You know that “Secret Word” game show sketch on SNL, where Kristin Wiig plays the stage actress who swans in on a cloud of her own self-delusion and then promptly says the secret word? Well, minus the self-delusion (one cannot argue that Cheno is crazy talented), this reminds me so much of that:

I half expect her to say, “Yes, I did it. I said it. I said ‘sleeve.’ I couldn’t stop myself. It reminded me of the time I starred in the Off-Off-Off-Off Broadway production of Don’t Sleeve Me This Way, the epic love story of a girl and one of her shoulders, a blanket in Central Park, and two men who twirl those Apartment For Rent signs shaped like an arrow. Critics said, ‘Oops, I’m in the wrong theater, please unlock the doors!'” And then Bill Hader could pop up to tell her to sit back down. Except it’d be better if it were Bill Hader as Stefon.

[Photo: Getty]