I’m a fan of Emily Blunt.

I like that she’s good at her job, I like that she and John Krasinski seem really happy and aren’t allergic to being seen together on the red carpet, I like that she set up her sister with Stanley Tucci and now they’re getting married, and I like that she usually shows up places looking super cute. I can’t quite decide about this — the waffley fabric and baby pinks might migrate this into Tweetown a bit, but then again, she still looks great and the shoes and spiky bag give it a little edge. Or maybe I still just have the fuzzies over that whole matchmaker act she pulled. Of course, this probably means that siblings of Hollywood stars everywhere are tapping their famous relatives on the shoulders, clearing their throats, and murmuring, “Um, so, you’ve had some pretty good-looking single co-stars, right? PONY UP.” Emma Stone’s family in particular should be rummaging for their phones. Surely she’s got some cousins who’d love to nurture a Gosling.

But this is supposed to be about Emily:

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  • So much more appropriate on a Fanning (31%, 3,027 Votes)

Total Voters: 9,920

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