Leaving aside the fact that you can see her bra here — a tactical error, but surely not an intentional one — is it crazy that I kind of love this?

I feel like she’s ten minutes away from walking on screen in an old black and white movie, carelessly tossing her clutch onto a cocktail table, lighting a cigarette (what is unattractive now is so much more glamorous in the Olden Days of Black and White), tossing back a mai tai, and drawling that Hawaii’s awfully dull in early December. Then, of course, the Japanese would attack and she’d have to choose between her old boyfriend Ben Affleck With Frosted Tips and….wait, how’d this turn into Pearl Harbor? That movie’s not even in black and white. REGARDLESS. I wish she were wearing different shoes, but I love how much she loves pattern, and I think this is maybe the only outfit ever to actually nail a Formal Casual dress code.

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