Fug Madness 2011: One Fugging Winner, One Fugging Moment

There were a lot of tense matchups this year in Fug Madness, and a few that came down to a couple hundred votes or less, with a whole host of Cinderellas and surprise results. But the one person who never truly struggled this entire time is the person you Fug Nation, picked as your winner. She offed matted, sweaty Ke$ha, cranky and blurry Lindsay Lohan, pretty yet kooky Diane Kruger, tragic princess Jessica Simpson, and, ultimately, taste-impaired Mischa Barton. That’s right, the majority of you have spoken out in favor of this person:

Congratulations, Taylor Momsen. Whether this year of fug was your crowning achievement, or this was one of those secret Lifetime Achievement Awards — like when people win Oscars simply because they lost them a bunch of other times for roles they were better in — it does, in the end, somehow seem perfectly right that you should join our pantheon of winners. Because few people have so flagrantly and deliberately adopted such a seedy array of fuggery in the name of thinking you are a totally awesome and hot badass. Few people, in loudly flouting the idea of being a role model, have revealed so deep a craving to be one (or possibly have one). Few people have had to have their crotches censored by a Fug orb. Few people deserve this as you do.

And now, for my personal favorite part: Our montage of photos where we remember The Tournament That Was, set to the musical fromage that the NCAA itself uses to commemorate its games. Sorry, dearly departed Luther Vandross, but the original version of this song is still the most magnificent.

Thanks, all, for yet another awesome tournament. Y’all and your debates about the true nature of fug are what make this so fun for us. And now, onward into the 2011-2012 season, where a whole host of new campaigns are being waged. Vanessa Hudgens, your destiny may await.

And, if you’re bored, relive the glory of other fuggers’ past triumphs via One Fugging Moment 2008 (Bai Ling), One Fugging Moment 2009 (Aubrey O’Day), and One Fugging Moment 2010 (Amber Rose).

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  1. Minutiae

    This just seems right. I don’t think anyone has been so consistently fug, both in and outside of their chosen entertainment “profession,” as TMom has been this past year. The “WHERE IS YOUR MOTHER!!!!1111!!1!” aspect of it all just adds to the rightness of it. Congrats on another great tourney, Fug Girls! Love ya!

  2. Sonya

    That shirt is Classless and FOUL.

  3. aa

    a fitting win!

  4. Molly

    Dissapointed. But I suppose it could be worse Miley.

  5. Danni

    I voted for Mischa (genuine fuggery, also: older – should know better!), but did not really mind either way.

    Could almost get teary-eyed. Well done Fug Ladies, it’s been grand!

  6. Mary

    The original version of that song is the best! Thanks for making me laugh daily!
    From a fellow ND ’99 grad.

  7. The Other Molly

    Just want to say I’m proud to be a member of Fug Nation.
    Can’t wait until next year.
    Thanks for all the laughs, Jessica and Heather.

  8. Jael

    That whole video is brilliant, but the segue from Christina Hendricks’ shoulder Tribble to Tom Brady’s head is a particular brand of GENIUS. Thank you for that.

  9. Styrch

    I am happy with this year’s winner. I had Gaga picked all the way because I didn’t think ANYTHING could possibly top a Meat Dress, but Momsen managed to do it with her censored crotch. I wonder how far she would have gotten without the fug sticker on her privates. I really do. Fun stuff. Thanks again for all your hard work running this! :)

  10. Jessica

    Have to give a shout-out to Heather’s husband Kevin, who edits the One Fugging Moment videos and is brilliant.

  11. cath

    Thanks for another wonderful Fug Madness. Thanks for all your hard work putting it together, and likewise with the fantastic memory-book video. You girls rock!

    And, TayMom… where is your, er, Mom? Put some clothes on before you catch an infection.

  12. Annie M

    Great tournament, Fug Girls.

  13. I.K.

    Haha, the timing in this clip was AMAZING! That transition from the hairy thing on Christina Hendricks blue dress to whats-his-face’s hair can NOT have been a coincidence. Right? And the timing with the music at the end too, it was splendid. I’m happy with the outcome as well, Taylor PandaMomsen deserves her title as fug champion.
    Thanks for a great tournament, you guys did a terrific job!<3

  14. Minutiae

    I really shouldn’t have watched that video while eating lunch, because I nearly choked on my fried rice at least thrice.

  15. Carolina Girl

    I cannot wait to get home so that I can see the clip.
    Heather and Jessica, thanks for inventing the best time suck in the universe!

  16. currygirl

    I will miss Ryan Cabrera’s nipple most of all.

  17. lynsey


  18. currygirl

    Seriously though, when I saw his picture where he shows his nipple in the montage, I said, “Awwwww.”

  19. Ann

    I just shed a little tear for the montage. Very pleased with this year’s winner – truly deserving.

  20. Gina

    Fug Madness is the best!!! I would love to see a ‘where are they now’ slideshow of past winners…

  21. Libby

    I think Taylor Momsen captures both sides of fug – she’s intentionally fug to grab attention (like Gaga, Kei$ha, etc.) AND unintentionally fug because her attempts at being bad-a** are so lame and predictable.

  22. camille

    I need people to go away and stop hovering around my desk so I can watch the montage in peace.

  23. Mongerel

    Wow, awesome video *sniff!* Thank you so much Heather and Jessica, (are there two more hardworking bloggers out there?), love this website and becoming familiar with some of the regular commenters as well.

  24. Rayna

    You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll go home singing the tune. Thanks, Kevin, for another transplendent video recap. There WERE tears in my eyes, and not just from seeing Madge’s rear again.

    And thanks, Heather and Jessica, for inventing Fug Madness and prosecuting it so brilliantly (again) for the amusement, delight and edification of all in Fug Nation.

  25. TonyG

    Hilarious! Love the star burst zoom fade to the close-up of Leona Lewis’s breasts decked out with the red lips pillow!

  26. Stefanie

    Im so proud of my girl. *sniff* *tear* Shes growing up so fast…

  27. Margot

    Wow, there was some serious FUG going on this tournament. It’s hard to believe so many worthy Fugalists fell to the Momsen! The crimes of 2010 will never be forgotten. Thanks for the awesome recap video!

  28. Svahnna

    I just can’t believe she beat out Lady Gaga who seems to actively seek out the fuggest outfits possible. I know it is really a matter of who gets placed against who but really, Gaga didn’t win and she wore meat?! How is that possible?

  29. Roy

    I too, must share my love of the Christina Hendricks shoulder adornment to Brady’s head transition. That was amazing. And what a crew they were. That was a lot of lace and cutouts and weird strappy things to be seen in one montage.
    Thanks gals!

  30. Sharmon

    I had Taylor going all the way, but I still voted for Mischa. So my win is bittersweet.

  31. Svahnna

    And by the way, the timing in the recap video was inspired! Excellent job, ladies!

  32. bex

    greatest montage. crying here. sentence fragments. too good.

  33. Sandra

    And a nation united in chorus with a resounding “YUCK.”

  34. menderz

    So, who won the pool?

  35. Marinn

    Looking through the archives, there are some people who seem to show up every single year. They are the ones who should probably win some Lifetime Fugchievement Awards.

  36. Kristie

    Very well done! And I’m glad The Momsen won. She’s classless, sick looking, and really likes to put her vagina out there. Good for her. Good for her parents.

  37. jenny

    magical. you girls are the best!

  38. Cecily

    Madonna’s ass, hahaha

    Brilliant! Thanks, Fug Girls, this was a riot, as usual! And I hope TMom’s mom sees this and gives her a talking-to…

  39. Karen

    The one crucial difference between TayMom and the three previous winners is that I would TOTALLY hang out with any of the previous winners, happily. Especially Bai Ling and Amber O’Day, who always look like they’re having the best time of anyone in the room.

    Amber Rose might be more of a challenge, but I’ll wager beaucoup simoleons that she’s still 100 times more fun to hang out with than the petulant little brat who took this year’s crown.

    Still–who on earth could have taken the title other than her?

  40. Poppy

    You beat a woman who wore a dress made of meat. What does that tell you?

  41. vandalfan

    I weep with joy! And thanks for the links to previous years.

  42. roser

    Heather and Jessica, you two are awesome! Thank you so much for another fugging fabulous year. Now, somebody tell me to get back to work before I re-watch all of your previous video montages, too. (And kudos to H. for snagging a husband with a useable skill, as opposed to, say, fly-tying.) Fug on, ladies! Already looking forward to next year’s…

  43. Lorelei

    Ladies you are fantastic – I think that may have been the best fug madness tournament ever! Now I know you are very attached to “one shining moment” but I had a moment of genius- would you ever think about talking to that nice Peter Cetera and asking him to rework his seminal ballad “Glory of Love’ – It could so easily be done as Glory of Fug!

  44. Nicole

    The video really brings out the fact that wearing a shirt that says “I F**k for Satan” really is quite the fug supreme.

  45. Mrs. Julien

    I did not vote for her, but I’m kind of glad she won because Mischa Barton strikes me as potentially emotionally-unstable.

  46. nichole

    Thank you ladies for another awesome fug madness. I appreciate the time it takes to pull all this together. Can’t wait for the 2012 tournament :)

  47. The Other Molly

    Ding! Ding! Ding!
    Lorelei has a WINNING suggestion…
    ♪ ♪ We did it all, for the Glory Of Fug!!! ♪ ♪
    If Cetera won’t do it, someone will.

  48. Betty

    Brilliant video! Absolutely love the Christina Hendricks/Tom Brady transition. Taylor defo deserves her place at the top. Fab tournament – thanks, Fug Girls!

  49. Mrs O

    This gives me much joy… thanks to the Fug Girls for a great tournament!!

  50. Gigi

    It was a blast! Thanks, Fug Girls and Kevin!

  51. Jennie-Suz

    Another excellent tournament! And, I’m just proud to say, that I did have the winner picked from the beginning. Taylor Momsen: this was YOUR year!

    Now, quick. Get adopted before you end up living in the gutter it looks like you dress as.

  52. Sajorina

    I knew it!!! I picked Taylor Momsen to win from the begining of FUG Madness 2011! And, this is why: http://yeeeah.com/2010/10/25/taylor-momsen-flashes-her-tits-onstage/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+yeeeah+%28Yeeeah%21%29

    Dear Fug Girls & Fug Nation:

    To solve the mystery of “Where is Taylor Momsen’s mother?”, I did some digging and found that her name is Colette and she’s not only present in Taylor’s life, but very much involved in her career. And, here is her Twitter account’s page (yeah, she has one): http://twitter.com/momsencolette

    Thank you & you’re welcome!

  53. jen310

    My girl didn’t win but it was still a great tournament full of highs and lows, tears (not really) and laughs (hearty and full). Thanks, Heather and Jessica, for giving me a reason to participate in the madness of March with this the most important of tournaments. Basketball is fun but long live the FUG. A special shout-out to Mr. Kevin Fug and his outstanding work on the video editing. The tournament is not complete without “One Shining Moment” – of fuggery.

    See you in 2012!

  54. Tamdog

    So, in my glowing appreciation of this year’s One Fugging Moment, I found myself youtubing those to years past…and I’ll tell ya, it’s a kick to see how quickly our champions were eliminated in past rounds, others who are always present and knocked out early (and may or may not be the entire cast of Mad Men), and those who keep squeaking closer and closer to victory. J. Simp for 2012!

    In the meantime, take a well-deserved nap, Fug Girls.

  55. witjunkie

    I had Momsen going all the way BUT she was the only horse I had left. Heather & Jessica, thank you so much and I’m sad it’s over.

  56. AmyX2

    The zoom-in to Cristina’s shoulder tribble was absolutely magical. Also glad the boob lips made the final montage.

    Thank you again for such a great tournament. It’s been riveting.

  57. Sandra

    The FugTeam did a fabulous job, as always. The contestants were, collectively, fuglier than last night’s title game between Butler and my beloved Huskies–which was pretty damn ugly, by the way.

    The thing about Momsen is that she never looks like she’s having any fun. Even actual raccoons enjoy life.

  58. Fuh Ugh

    I think I just peed a little. The Elite Eight absolutely did me in.

  59. kissmekat

    Well it’s all over now, and I’m feeling a little hollow but I am happy with the winner. In my mind Mischa won by a hair. She doesn’t try to shock us with her “evil hooker” clothes, she’s just got plain old bad taste. But TMom is still a winner and no one can tell her differently, especially not her parents.

  60. Melissa

    My favourite transition was JSimp wiping across the screen in her heinous orange caftan. Spooky! Thanks for the memories…

  61. quichepup

    Congrats on another great year of Fug Madness. Next to the Stanley Cup I know no other competition I enjoy more, possible because of the lack of beards.

    I like to think Taylor Momsen will look back at these pictures in 20 years, as a minivan-driving mom and say “what the $%&* was that?” and try to hide the evidence from her own offspring. Sadly, they will find it and she will have to explain why. Hopefully it will convince her future offspring to eschew fishnets and heavy makeup. Because that is so old and lame. At least that’s my hope.

  62. Gabby


    I love you Heather and Jessica *wipes tear* I really really do.
    Lets hang out.

  63. jerkygirl

    Why, oh WHY did I not put money on this??? T. Mom all the way, she crushed the competition with her superuglyfugaliciousnastyandatrocious wardrobe. And, the girl is really PRETTY if can you can get under the roofing tar she uses for eye makeup–it’s like Brad Pitt fighting his hawt with that awful beard and succession of bad haircuts. Don’t get it.

    Also: THIS is why this is my favorite blog, ever–Fug Madness is so much fun, I enjoy it every year, and the montage at the end is always worth waiting for. Brilliant, brilliant, and more brilliant!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo Fug Girls, for your hard work and creativity, and Kevin too for your fierce editing skills. Intern George might want to start looking over his shoulder!!! :D

  64. Wendy

    I’ve been waiting all day for this video *sniff* now I can go to bed happy. Love to the fug girls. Misha will get ‘em next year.

  65. sophia

    sad now. life without fug madness is so empty.

  66. emily

    you guys are my heroes. love the video.

  67. Grace

    Ladies, that was a tournament for the history books – chock full ‘o fug! And I don’t just say that because my girl, Racoon McPantless (trademark – whoever first called her that last night), won. And the video is perfect, just perfect. Thanks!

  68. ccooper

    Brilliant. Beyond brilliant! Love the video, and can’t wait till next year!


  69. YouChick

    a boozy haiku:

    hirsute shoulderpad
    once sexy football player
    united in fug

  70. Bunny

    The past three Fug Madness winners have all SORT OF faded into obscurity….at least we haven’t heard much from them lately. I hope this trend continues with Ms Momsen.

  71. jeannette

    she is not skankier than the family smith. or juliette lewis. or rihanna. or amber rose, who was a judge on rupaul’s drag race the other day. or that red haired chick in the unbelievably skanky yellow chiffon pleats. or those two crazy latina broads. not. not. never.
    i am heartbroken.

  72. Amanda

    I really think she earned this one. Now I am going to sit in my cave and wait for next year! Gotta love fug madness :D

  73. NYCGirl

    Thank you, Heather, Jessica, and Mr. Heather!

    Bunny, I was thinking/hoping the same thing.

  74. Andrew S.

    I think as long as Momsen’s around, she has this in the bag but I look forward to a new challenger maybe topping her.

    It’s been fun!

  75. Sarah

    superuglyfugaliciousnastyandatrocious — haha

    that should be GFY category, for when acronyms like WTF aren’t enough.

    she wasn’t my pick to go all the way, but Taylor Momsen had me at I F@$% For Satan.

  76. Jeroen

    First time I had the winner right!!!!

    I just love Fug Madness (and you girls) and will count the days untill the next one.

    Life is dull again.

  77. anonymoose

    i fug nation!

  78. anonymoose

    OOPS…that was supposed to read:

    I heart fug nation!

  79. Cranky Old Batt


    they don’t come much fuglier than this.

    in the dictionary next to fug, you will find this chick.

    Hide the children!

  80. annette

    fantastic “tournament” and I loved the one shining moment montage.

  81. Jenny

    I used to be able to read every single GFY post. As years go by I find myself busier and busier. I have less time to kill at work, so less time to keep with up with the site, b,ut I can always count on Fug Madness to give me a brilliant and hilarious recap of the past year’s fug. Thanks for the hardwork ladies, now go have a martini.

  82. s

    That montage just made my already awesome day even better! Thanks Fug Girls!

  83. Emily

    Great job, ladies! Looking forward to the year ahead of us. :)

  84. Angela

    Never has the title been so richly deserved. I think the fact that she out-fugged someone who out-fugged Gaga’s meat dress speaks volumes.

  85. Bambi Anne Dear

    I’m gutted. I didn’t even get to vote. For some reason my PC at work no longer wants to download all of GFY’s pages. Only certain links such as this one.

  86. Bambi Anne Dear

    My favourite shining moment in the video is Jessica floating past in her appalling kaftan with platforms.

  87. susantash

    uhmmm, what happened with the Gaga? I seriuosly doubt anyone can fug it more than her.
    She should have been the winner.