Before Fug Madness started, Heather and I watched The Last Song, the Miley Cyrus/Liam Hemsworth Nicholas Sparks “tearjeaker,” and immediately agreed that while that Fromage needed to be Fugged, we had to wait until after Fug Madness was completed, because she looks so terrible in that movie that we feared it would contaminate the jury pool. Seriously: the crew must have HATED. HER. because she was lit and shot with the opposite of tender loving care, and every reaction shot from her in the film seems chosen for maximum wonkiness.

So, anyway, compared to that, she looks AWESOME here:

But I may be at a point where I just can’t actually judge at all — this may in fact be a strapless disaster compiled solely of old patio furniture pillows. Thank god I have you, Fug Nation, to turn to:

How does ol' Miley look here?

  • Hiiiiiideous, or as we say in my family, in phony clipped British tones, "HID-JUS." (18%, 2,294 Votes)
  • SNOOZE. BUTTON. (I mean, it puts me to sleep. I WISH I were still snooze-button-adjacent.) (24%, 2,964 Votes)
  • Awesome! Seriously. It's cute. I swear. (44%, 5,587 Votes)
  • I feel like someone else has already worn this. (14%, 1,749 Votes)

Total Voters: 12,595

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