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It was so confusing when Clare Arnold started popping up again all over town, spray-tanned within an inch of a tangerine’s life, until I realized that she’s in Kelsey Grammar’s show Boss. And it was actually sort of nice to see her — other than that first year or so when her hair was massively awkward, and then the time she turned into a jerk so she could dump Steve on the beach and leave the show (lady, against ALL odds, he turned out to be the only catch in that entire crowd; you erred). But I’m not sure it was nice to see her in everything she chose to be seen wearing. Let’s try and straighten this out, shall we?

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  1. emster

    I really like the blue dress from the front, without knowing about the feather detail. Ignoring the body makeup. Also, trying to ignore the close-up in the other photo of her face. That is a terrifying amount of makeup. Going to go wash my face now.

  2. JanetP

    I have no idea who she is, but everything fits well, nothing is hanging out, and all the dresses are flattering. Good work, mystery 90210 connection!

    • Lucille Austero

      Yes, who IS she? Regardless, as a wearer of glasses from the moment I wake up to when I fall into bed, I love that she wore hers. Some of the dresses are good, and I like lipstick as an accessory.

  3. Carol

    #4 is the best look … although she may also be wearing crunchy hair, which would mean a few demerits … but the overall #4 is boffo box-office

  4. Chelsea

    I didn’t know how to vote here, because I generally like the dresses and accessories, but her hair and makeup are BAD. Almost across the board.

    • Michelle

      This. It’s so hard to focus on the dress when the styling (hair/make up/oompa loompa skin-wise) is so incredibly distracting and unflattering. I feel like they cheapen the looks, which on their own merits are actually quite nice.

      • Kara

        Word. I hate her hair color. She needs to be brunette.

      • Lori

        Her hair has always been bad. I don’t know why she does such awful things to her hair. Great dresses, though–go Claire!

  5. LoriK

    I think most of these work better on her than they have any right to. Also, I always hated Kelly. There, I said it and I’m not sorry.

  6. Lindy

    That fourth look, the long white dress, is one of those horrible see through at the leg dresses. The liner only goes to mid thigh, below is sheer-ish. Not cute.

    And why does she draw her lipstick on OVER her cupid’s bow? That’s not cute.

  7. vandalfan

    In addition to a better stylist and make up artist, this gal seems to be in need of a good hairdresser AND a good dentist. She does not show her teeth when she smiles.

  8. TaraMisu

    The black one that is squishing her boobs is good, except for the boobs. I really like the last one, the blue….. very pretty.

    But her HAIR. I know, only comment on the clothes but it’s crunchy and weird. Even when it’s in an updo it still looks off.

    • Heather

      I commented on the hair in one of the slides. Hair is fair game, because it’s styled. If you bag on someone for having thin hair, that’s one thing, but I think she MADE her hair crunchy.

      • GingerLover

        I agree, and she chose to put that much make-up on. To quote you (I adored this one you genius, and if it’s Jessica, then Kudo’s to her) but “sweet pasta sandwich” she cakes that makeup on. NO ONE needs that much makeup. Doesn’t she know what it is doing to her?

  9. Chris

    In other news: 42% of GFY is too young to remember 90210.

    • Sasha

      Au contraire: this particular corner of GFY is too OLD to make sense of 90210 references.

      • vandalfan

        I second that motion. I had NO IDEA what the references meant. I thought Claire Arnold was Kevin’s mom on The Wonder Years.

      • TVGurl

        Actually over in my corner of the world we not only understand 90210 references, but anticipate them every time we see a cast member or a black and white cocktail dress! Props for even using her real name in the title Fug girls!

    • Anne B

      If you ever HAD to watch 90210: Original Recipe (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it), you know: it sears the grey matter in a such a way that you occasionally find yourself calling your own car “Mondale”.

      Or saying to someone, “We’re already having A MENTAL AFFAIR.”

      Or …


  10. megan

    lol @ chris I vaguely remember their faces!
    I love her orange lipstick!! & the turquoise

    • Softwear

      No doubt! I’ve never watched a whole episode. I can’t tell the boys apart in my memories of the commercials.

      • Lori

        GASP! Bite your tongues, megan and Softwear, then hie you to wherever you youngsters go to buy seasons of old TV shows. Donna Martin graduates!

  11. steph527

    She always had crappy/crazy ass hair on 90210. She also wore some crazy shit–like plastic pants. A LOT. Remember the episode where Kelly writes in her journal that Clare is obsessed with her hair?? I was like really???

  12. jenny

    It’s not the dresses, which are mostly cute. Just something HARSH about the hair, make-up, styling? HARSH.

  13. Sajorina

    I don’t know who she is, but her taste in clothes is questionable and her hair is a disaster! But, I like her attitude, she’s obviously bold and I love her jewelry… all of it! WANT!!!

  14. Lillibet

    “First World problems”. Ha ha. I like it.

  15. Mahastee

    I wasn’t a huge 90210 devotee, but I remember liking her because she wasn’t as painfully sappy as most of the others.

    Yeah, agree with just about everybody above – the clothes are mostly good and the styling is mostly bad. She is beautiful and does NOT need that much paint on her face.

    She should wear those glasses all the time, though, they are adorable!

  16. leah

    The fact that you acknowledge the “first world problems” aspect of this blog makes me feel a hell of a lot better about the inordinate amount of time I spend reading it. So, thanks! And those glasses look great — I’d like to see more red carpet specs.

  17. CJ

    Some fug and some fab. The first outfit is very 80′s, but not in a good way. Monica Baccarin’s look at the Globes was reminiscent of the 80′s but in the best possible way. This looks like she’s dressed up to go to a Dynasty party. Long black outfit would be nice on someone more flat chested. Frankly, bad on her. June is busting out all over in the middle, on the top and the sides. Blech. But I like the glasses. I’ve always been jealous of blondes who can get away with those glasses. As for the long white outfit…divine. Love the turquoise touch. Short black dress: interesting. Not sure how I feel about the beaded netting, but I might like it. Bad hair day. Love the shoes. Totally forgot what came next…the short white dress? Nice, but the hem isn’t uneven enough to look intentional. It just looks like it got accidentally hiked up when she visited the loo. Drapey blue thingy…Well, it’s a drapey blue thingy. It’s probably comfortable, but I’m not a big fan of cheesy polyester outfits dressed up with areas of sparkle. What’s truly fug here though is the very apparent body makeup which kinda made me throw up in my mouth a little. Overall, her makeup is a problem. Though I like that she uses lipstick to add a touch of color to an ensemble, her makeup artist should be fired. Way, way, way too much makeup and it is becomes distracting…also makes what are probably expensive outfits look cheap.

    “first world problems” indeed. Heather, you said a mouthful. THANK YOU. Of course I love your site — it’s my guilty pleasure — but your comment really makes me think of what I could do if I redirected my internet time! Speaking of which….

  18. Softwear

    There is nothing wrong with her outfits. THE HAIR AND MAKE-UP MY GOD. Is she an aging socialite? No? Then why do they keep making her up like one??

    • MontrĂ©alaise

      You’ve nailed it perfectly – “aging socialite” makeup and hair! Too bad, because the clothes and accessories are fine.

  19. Sam

    I want the giant muffin that was in her shoulder piece in the first pic.

  20. Anne B

    I think these outfits are actually Emily Valentine: appealingly playful at first, but upon closer inspection quite sinister, possibly even seriously disordered.

    And if I ever do form that ’90′s tribute band, I’m totally calling it Donna Martin Graduates.

  21. pidget

    Take off the face paint, let her real skin out, and consider (soft, deep) red hair. She’s really pretty as issued, but it’s hard to see.

    Then I could maybe live with whatever polyester outfits she cloaks her hot bod in.

  22. Nik

    She’s a pretty girl, but these outfits leave alot to be desired. Love the 90210 references, keep those coming!! BTW…thinking these would be designed by Donna Martin and sold in the boutique…”Now Wear This!” wow. did I really remember that? I am ashamed.

  23. scott

    I don’t think she looks really bad in anything, but I have to give her a pass because I’ve always liked Kathleen?Claire. She was my favourite character throughout the entire run of 90210, and I have a very soft spot in my heart for her.

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