Only three outfits this week, but one of them got to go to Paris — yes, actual Paris, not just Backlot Paris, or Paris Hilton’s house — and do a lot of jogging. Lucky outfit. Well, it’d have been luckier without the jogging, but still. This brings our outfit count to 42 for the series, each one more elaborately accessorized with necklaces and ginormous rings than the last. And that number doesn’t even include her various pajama tees or the sweats she wore in gym class. Erica Dasher must spend a lot of time in wardrobe.

Plot: I was all crabby on Twitter the other day about how it’s only the fifth episode of this show — EVER, not even, like, season three, episode five — and they were already trotting Jane off to Paris AND implying that she was realizing Duckie is her One True Love, and I was all, “Did they prank the writers that this was a six-episode miniseries?” But it ended up not being as ridiculous as I expected: Andie needs a look book hand-carried to her in France, so she books Jane on a red-eye and only gives her a few hours on the ground in Paris before she has to go home. Jane fakes a sleepover at Lulu’s house (which Duckie gets Lulu to agree to by shoving his tongue down her throat), and we have a lot of time-killing nonsense wherein she loses the lookbook, but it’s an inane waste because we all knew she was going to find it and get to go. She calls Duckie from Paris — he is stuck getting dragged on illegal errands with his ne’er-do-well brother, who ne’er-do-welling WAY more than Jane’s Deadbeat Brother (who is actually well-meaning and nice and employed now, and not a shoplifter who makes out with panties-clad ladies on his relatives’ beds) — and it’s very sweet, and tinged with great affection but zero covert lust. I hate when people cut promos to full-on sucker you, rather than merely tease.