There is so much I love here.

Her lips may need a splash more color (“just a splash,” Sally Albright’s voice is saying in my head), but the soft Adele-ish hair and that adorable printed dress are so fabulous and covetable together. It makes the shoe choice that much sadder to me — those feel like a tremendously wasted opportunity. People say a nude pump comes off like an extension of your leg that will lengthen it in the eye of the beholder, but to me, too often it stretches it into a toeless rubberized Barbie point. Imagine this with Nina Dobrev’s gold Jimmy Choos instead, which would play off the belt. Or there are probably even some colorful options that would’ve been more playful without being distracting. Don’t forget your feet, y’all. Finish the outfit.

As for Holland’s co-star, Crystal Reed… well, let’s take a look:

I keep expecting her shoulder bows to sprout googly eyes and attempt to get her to switch to Geico.

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