  32. tequilabunrise

    I think the important distinction here is that dear sweet Taylor is a CHILD. She makes silly fashion choices that she thinks are rebellious or whatnot, but aren’t they really just ripoffs of rebellious fashion choices of yesteryear?
    Mischa makes terrible decisions as an adult woman who should know better!

  33. KPM

    Once, okay. You’re a teenager. But EVERY SINGLE TIME? Girl, you are boring. And THAT is the height of fug. #Momsen11

  34. your neighborhood li

    I have reservations about voting for Mischa Barton because I feel like any minute now we’re going to hear that she has been committed. On the other hand, that feeling is based solely on what I’ve seen her wear on this blog, so I guess I’m back to square one!

  35. Julie

    Much like Sir Charles Barkley, who has neglected to pick my Butler Bulldogs in every game of the NCAA tournament, I have neglected to vote for Mischa Barton. But today I am voting for her. That is sad, eclectic fuggery of epic, championship-deserving proportions.

  36. bob

    Yup, cluelessness or bad styling versus carefully cultivated persona. Mischa definitely gets the vote.

  37. The Other Molly

    I hope that next year, the attention whores (Gaga & Momsen) and the mentally disturbed (Mischa) will be left out of the running.
    Meanwhile, this guy is sure making a bid for Fug Madness 2012.


  38. Liz985

    I actually think poor Mischa is having some, well, psychological problems, and that’s why I’m giving it to Taylor, the punk (figuratively and literally). I don’t want to pile on poor Mischa; she seems to be having a tough time of it.

  39. Rayna

    Cases can be made for both sides, as y’all have done admirably. Again, the philosophical question of what constitutes True Fug.

    @vandalfan – one “trick” pony indeed!

    Bra Gown with Yellow Extensions of Doom vs. reliable angsty teen slustress.

    Mischa FTW. Someone please help this girl get back to her pretty. It’s within reach.

  40. Wren

    I think this may come down to people’s definitions of ultimate “fug.” Is it tries oh-so hard and misses oh-so much? Or is it dressing in a way that makes the viewer feel like they need a shower? Do you want to hug the person and take them shopping or just whack them upside the head? The latter is much more fugly to me, and therefore Taylor deserves to take it all.

  41. Lynne

    I agree that Mischa’s brand of fug is much more entertaining since every new thing seems makes her look like a kind of mad genius of fug. It is, dare I say, Swinton-esque. If only Mischa could adopt Swinton’s kick ass attitude.

    Had to vote TMom for the predictable skankiness of it all. I’m also amused by the fact that everyone in her weird little entourage is afraid to look directly at her.

  42. Sara

    This is difficult, but I must give the win to Mischa. Taylor is stupendously, horrible, awfully, horrendously fugly in her choices, but its consistent, its a look, there are not multiple, varying attrocities, just one ad naseum. Mischa creatively and continuously manages to come up with the ugliest outfits imaginable, in such a dizzying multitude of ways. Tough one, but its going to Marissa Cooper.

  43. CranAppleSnapple

    heheh Thankyou Antof9, but I actually got that quote from the excellent website Celebitchy! :)

  44. Cora

    @Jo, thanks for the pic. I watched the Kids Choice Awards, and when they announced T. Mom, I involuntarily shouted, “But she has to wear PANTS!” Seriously: the KCAs are G-rated — and how thrilled was SHE when she had cameras on her but she was still wearing pants? Anyway, I voted for her. I get that her fug is one-track; but I’d rather reward aggressive, deliberate fug than Mischa’s default, clueless fug.

  45. LindaD

    Anybody can put on thigh-highs and a shitload of eye makeup.

    It takes True Fug to wear a Christmas tree skirt with a straight face.


  46. Veronica Rodriguez

    Momsen is very young, and while her parents should not be letting her out of the house dressed liked that Barton, as an adult, has no excuse. Plus, I assume that Momsen is doing it for attention whereas Barton honestly thinks she has some sort of innovative, ahead of her time kind of style. Remember when that’s what the magazines keep trying to tell us? But no, it turns out she just isn’t very good a getting dressed to flatter herself, which is a shame because she has a lot to work with.

  47. Ali

    Mischa all the way! Momsen’s mistakes are intentionally fug (or counterculture or whatever) and can be chalked up to teenage rebellion – it could just be a phase (don’t tell me you didn’t have one). Mischa’s a grownup who thinks she’s being fashionable, and that to me is the worst kind of fuggery.

  48. Veronica Rodriguez

    Which is why I vote Mischa!

  49. Willow

    Taylor Mom-less is a One Trick Pony. Mischa Barton is a freaking Stallion Breeding Farm of Fug.

  50. Beth

    I have to go with true fug over fame whoring fug. Taylor knows she looks ridiculous – anyone can walk around in lingerie. Micha thinks she looks awesome and totally appropriate. MICHA ALL THE WAY!!!

  51. Kate

    Ugh. I’m so bored with T.Mom. I wish she had been left out of this contest completely. Bleaaaaaaaaaaaah. She makes my eyes roll involuntarily, and she always trips my gag reflex. I can’t look at a picture of her without both of those things happening immediately. I cannot validate her angsty scornful FU (and most importantly, BORING) wardrobe by giving her a vote here.

    MISCHA FTW! Though I’m sure T.Mom is going to take it. Mischa could use this crown for good (she could be so pretty again so easily!), while T.Mom will just flip us off yet again because her 17 years have brought her so much wisdom, baggage and angst (just no pants!)

  52. drew

    mischa!!! raccoon mcpantless is soooo boring and creepy. mischa likes to mix it up.

  53. Tina

    I was previously rooting for Momsen to take the crown, but those Yellow Extensions of Doom sealed the deal—Mischa deserves the win, hands-down. Momsen might pull it off because she commits HARD to her look, but as vandalfan said, she’s definitely a one-trick pony: it’s always raccoon eyes and slutty attire. With Mischa you never what you’re going to get. At least she keeps it interesting, and it’s more “WTF” than “I F#ck for Satan.”

    And in Fug Madness, WTF = FTW. Mischa all the way.

  54. yvetterene

    As someone has said above, Taylor is a one fug pony. She pretty much wears (I couldnt come up with a better word) the same variation all the time. Some “shirt”, ripped thigh highs, and hooker heels.
    Mischa, at least, varies her fug up. You never know what she’s going to be bringing to the party. Mischa for the win!
    Cant belive that T. Mom is winning!

  55. Lindas

    Go Misha! Her fug reigns supreme.

  56. Kary

    I feel like Momsen is such a one-trick pony. Goth, underpants, black eyes, stripper shoes. We get it. Mischa achieves a high level of fug in so many different styles, which makes her trump Momsen. Mischa FTW.

  57. Adrian

    Mischa seems good-naturedly fug, Momsen is just a whiny, no pants wearing tart. No thanks. MB for the win!

  58. Neil

    Mischa is a hard-working, deserving winner of Fug Madness!!

    Taylor is a hard-working, deserving winner of having a venereal disease named after her.

  59. Kary

    ha! “One-trick pony” must be the phrase of the day. :)

  60. BJ

    i love fug madness. the definition of fug changes to suit the competition every year. because we are celebrating these attention whores with an award and not a public flogging, i choose to laud the person who at least makes me laugh with her bo-horrible missteps, ms. mischa barton. the poor dear tries so hard.

  61. Jill

    I wish I knew WTF happened to Mischa. Marissa Cooper was always stunning, except maybe when she was slumming with Volchuk. There’s evidence of this every weekend (maybe weekdays too?) on SoapNet. Is this the sad result of a tanked career after a hit show? Or did she never really know how to dress in the first place and it was all wardrobe’s doing?

    I also find myself wondering what happened to T-Mom that she is so desperately insecure.

  62. Evelynne

    Add me to the list of those who think Taylor Momsen is a one-trick fug. You never know what Mischa is going to do and it’s always a delightful surprise. She may not have style, but she has true creativity. Go, Mischa!

  63. Carol

    Momsen has a look and that’s it. One look. Mischa Barton, on the other hand, has many different looks, all frightful. Further in Barton’s favor, I think Barton thinks she looks good when she goes out. Every bit of Momsen is done by a stylist, but who could possibly be getting paid to put those Barton looks together. The only thing truly kind I could find to say about Barton was the shoes she had with the scale dress. Momsen isn’t even interesting enough for me to want to think much about her.

  64. GH

    I refuse to validate La Momsen’s attention grabbing antics with a vote in her favor. Mischa makes poor choices, but they are choices rather than calculated moves. A win would hopefully make her WAKE UP TO HER INSANITY.

  65. Annu

    Mischa FTW!

  66. G

    For me it really depends on whether I view it as ‘winning’ the ‘crown’, or failing bad enough to have it thrust on you. If I consider my vote as one of support for a high level of sartorial wackitude and thus, personal entertainment, then I’d give this to Mischa (as I do every time SWINTON appears, in a different way).

    But for me the very presence of Momsen turns the vote into one of condemnation, even if I hate to give her the satisfaction. Part of me hopes that in a few decades a middle-aged Momsen in capris and cashmere will look back at the award with a twinge of shame…

  67. NYCGirl

    No pants=no contest.

  68. TonyG

    I, too, like Mischa’s fug variety. Taylor’s fug is, basically, a rather unimaginative performance uniform. It’s hideous, true, but it’s sameness is uninspiring.

    With the voting thus far, it’s unlikely, but Mischa FTW!

  69. Christina

    You guys! Don’t get distracted by Taylor Momsen’s “personality.” Fug Madness should be all about the clothes. It is undeniable that Mischa has worked hard on this, with a sheer variety of ensembles that puts Momsen’s one-note offerings to shame.

  70. Sally

    How the hell can Momsen be in front? Maybe it is the old punk/metal head in me but girl looks no different than half the girls at a metal/punk/hardcore whatever as long as it is really loud gig. I used to look like that when I was 18! Is it FUG? yes, but in all honesty, it is just a stage uniform of a subculture. And most of us do grow out of it…
    Misha on the other hand, has been FUG for years. And why? Because she is (alternative) fashion victim who is in desperate need of a mirror and a few gays. And the FugMadness Award to drive the point home!

  71. Kate B

    I absolutely voted based on the breadth of Barton’s choices. Bless, she never fails to come up with NEW ways to fug. Whereas Momsen wears the same thing all the time. Yes, it’s ugly and horrifying and she finds tiny ways to ratchet that up, but it’s never surprising. Let’s keep the Fug Madness winner as someone we secretly cherish, guys!

  72. LoriK

    I voted for Barton because Momsen is doing it on purpose and is totally one-note, while Mischa, bless her heart, simply lacks any sort of taste and manages to display that lack in so many, many different ways. Momsen is ultimately just another misguided teenage attention whore. In a couple years we’ll most likely have forgotten all about her. Barton OTOH is clearly fug for the long hall.

  73. Stefanie

    Taylor! Since day 1 I’ve been rooting(?) for her.

    In all seriousness, I kinda like her! I DON’T KNOW WHY! She makes me laugh.

  74. christa

    Come on MISCHA!

    /has anyone ever heard momsen sing??

  75. hope

    Noooo!! prostitot is winning!! this is Mischa’s year!! Every picture of Momson is exactly the same…Mischa always finds new and exciting ill fitting garments that play up her worst attributes!! she lets fashion wear her…always being drawn to the weirdest peices in designer collections, grabbing them up before the outlets can mark them down 70%

    Mischa is the definition of Fug!! VOTE MISCHA!!!

  76. Molly

    Again, and AGAIN I will say it: I am bored of Momsen. She lives in the saddest, trashiest drawer at the Spearmint Rhino. We get it, you’re DANGEROUS and OUTRAGEOUS. Sigh.
    At the very least, I am always amused by Mischa Barton’s choice of hideous togs. Plus, she was in “Lost and Delirious,” in which Piper Perabo enlisted the help of the worst fitting, yet appropriate, tux in history, so Mouse automatically wins.
    And I have to say this: Can we REALLY live with Momsen as Fug Queen? No. No, we shouldn’t have to. Queen Mischa 2011!!!

  77. Molly

    Again, and AGAIN I will say it: I am bored of Momsen. She lives in the saddest, trashiest drawer at the Spearmint Rhino. We get it, you’re DANGEROUS and OUTRAGEOUS. Sigh.
    At the very least, I am always amused by Mischa Barton’s choice of hideous togs. Plus, she was in “Lost and Delirious,” in which Piper Perabo enlisted the help of the worst fitting, yet appropriate, tux in history, so Mouse automatically wins.
    And I have to say this: Can we REALLY live with Momsen as Fug Queen? No. No, we shouldn’t have to. Queen Mischa 2011!!!

  78. KristanC

    I did give this careful consideration. As much as instinct wanted me to vote for Tay-Mom, when I looked at the gallery, she’s really just … it’s the same thing: Bra, slip-dress, thigh-highs, in different colors maybe. But still, the same sort of outfit, complemented by Docs, stringy hair, and caked-on eyeliner that looks like it came from *my* high school days.

    Mischa, on the other hand, shows versatility–dresses long and short! Mom khakis! Chico’s! Torn leggings! Intact clothing that is still of abominable taste! God, the HAIR!

    So, it’s a surprise to me, but Mischa gets my vote.

  79. Carolina Girl

    @Cora, you and I are one. I was involuntarily watching that show yesterday (because I am a sinner, a back slider and I blew off church) and when they announced Momsen, I immediately put my hand over my daughter’s eyes. I then realized that she was wearing pants and breathed a sigh of relief.
    This leads me to re-think my previous votes for Momsen. It’s obvious that she can wear pants when she WANTS to, but chooses not to most of the time. Mischa, on the other hand, can’s seem to help her Fug. Mischa FTW!

  80. Kat from Jersey

    This is a tough one, because Mischa obviously is kind of trying, but clearly has no idea how to dress, and probably thinks she looks good when she leaves the house (she could do with a week of Stacy and Clinton); Taylor, on the other hand, is probably doing this just for shock value, and thus is veering into Gaga territory). Plus, didn’t Madonna recently get her involved in daughter Lola’s clothing designing, or something similar? That alone would make me NOT want to vote for her (can’t stand Madonna). But then again, is winning Fug Madness a good thing? There’s the rub!

  81. Sarah

    I have to give this one to Misha. Her range of Fug is impressive, whereas Taylor has simply embraced (and, admittedly, mastered) Skank Fug. Yes, it’s shocking at first, but it just gets boring after a while. While Misha, she keeps coming up with new outfits that make your eyes bleed.

  82. Tara

    11:18 am NYCGirl

    No pants=no contest.


  83. Chrissy Cunningham

    momsen sure is one boring fug isn’t she?

  84. Sherri

    Have to go with Mischa as the most puzzlingly fug. She’s TRYING to dress well at least some of the time. Taylor, on the other hand, is all about the ATTENTION and the SHOCK VALUE and flaunting her underage sexuality at the world of creepy old men until she, too can have a Sex Doll named after her. (http://jezebel.com/#!5788498/things-that-should-not-exist–the-miley-cyrus-sex-doll)

    It isn’t really fug, it’s ugly teen rebellion. It’s manipulation and we tend to fall for it.

    Misha just hasn’t a clue.

  85. Caitlin

    I have to stand up for my vote for Taylor. I was looking through the archives of both of the ladies, because this was a tough decision. I voted for Mischa up until now in her categories, and voted for Taylor in her categories . I debated both sides of voting for either one (natural fug vs. trying to hard fug) all weekend. Yes, all weekend! I ultimately voted for Taylor because I was almost bored looking at the sad pictures of Mischa, but when I saw Taylor, I had a visceral reaction of horror. Its just gross. She’s pathetic. Mommy and Daddy didn’t love her enough so now she shows her vagina to everyone. Any thoughts of of Mischa’s fug was forgotten.

    So, this game was about the brain versus the gut: theoretically, the brain would think that the girl with beauty but negative fashion sense would win out against the girl who is just trying too damn hard to be ugly. But the gut is stronger and louder than the brain, which i think is an apt comparison for Ms. Momsen, so she gets my vote.

  86. ddukes

    you know what’s really worrying about this to me? these were two very naturally pretty girls. unusually pretty. i mean it’s really hard to destroy that much beauty that fast when you are that young unless you run over it with a bulldozer – cuz look at lalohan – scattered at sea though she is – she still has some shred of her looks left discernable underneath all the rave fug – i guess what i am saying is you have to fug really hard to be this fug when you were born so unfug. congratulations to both these girls. what they have accomplished is no small feat.

  87. Karen Green

    Momsen just doesn’t deserve the attention that she begs for with a really shallow range of looks. Barton is just odd, in an awkward girl who is forced to wear a combination of value village specials and hand-me-downs (from a cousin with a Miss Haversham complex, having been left at altar and then mysteriously disappearing) way. Barton takes it on taste alone.

  88. runningnerd

    Even the most intelligent ideological reasons for voting against Momsen/for Barton are overcome by my nausea. Momsen all the way.

  89. Melanie

    For me it’s Mischa. She brings the genuine fug. For me Taylor Momson, horrific though she is, is merely a variation on other fug attention seekers like GaGa and Rhianna. Mischa really doesn’t have a clue. I want more than one look in my fug heroine. Mischa all the way.

  90. Lisa

    Momsen is trying way too hard, yet not trying hard enough, all at the same time. She’s so obviously going for pure shock value, but, as others have said, she wears the same skanky outfit over and over – ripped thigh-highs, lingerie, bra, blah blah blah snooze-fest.

    Mischa, on the other hand, shows a wide and diverse array of pure unintentional fug. she is fug to the core, without even trying.

    Mischa for the win!

  91. Dawn

    Taylor Momsen just seems so contrived to me. Sort of like Gag, she obviously WANTS win Fug Madness, while I think Mischa Barton is consistently wacky, and wacky wins in my book.

  92. thereset

    I voted Momsen all the way to the finals… but I have to give it to Mischa. Momsen is a twirpy little twit child who has no idea what she’s actually doing. Mischa, however, is GROWN UP. for SHAME, Barton. for shame.

  93. Laura

    I voted for Taylor because I still feel like Mischa might have some sort of chemical dependency. She worries me, and appears to have no real prospects for jobs and such. You know that Taylor doesn’t do nearly as much as she claims to have experience in, but at least she is working. Sympathy fug voting I guess.

  94. Sarah

    Its like TM has gone in a time warp to 1999, listens to a bunch of Slipknot and Hole, and tries to make it ‘her look’. i knew teenagers who looked like her back then! it’s retro & not in a good way. someone else wrote here it’s completely not original and i agree. at least mischa is trying to mix things up and has a fug look of her own. and she didn’t look so bad in the mom slacks. TM makes me roll my eyes, MB makes me wanna give her a hug and a day out shopping

  95. Sara

    I find T Mom’s dress offensive.

  96. UK Fugger

    T. Mom is just repetitive. She’s got a ‘look’ and DAMN IT SHE’S GOING TO FORCE IT DOWN YOUR THROAT. That look is fugly, no doubt. But it’s not the same as Mischa who, quite simply, HAS FORGOTTEN HOW TO DRESS HERSELF. Mischa brings the purest form of fug: money, looks (ish, I mean she ain’t as freshfaced as her OC days but coke will do that to you), a conventionally attractive body (in fashion terms) and YET: LOOK AT HER. She dresses like a batty grandmother, hell she dresses like seven of them, all from different times and different parts of the world. And for that, she should be Fug Madness Champion.

  97. Emily

    Both are seriously crazy dressers, and Momsen barely ever wears actual clothes (only the best ripped and scuzzy lingerie for her!), but I had to go with Mischa, because Momsen’s dress code is terrible but pretty one-note, while Mischa’s is terrible and seriously schizophrenic crazy.

    Oh, Mischa.

    Thanks for the awesome Fug Madness fun, Fug Girls! :)

  98. S.J.

    I don’t think stage attire should count, so I voted for Barton.
    I believe Barton actually thinks about what she wears and tries to have her own style and/or be stylish. Momsen, on the other hand, is just a teenage wannabe punk. I don’t think we should give her any more attention for her slutwear.

  99. Melissa

    I vote for Mischa Barton because IMO she thinks she looks good while Taylor Momsen is simply trying to shock people. To dress that way to be shocking is one thing, but for Mischa Barton to think she actually looks good is quite another.

  100. The Other Molly

    I’m amazed at what gets read into this decision.
    The question is simply “what is uglier?”
    The answer is a solid Momsen.

  101. Suzanne

    Many excellent arguments are presented above.

    TMom and MBart both displayed staggering levels of fuggery during 2010. I was thinking about this all weekend, and planning on choosing MBart for the win, however upon final review of the evidence, I realized Mischa was at least CLOTHED. You know, in real pants (mom khakis) and dresses (caftans) and… other *actual clothes.* TMom wore only her knickers: All year long! Never once did she look presentable. Eyeliner is NOT clothing!

    I did a 180 on my Mischa decision today and chose Taylor to win. Sadly I think she might be proud to wear 2010′s Fug Crown. This was very, very difficult.

  102. mf

    looking at this entry, my choice was surprisingly simple. in the end, it’s not about whether it’s an “honor” or a “punishment” to win fug madness, it’s about why I love to look at Go Fug Yourself. what if the site were to contain pictures ONLY of the winner of fug madness? if it was only Mischa, I would still look! she may have problems, but in the end I found her archive strangely uplifting. such batshit insanity! if it was only Taylor Momsen, I would surely spend my time looking at recipes for cupcakes instead.

  103. Christy

    x2 what Antof9 said.

    “Best. Name. EVAR.

    Raccoon McPantless has this.

    CranAppleSnapple is my new favorite commenter.”

  104. Cecily

    Did not see that coming: CONVINCED it would be Momsen for the win, in the end, I voted for Mischa. As many others have noted, TMom is one look–slutty, trashy, underage underclad–whereas Mischa employs a myriad collection of fug.

    “She rolls with the caftan” slayed me. Thanks, Fug Girls, for another fantastic Fug Madness!

  105. dhiva

    Mischa Barton doesn’t appear at many events, looks like she probably has both drinking and psychological problems, needs much better lighting at her makeup station, apparently has no friends, and is clearly in denial about her weight. I feel way too depressed by her life to give her the crown. It would be straight up Schadenfreude (happiness at the misery of others).

    She has NO career and a tiny (if quite varied) portfolio of work for the last year. The talented Fug Girls had to keep recycling photos. I don’t think she should have been in the tournament at all (and it sounds from the first post like she almost didn’t make it). So what if she was a wannabe icon in the early 00s, she is more or less nobody at this point (from a fame, famewhore, or talent point of view–she obviously still exists as a human being, which is good).

    None of this makes Momsen any less tiresome, but she has earned her public scorn.

  106. A.J.

    Is it possible that I’ve went completely around from hating Momsen to have a condescending affection for her, like, “Oh honey, you’re trying to be edgy? That’s SO cute! I like Cherie Currie too!” LOL. Whereas I nothing Mischa Barton.

    And poor little Taylor had to wear pants at the Kids Choice Awards. I was horrified she was even invited wondering what Currie-inspired outfit she was going to wear there and then was shocked to see someone had forced the kid into pants. God bless the pants wrangler.

  107. Emmy

    This is the first year since the inception of Fug Madness that I felt both finalists worthy of the crown. As a strict adherent to the Anti-Costume Fug school of thought, I have been Team Mischa since Fug Madness began. Thus, she has my vote. Nonetheless, Momsen is a worthy competitor. I’m excited to see who takes the crown.

  108. yvetterene

    I came back to check out the voting….I don’t get it!!! Momsen is still ahead, yet I read the comments and most folks seem to have voted for Mischa. I really hope that Mischa can pull it out at the end.

  109. Brittany

    Ugh I’m so sad/annoyed that its come down to these two. Others were much more fug.

  110. BoatGirl

    I almost didn’t vote because I can’t believe it didn’t end up Gaga versus Kdollarsignsha.
    However, as it is, I think Momsen is wearing the same outfit in every single photo. I demand more of a Fug Madness finalist. At least Mischa mixes it up and has fug for every different occasion.

  111. Kate

    I have to throw this out there again, because it looks like Mischa is trying to stage a comeback:


    You show that silly 17 year old who thinks her tired ripped hussie clothing is in ANY way interesting or rebellious just who is boss of this fug!

  112. Scott

    If this were Top Model, and we only had one picture of each to judge from, then my vote would have gone for Taylor. But we are in Tyra’s seat here.

    I look through Taylor’s film, and I see one-note fugness. True, the fugness is present each and every time, hideous in its form, but where’s the variety of fug? Anyone can be one-note fug. It apparently takes wearing no pants, treating a t-shirt like a dress, and simply grabbing your outfit off the floor, checking for cigarette burns and vomit stains, encircling your eyes in black sharpie, and heading out the door.

    Look through Mischa’s film and you are blown away by how the fug can cross boundaries, can involve a kaleidosope of colours, can jump from era to era, can run from formal fug to casual fug, all without breaking a sweat. You are excited to see the next fug outfit that she brings to the table. It is exhilirating. And that is what a Fug champion should be bringing to our Nation.

  113. Chaiaiai

    On this, my birthday, I have been given the greatest gift…the championchip game. Commenters, you are such a sharp and funny group and you’ve made excellent points. But I voted TMoms for one reason and won reason only…..for the moment in the “One Shining Moment” video when the new winner is unveiled. And it’ll be that “Fug” patch shot of the Moms.

    Now I’m off to buy wrinkle cream and thank my mother for never allowing me out of the house without pants on. Well done, Mom Chai.

  114. lori

    Steen (commenter #2), you completely sold me with you stellar argument. My vote goes to Mischa!

  115. Chaiaiai

    and those typos were brought to you by the glass of wine I had at lunch…I toast you all!

  116. GalsGotMoxie

    I just can’t wrap my mind around the reality of Taylor Momsen, that someone lets her go out in public dressed like that, that protective services haven’t been called to prevent her from being allowed to go out dressed like that (I mean, really, if you sent your average 17-year-old to school like this, you’d have some questions to answer).

    And so, for simple sheer WTF-ery — I’m not convinced Momsen isn’t some sort of Lovecraftian creation, so heinous that my brain can’t understand what it’s seeing — she gets my vote.

  117. vandalfan

    I wish you could force everyone to read the always clever comments before allowing them to vote. I think a lot of Momsen votes are from sheer, knee jerk, visceral horror. I want a chance to persuade the undecided. But huge thankies to our Hostesses of Fug. I can’t WAIT until next year! Maybe we’ll see a Peldon again, or Sweet Bai and Bai, or SWINTON.

  118. CranAppleSnapple

    “Or is it dressing in a way that makes the viewer feel like they need a shower?”

    heheh Wren, they both make me want to shower! :D

  119. K.

    I agree with those who say Momsen’s fuggery is contrived and attention-seeking, and Barton’s is genuine, “she really put that on and thinks it looks cute” fuggery. And Momsen’s is pretty staid (black, pantslessness, raccoon makeup) and Barton’s is almost impressively varied. Shorts! Suspenders! Hats! Also Momsen’s only 17 (and my 30 is showing when I wonder “Does her mother really let her out of the house like that?”), so she gets a bit of leeway by me for being young and dumb. So Mischa gets my vote.

  120. Bee

    have to quote wikipedia here: “Épater la bourgeoisie or épater le bourgeois is an ironic French phrase currently used to describe shallow attempts at getting noticed through art. It literally means “to impress the middle classes” or the Bourgeois. The latter is to be understood as a stereotypical figure of the uninitiated and easily impressed potential sponsor.”
    TMom is a pathetic try at this and NOT fug, sorry everybody, I’m on Misha’s side now, even if she wasn’t my bet from the beginning

  121. Dinah

    Ultimately this comes down to
    -Who’s old enough to know better?
    -Who’s dressing for events & going to Starbucks & dinner, and who’s dressing for performance?
    -Who’s actually picking clothes she thinks look good, and who’s essentially in costume all the time?

    All this combined with our beloved Fug Girls’ motto, “Fugly is the new pretty,” you gotta go with the one who’s dressing herself horribly and really seems to think she’s doing it well. You gotta go with Mischa.

  122. Mei-Lu

    I think it should be Mischa. Whereas Taylor makes the same mistake every time, Mischa wears a variety of different types of outfits yet ALWAYS manages to maximize her fug from hair to makeup to accessories. A total Charlie Sheen kind of winning, no?

  123. Anne B

    So it comes to this: Sad Mischa, nursed along for weeks (WEEKS, Fug Nation!), only to be set up as the sacrificial lamb to Fraulein Shock & Maw.

    All right. So be it.

    The Queens of True Fug would be laughing themselves sick over this — if only they had time.

    One, JADA, is busy in her underground lair (entrance hall lined with bronzed animal skulls), barking at Her Males. Subject: what they must wear for every red carpet event for their new film.

    “It’s gotta match, tell you that. And that man, that Night, he’s got no vision. You gotta give him one of mine. Are you listening? Will? WILL?” She glares at her husband, who shifts a little on his platinum throne.

    XTINA arrives at her sunny destination on Cher Drive, tired from weeks of learning to pose with her shoes ON the couch. Ever since the “Burlesque” premiere, their little talk, she’s had this day in mind. She rings the bell: “I’ve Got You Babe” chimes through vast interior space. The most handsome man she has ever seen opens the door. “I just work for her,” he’ll say, much later. “We all do.”

    And finally, the two who should have met in this Finale nod to each other over secret-recipe tea, a private ceremony in a secluded location. They share an inside joke, a laugh. The cotton-candy hair of She Who Is Joyous, NICKI MINAJ, jiggles as her chuckle fades.

    LADY GAGA looks at her. “How do you make them … smile?” she asks.

    Nicki looks at Gaga’s cast-aside mask, in the hands of the shirtless man to her left. “What we do is fun,” she says. “You have to let them SEE you, having fun.”

    Thanks, Fug Girls. For everything! <3

  124. Tracey

    I’m really not happy that Taylor seems to be winning. As I said when voting for Miley in the last round – Taylor is repetitive, everything is similar, Mischa has a world of fug originality.

  125. barbarena

    Mischa’s fug illustrates the Grand Unified Theory of Fug—take a beautiful face (sort of Garbo in it’s classicism) and mess it up with (fug hair) x (fug makeup) x (fug clothing). Her opponent is merely sticking a knife into a toaster, getting a buzzed sensation , and coming up with some rudimentary notion of electricity.

  126. Jen

    I actually saw a wannabe Taylor clone this evening – she must’ve been all of 13, ratty blonde hair extensions, a tonne of eyeliner and shivering in the cold with her short shorts. So I have to vote Taylor for Fug Madness champion and for making teenage girls think that it’s cool to look like an underage hooker.

  127. Andrew S.

    Taylor, just because her desperation is that telling. Mischa seems nice if only misguided & besides, we’ve never seen her vajay. That alone makes her not as bad as Taylor.

  128. Lisa

    Taylor’s just young and sowing her wild oats. Mischa is the true fug out of the two!

  129. Marie


  130. Natty

    bwah ha ha ha ha “Raccoon McPantless” that’s the best nickname evah.
    However, I did vote for Mischa (mostly because her fug is always crazy and different and ‘Coon just does the same things over and over again…)

  131. AJ

    This vote really is rock and a hard place — hate giving T-mom the attention she craves. Hate more piling on when someone has enough problems. T-mom it is.

  132. Sandra

    Momsen’s purpose in life seems to be as this generation’s reminder that if your name isn’t Holden Caulfield, you should probably just shut the hell up about your alienation. Fugly all the way to the bone.

  133. Spacelamb

    Taylor Momsen FTW because she uses her vagina as a fashion accessory. Mischa always looks terrible, but at least she keeps her private parts private.

  134. Sajorina

    TAYLOR MOMSEN FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mischa, good luck with your life’s future endeavors… I’m rooting for you, girl! ☺

  135. Meerty

    What? No! Stripper shoes and thigh highs! So original!

    Mischa FTW

  136. chica

    Misha does fug with heart and soul. Momsen is creating a persona, so even if she looks like shit, it’s not worth winning this.

  137. dianna

    I agree with steen.

  138. Gabby

    If Momsen beats Barton there is something seriously WRONG with this world! Little J is just committing to a look, as age inapropriate as it may be (and yes.. gross, I admit), as we all did in our teens… For instance.. I was once a goth and wore a thin layer of white face paint EVERYWHERE.. and the same colour lipstick as Taylor actually. We ALL do it… my best friend was a cowboy for six months. My brother was Macgyver… (really.. he had the mullet and the cargo pants and the gaffer in his bag and everything).
    Mischa is committing atrocities against fashion. Remember all the times she wore coulottes? And that red print dress is RANCID!
    Please don’t let Mischa come in second.. she deserves to know what she has done WRONG!!!

    PS. Remember about 4-5 years ago she was on the cover of every magazine labelled as a “style icon”? LMAO

  139. Lindsey

    Come on! Mischa has looked horrible for YEARS! She deserves to win based on her ability to look as fug this year as she has each year. I mean does she not have a stylist or a friend? She always looks terrible. Racoon McPantless cannot win!

  140. Danielle Lin

    As a San Francisco resident, I see approximately 35 hipster girls dressed exactly like Mischa walkin’ around the Mission District like ev-uh-ry day. There is not one single outfit in Mischa’s closed that would make me bat an eye if I saw someone wearing it here in SF; thus I cannot cast my vote her way. Momsen on the other hand — WOW! She even dressed in leather lingerie for the premiere of Justin Bieber’s movie, then made some statement about needing to be her own edgy, hardcore self wherever she was, whether on stage or at a movie premiere. Um, I think the fact that she was even AT Bieber’s movie premiere contradicts that sentiment about being “edgy.” Hilarious.

  141. Janice


    On a side note this: “Raccoon McPantless has this.” BEST. QUOTE. EVER.

  142. jeannette

    stunned that momsen, who is essentially bland, is winning. stunned that barton, who is essentially ill, is even in these finals. this has gotten as i’ve said previously way meaner than even i want to be.

  143. Amy

    I’m disappointed to see But-Where’s-Her-Momsen winning this thing. I also think that Mischa might have mental instability issues which makes it hard for me to cast a vote. I think I’m still stuck back at Jessica Simpson and her kabillion dollar “fashion” line.

  144. Kate

    Still rooting for Mischa, but the comments have reminded me of a question I always have and forget to ask:

    Does T.Mom even have a mom? Seriously. We see why LiLo is a trainwreck (Dina anyone?) so does T.Mom have a similarly awesome mother-figure? I mean, SOMEONE has had to have interviewed her mom at some point, right? Even if just to ask, “How do you feel about your daughter looking like a dirty prostitot who hasn’t showered in weeks and most certainly has the clap AND herpes?” Hmm? I mean, she’s not even 18 yet!!!

    Also, at Danielle Lin: I see far more kids running around looking eerily similar to T.Mom than I see hipsters looking like Mischa – I find her fug vastly more unique and entertaining. T.Mom just looks like your typical “rebellious” teen girl who decides to “shock” the world by dressing like an emo/goth hussie.

  145. Vegemite scroll

    Mischa just makes me so sad and lethargic I literally can’t exert the pressure on my mouse to vote for her. Raccoon McThrush on the other hand MAKES ME MAD with her classless ugly.

  146. Anne B

    Gabby, yes. But color me resigned.

    Also, if T-Moms wins (pretty darned likely), I’m a meerkat. Gonna be a meerkat for the rest of 2011. I see no reason not to be.

    I’ll go to a job interview, and they’ll be all, “[Awkward silence.] Why a meerkat?”

    “Because of Little J. SHE STARTED IT.”

  147. shamespiral

    I don’t think this is a great match-up. Momsen’s looks pictured here are almost all stage-wear and variations on the same thing. What does she wear on the weekend to brunch? I don’t feel I have a handle on her fug. Mischa’s fug on the other hand, is comprehensive and I will vote for her. She’s fun. The other became boring as far as fuggery is concerned.

  148. Sweetsinger

    Voting these two meh wannabes into the final round: Shame on you, Fug Nation. Has our national depression over the economy blunted our bitchiest instincts? Curbed our cattiness? Where is the enthusiasm we felt for Amber Rose? The wackiness we adored in Bai Ling? It was just not there this year, girls, and it wasn’t for lack of outstanding fuggery.
    Let’s recharge our snarkiness and really bring it next year, OK?

  149. Sandicomm

    I’m voting for Momsen. Mischa looks practically miserable in all of her pictures, and whether she just has really bad taste or she’s trying to get attention by dressing horribly, I can’t fug her. It’s just not fair. Momsen, on the other hand, can’t think of a better way to get attention, so she dresses in rehashed, age-inappropriate styles. I mean really, who do you think is going to win this contest?

  150. granny

    There was a lot more true fug in the play-in round, between Madonna and Cher. THAT is the real spirit of the thing.

    Somehow, Fug Nation has gone astray.

  151. Summer

    While Momsen is certainly disturbing, with her underage street-walker look, it seems to me she’s trying too hard to scare us. She has no idea why we’re so concerned- it’s not that she’s so revolutionary. Rather, we cringe at her because we know how someday she will cringe at her own underage antics. She’ll be humiliated by her own attempts to be wild and scandalous and will be paid millions for photos of her drug rehab/wedding/newly decorated home/baby. We will read the article in US and she will try to sound like a seasoned warrior, but we will have heard it all before.
    And it’s been said before, but WHERE IS HER MOTHER???

    Mischa, on the other hand, is freakishly vapid and I think defines fug. She’s trying so hard to achieve a LOOK, and failing so miserably for it to WORK. She’s hilarious! Who wears turbans and mom khakis??? Who wears lace-kneed leggings to coffee??? These choices are absurd, and therefore, the epitome of FUG. Although it looks like she’s not going to win, for me, Mischa (and GAGA) have it.

  152. IppyHooray

    Mischa all the way – because I have NEVER seen someone so completely unaware of their own body. She is not in anyway overweight, yet she continue to dress in things that do her ABSOLUTELY no favours! Mischa needs a stylist so she can be introduced to her waist again…

  153. marcia

    So much angst here in fug nation over the ethics and definition of what’s fugly!!!!

    For myself, I am rooting for Taylor Momsen, because I picked her in my brackets and I will come in tied for 3rd at work if she wins. Since I RUN the game at work, I have to do pretty well or it’s just embarrassing.

    But y’all. Remember. It’s supposed to be FUN!

  154. Beth

    I was going to go with Mischa, because the arguments that she’s trying to be fashionable in all sorts of different things whereas Momsen just wears the same thing over and over kind of had me. Then I looked through the pictures, realized I LIKED two of Mischa’s dresses (not the whole look, but hey, I have a weakness for flapper dresses!), and was reminded of the “I F*** for Satan” shirt. Her parents certainly aren’t teaching her anything, and she may not “learn her lesson” from Fug Nation, but at least if Momsen wins then for the rest of history her look can be accompanied by the caption “Fug Madness 2011 Winner Taylor Momsen attempts to defend her crown.”

  155. AmyX2

    Fun is the boob-lipped chest that can nurse itself with its BFF: Jumpaloons. Momsen–yawn. Here’s looking forward to a fun 2011 with SWINTON. Thanks for the fun, Jessica and Heather!

  156. Valentina

    Since this is about Fug, not Skank, I must go with Mischa.

  157. bewellgroomed

    Awarding my Fug Vote to Mischa, because those clothes are just bad. The other little bit of fluff seems at least to be going for “a look,” not an appealing look but there is a theme.

  158. Melissa

    I’d love Mischa to win. She needs to win something…

  159. Gabby

    Anne B – Meercat?!! Why did I never think of that?
    I’m applying for a job RIGHT NOW so I can go to it dressed as a meercat..

  160. Gabby

    I meant the interview… Just re read that last comment and it makes me sound like I sit around all day NOT at a job.. NOT dressed as a meercat.

  161. Nikki

    I just really feel like Mischa needs a win

  162. Lynette

    I think that Mischa deserves the win because she is clearly trying so hard and just not getting it right. Taylor gave up trying.

  163. Katie

    I came in thinking I would cast an automatic vote for Taylor…. but in the end, Mischa won out. Taylor’s fug lacks imagination – consistency does not a fug make! At least Mischa’s fug is varied.

  164. Elin

    test test test

  165. Rayanne Graff

    Oh noes! Polls are closed! Taylor is technically fuglier, but it’s also trying to be. She doesn’t WANT to look good. She’s fugging for Satan, remember.

    But Mischa, god bless her, thinks she’s a cutting-edge stylista. Her Vogue cover is but a muu-muu away. So if I could still vote, it would be for her. RIP, Marissa Cooper.

  166. LYNN

    Forgive me is this has already been said…but I STILL can not get over that Taylor Momsen was CINDY LOU WHO from the Grinch movie!!!!!!
    Sooo glad that Mischa pulled through to the finals…I knew the old bird could do it!

  167. Emma

    WHat swings it for me is that Momsen is really TRYING to be badass. MIscha actually thinks she’s cool….I have to vote for the delusional chick!

  168. Jenny


  169. SW

    my computer wrongly says i already voted :( – i would have voted for Mischa – she has an eclectic old fashioned (1800′s-1980′s) fug, where as Momsen only has one fug: underware and hooker heels

  170. Dee

    NOOO…You guys, don’t let Raccoon-Eyes McPanties win! She wears the same type of outfit every time. Mischa…she’s just sad. She really doesn’t know how to dress herself!

  171. AS

    I get the Mischa arguments, I really do, and I agree….but then I see TMom’s pictures! They’re just…I don’t even….she must be stopped!!
    Mischa may be too old to help, but we can do something about Taylor!
    O for the days of cute Lil’J!

  172. cookie

    So torn!

  173. Liz

    Tricky one

  174. jean

    This is the first year that I’m actually sad about the final two. The other fug winners were zany and kooky. Bai Ling is flashy and crazy, but seems in control of her craziness. T-Mom just depresses me and Misha seems very lost. Neither is a happy fug person, alas.

    It feels like Bush v. Kerry–no good choice.