CW Upfront’s Fugs and Fabs


Let me just say right now that if something bad were ever to happen to the CW, Heather and I would be bereft. I only watch, like, EVERYTHING on there. ABC Family, as Heather pointed out to me last night whilst we discussed this, can only do so much. If nothing else, there are so many hot young things currently employed by the CW that I can’t help but hope that it, to borrow a phrase, has to be too big to fail. LET’S NOT EVEN TALK ABOUT THIS HYPOTHETICAL POSSIBILITY. Instead, let’s look at outfits:

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  1. deputman

    Ladies, I am so disappointed in you as soap fans. Shelley Hennig (soon to be star of Which Witch is Which) is daytime-royalty adjacent. She played the daughter of Patch and Kayla on Days, where she wasn’t horrible and improved greatly over her run.

  2. Christy

    Noooooooooooooooooo to James King’s nude hoses. Noooooooooooooooooo.

  3. Chasmosaur

    YES to SMG. I feel like this poor girl has been cursed with the projects that just don’t fly.

    As for Nina Dobrev, I figured out the problem with the otherwise cute dress. As I’m sitting here post workout, I realize that the color combo of grey with chartreuse piping looks like something you should buy to work out in. A different base color, and it would be definitively awesome.

  4. Amy

    The vampire guy who isn’t Ian Somerhalder – it looks like his head has been cut out of a slightly larger photo and stuck on this one. It’s terrifying away all my SMG excitement.

  5. eee

    I had no idea that the CW picked up SMG’s show. HOORAY! That just made my day.

    Paul Wesley (formerly Paul Waczsijezskwa or however you spelled it) has an enormous noggin. Maybe it’s just the angle at which that picture was taken. I’ve never noticed how BIG it is before.

    Shenae is cracktacular, as usual.

    And off topic, but Palm Springs is one of my favorite places on the planet. You’ve officially made me jealous. Please go to El Mirasol on Palm Canyon and have a mango margarita for me.

  6. Eliza Bennett

    Was there a sale on mustard-colored platforms? And why do I suddenly want a hot dog?
    Shelley Hennig’s dress goes under Cute If It Showed A Bit Less Real Estate.If that dress covered her knees and the neckline started just right under her collarbone, it would be so fabulous.

  7. Patricia

    I think SMG’s outfit is definitely too big, but she’s so pretty. So, so pretty. And let’s face it, in a world where David Boreanaz still has a thriving career, surely there’s room for the girl whose show gave him his start!

  8. Leens


    Phew ok I’m done…. no…. wait ….. I LOVE YOU SMG!

    Ok, now we’re good.

  9. merciblahblah

    I saw a photo of Shenae Grimes the other day and from the thumbnail thought, “Huh, Heidi Montag went brunette…” Seriously. Am I the only one who thinks they look alike?

    Ah well.


  10. sandeep

    Speaking of BUFFY — Shelley Hennig looks like Charisma Carpenter !

  11. Minutiae

    Shelley Hennig looks like a young Geena Davis in that shot.

  12. Sara Jane

    Shenae Grimes is one of my favourite fugs, because no matter how nuts her outfit is she always has a big happy real smile. Or it might just be because I love Annie on 90210. Hmm.

  13. The Other Molly

    Drunkface & Tristan??????

  14. Jill

    My life also depends on the CW’s existence. I also literally watch everything on it. I just… no other network has people that pretty!! They just don’t!!!

  15. Lynnie

    Patricia: Why you hatin’ on David Boreanaz? Never saw him as Angel, but I lurve him on Bones.

    Eliza Bennett: Yes, there did seem to be a high percentage of mustard-colored shoes.

    I don’t know who Jaime King is — I get her mixed up with Jaime Pressly — but she looks terrific. Although mustard is not one of my preferred colors, the shoes are working for her!

  16. Leah

    I can’t think of the big-headed buy from Vampire Diaries without picturing him in his role in that Roller-Disco Bow Wow movie.

  17. Kris


    Can’t wait for The Ringer!

  18. Amy

    As the proud former owner of a whole Units ensemble (red and white) that included a top, skirt, long belt, two short belts and a peplum skirt, thanks for the Units shout out. 8th grade (1990) was one colorful and comfy-knit year!

    Also, SMG! Y

  19. DanerKebab

    You know, I would LOVE to close that Tresseme video, since you mentioned that if you close it once it will go away forever. However: it will not close!! The word “close” and the little “x” next to it simply do not work. Everywhere else on the ad is clickable, but they must really not want you to close it. The “close” button is a tease. Is there any other way to make it stop?

  20. Jessica

    DanerKebab, email us what browser and operating system you’re on — we’re trying to fix that!

  21. Sandra

    Ms. McCord isn’t wearing the drunkface because she loaned it to Natasha Henstridge. Also, the teeny tiny glitter skirt is so short that I thought it WAS shorts. Icccck!

  22. Aria

    Agree that Shelley = young Geena Davis.

    Jaime King looks Fab!

    Rachel Bilson looks really cute, but please, PLEASE, tell me the two-toned hair trend is coming to and an end and she can go back to one color!!

  23. LizC

    I actually liked Nina Dobrev’s dress. I think it’s cute and totally something I would wear. However, I looooove Maggie Q’s. So pretty. I could never pull it off but I love it.

  24. Libby

    Did anyone else have a moment of wondering if Drunkface was the lovechild of Michelle Pfeiffer and Stacey Ferguson??

  25. peanut gallery

    Is this the second time we’ve seen Shenae Grimes wearing those shoes—one shoe with a strap and the other without?!?? is she trying to start a new trend? I’d put this trend in the category of wearing a small band-aid on your face (was that Fifty Cent?)

  26. sharjem

    Does Maggie Q have a grease stain on her dress??? Otherwise, lovely. And hooray for SMG!

  27. Donna

    I have been trying on nude shoes for that past weeks. From $30.00 to $200.00 ones. Matte ones to shiny ones. Pumps to mary janes. NOTHING looks good with my legs. I’m starting to doubt whether they actually look good on these actresses or maybe I just have glitter eyes when I see them. Does anyone out there have any suggestions or observations about this? BTW, I’m Asian and have good muscle tone. Thank you.

  28. vandalfan

    Drunkface has really cleaned up since Chanel got a hold of her. And SHORTEST SKIRT IN THE WORLD (cartoon steam shooting from ears)

  29. Chicklet

    I think I would like Nina Dobrev’s dress better if she’d worn pale-gray shoes with it instead of the nude ones. A bit matchy-matchy, yes, but gray shoes would have given the dress more weight, or something. Then again, she spends her days looking at Ian Somerhalder, so she could have the world’s worst wardrobe and I’d still be envious of her.

  30. Sajorina

    All I needed to read was that Sarah Michelle Gellar was coming back to The CW for me to have faith in the new Fall TV lineup! All IS right with the world!!!

  31. una

    They all look so darn skinny! Are they all on the same diet or something?!

  32. Lina

    Drunkface is starting to look consistently GOOD. I have no desire to watch 90210, but now I kind of want to see her in something else. Bilson & JKing look gorgeous as always (but their show’s pitch looks cringeworthy). And I am SO INCREDIBLY HAPPY to see SMG returning to tv. I hope it is awesome. I really really want it to be awesome.

    (And I still totally call it the WB. “The See Dubya” will never not make me think, “See Dubya what? What did he do this time? Can he not freaking retire already?” — as, living in Texas, he still shows up in the news occasionally.)

  33. sheri

    anyone else think Paul Wesley in the vamp diaries picture look a bit like Quagmire mostly the head shape and pose

    Also love love Maggie Q

  34. Nora

    Shelley Hennig = Hillary Swank and Mandy Moore’s love child

  35. Mary

    Buffy, I’ve missed you!

    And even if SMG’s outfits look whack (which they rarely do), she always slays (heh heh) it with pretty hair and tasteful makeup!

  36. Jo

    Kaylee DeFer – please somebody tell me that’s not her real name. And, while we’re at it, not real shoes.

  37. Bambi Anne Dear

    Who is Tristan Wilds? I must google him. Gorgeous apart from those shoes. I must say I’m so glad to see a few of these gals have covered their shoulders. I’m getting old and I don’t want to see so much flesh! The guys are outdoing the girls. Having said that, can none of the guys afford to have their pants hemmed properly? That scrunching up as high as the knee is just unforgiveable even if you are as delicious as Ian Somerthingermejigger.

  38. Kristalynn Busskohl

    Can we talk about how in 9 of 16, you make a Ally McBeal reference. That quite literally just made my morning. Granted, I am eating mini chocolate covered donuts in lue of a real breakfast, and I my first thought this morning might have been to count the hours until I get to go back to sleep… So it wasn’t that hard to make my morning… But I appreciate it none the less, bygones.

  39. Linnea

    I love that Jaime King is wearing nylons! I miss nylons. Can they become acceptable again now?

  40. yeahandalso

    I was going through this slide show like, ummm wasn’t Smidge’s show picked up by the CW where is my Buffy and then: BEHOLD

    Isn’t it funny how the CW really just is The WB , even though CW was a combo of WB and UPN there is NOTHING UPN about IT…Like wouldn’t it be super awkward and hilarious if it was Vampire Diaries followed by Star Trek Voyager and then 90210 followed by Monday Night Raw LOL