Per Wikipedia, Pixie Lott here is an English “singer-songwriter, dancer and actress.” And her appearance at the Kids’ Choice Awards means one thing and one thing only: they’re trying to make her happen in the US. Get ready, Americans, for her to date someone famous — Joe Jonas is single now — and to perhaps befriend someone crazy.

While we’re waiting, let’s talk about her outfit:

I kind of like it. But I freely admit that I have a terrible weakness for hearts. Which means I am always so emotionally perplexed come Valentine’s Day. Namely, as a holiday, I find Valentine’s Day rather dumb, BUT I love all the pink and red heart-y hoo-ha they sell in the surrounding weeks. Hence: internal conflict, as obviously serious and far-reaching as that in the Middle East.  All that aside, this kid is going to have to turn the dial one way or the other to make a splash in an already over-stuffed celeb market: either go full-on Old School Sevigny Crazy (giant perm, orthopedic shoes, bowling shirts and lederhosen), or Old-School Paris Hilton skanky (you know what I’m talking about). Fingers crossed we get the first and not the second.

Regardless: what's your take on THIS outfit?

  • Love it! (32%, 3,753 Votes)
  • NEIN. (18%, 2,177 Votes)
  • I like it, but I have some tweaks. (40%, 4,699 Votes)
  • Blarg. (10%, 1,193 Votes)

Total Voters: 11,824

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