My gripe from last week was answered: The first montage of the show was our heroine pulling clothes out of her wardrobe and then redesigning them into something else. Of course, she might miss those pants someday, but that’s not my problem. Anyway, we got up to eight outfits in this episode, bringing our two-week Poor Little Stitch Girl Costume Count to 22. Not bad for a girl whose bank is mad at her deadbeat brother.

Plotwise: Jane “Molly Ringwald” Quimby is in love with a popular guy we’ll call Blane, who all of a sudden decides she’s totally cute and awesome. So he tells her he wants to see her at the big school dance —  not go with her, mind; just see her there — and she decides to make her own dress out of some other pink dress (sound familiar?). When she and her hipster best friend — let’s say his name is Duckie — arrive at the dance, she has a marvelous time with Blane. Except WOE: The same night she has to be at a fashion show for Andie MacDowell’s new clothing and jewelry something-something, which she has styled. O CALAMITY. Naturally, Jane decides to do both, going back and forth and back and forth, which leads to her prom dress ending up on Andie’s runway and Blane wandering around the dance alone, jilted, awash in silver balloons and blue balls. And finally, deadbeat brother is interviewing for a job at Jane’s school, where the girl he tortured in high school is the guidance counselor. Counsel THAT with your fancy degrees!