Far be it from us to resist scrutinizing the wardrobe on a show set in the fashion world, right? It’s like Gossip Girl plus Pretty In Pink (right down to her best friend having a bouffant while she crushes on the rich popular boy, whose name sadly is not Blane, and who does not have a BFF who is James Spader clone mincing around in white linen leisure suits, although this IS only the pilot so I have hope). And yes, there is a fashion montage.

The premise: Jane’s father is dead and mother is MIA, Jane’s brother can’t support them, Jane tries for an internship at a fashion house and a misunderstanding leads to her getting offered a job as the designer’s personal assistant, Jane forges paperwork to accept the job so she can pay the mortgage, Jane ends up in a new outfit every segment even though she’s supposedly totally broke. It’s kind of hard to root for her family’s struggles when she’s not even having a hard time keeping up with the fashionistas and is never once shown going thrifting or pulling clothes out of a Dumpster. THAT girl I might raise a glass to, because that takes ladyballs. This girl just kind of makes me want to check her bank statements.