The bad news is, Vampire Diaries doesn’t come back until October. The good news is, that’s because the CW wants to minimize reruns and/or off weeks, so once it DOES come back we can mainline it. That doesn’t answer the question of how we feel about this outfit, but at least I feel like we all worked through some TV angst together and found a silver lining. For the clothes, well, let’s take to the slides for a more thorough examination. I think I like this? I do not know why I am unable to commit just yet? And why am I uptalking? But I will note with certainty: I am in some serious unrequited love with those shoes — and I say “unrequited” because if they felt the same way, they would cost $99 and be available on Zappos.

Your turn:

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  • This is okay (42%, 1,848 Votes)
  • This is... not her best (20%, 902 Votes)
  • She should've let Kevin Hart borrow her shoes (8%, 374 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,426

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