After we fugged Cate Blanchett’s pettitunic, a savvy reader pointed out that Reese wore something from the same Louis Vuitton collection to a premiere for This Means War — which, parenthetically, if her sitcom hasn’t proved Chelsea Handler should call off the acting career, then the sliver of her in the previews for this movie ought to seal the deal. Every time she brays, “A SEX TIEBREAKER YEEEEEES,” and then waves her arms around like she’s having a religious seizure, I want to quit this planet and try Mars.

On Cate, it was crazy, but it also hung better than this does. Adding the belt monkeys with the sequined layer, to where it looks like Reese belted a scarf to a party dress. If I were wearing that thing, I guarantee you I’d space out and end up drying my hands on it in the powder room. Fanciest. Dishtowel. Ever.

Which do you prefer?

  • Cate's (31%, 2,747 Votes)
  • Reese's (22%, 1,950 Votes)
  • Neither. The style's got to go. (47%, 4,211 Votes)

Total Voters: 8,909

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