Montage! This brings our Poor Little Stitch Girl Costume Count to a whopping 39 (and our Poor Little Stitch Girl In Fancy Clothes Montage Count to two). That’s a lot of fashion ground to cover in just four episodes. Well done, show.

Plotwise: The company has to impress the editor in chief of Modern Empress magazine in Japan. Naturally, Andie is in London, so this means Jane and her British cohort at work have to do the wooing, and of course, he is all smarm and she is all gawky charm and she ends up saving the day like five times — including by making the woman go eat a diner hamburger — and getting the company’s dress on the magazine’s cover. Because I’m SO SURE that NOBODY in the company’s top ┬ámanagement tier would rush back to NYC to wine and dine the Anna Wintour of Japan, if she’s so coveted. Come on. London to New York is not that bad a flight, AND the time change works in your favor. Jane’s Deadbeat Brother spends a bunch of time reflecting on high school, popularity, and life, and then dispenses lots of advice to Blane and Duckie and even Jane. See, Jane is really upset that Duckie has been dating her nemesis Lulu, and decides their entire friendship is founded on LIES, DIRTY LIES, because she’s not melodramatic at all. Eventually she backs down and admits she misses him and needs him. Blane, meanwhile, is under Jock Pressure or something boring like that, so while he’s at the batting cage swinging his feelings, Jane shows up to swing HER feelings — on her brother’s advice — he asks why she ditched him at the dance, and she half tells him (which, was that so hard? She said it was something for her internship — couldn’t she have said, on the night, “Hey, I have to do double duty tonight so I’ll be coming and going, but wait for me”?), and they decide to have sex sometime — I mean, “go for coffee.”