Fugger: Rosario Dawson

Guys’ Choice Awards Fug Carpet: Rosario Dawson in Roksanda Ilincic

Wow. Rosario’s stylist’s reign of terror continues apace.

Rosario Dawson in Roksanda Ilincic, Spike TV Guys' Choice Awards

You cannot entirely convince me she isn’t wearing that skirt backward, and while the outfit itself is very summery in color, it is HORRIBLE with her figure. That top cuts her in the worst place. I can already feel the facial expressions and hear the aggrieved noises I will make in March of next year, when Jessica and I sit down to do the Fug Madness seedings and say, “What did Rosario Dawson wear this year, again?” and then OH THE HUMANITY. It’s almost exciting, like thinking about Christmas morning well in advance — if all you got was coal, but you secretly really needed it because you forgot to buy it for the Weber.

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amfAR in Cannes: Fugs and Fabs, Part 1

Sorry, Dior, but for this Prom she picked McQueen.

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Cannes (Mostly) Fug Carpet: Rosario Dawson

Sigh. The pendulum always does have to swing back again, I guess.

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Cannes Unfug or Fab: Rosario Dawson in Dolce & Gabbana and Sportmax

I’d say about… 75 percent of what Rosario Dawson wears makes me think, “Eh, not my favorite.” Here’s another lukewarm pool to jump into:

It’s… fine. Not that flattering to her chest; I think it might have looked better if the black detail want all the way down and didn’t stop halfway down, which asks the eye to go STRAIGHT to her underboob area. But then maybe the top would’ve been too unbalanced, so maybe the whole thing needed to be black-on-white. I’m not UPSET with it, though. I just don’t know if we are ever going to be close friends.

Her Sportmax ensemble is a lot more lively:

the next one is a colorfest


Fuggy and the Pussycats

It has been a banner week for jumpsuits. First, Greta Gerwig wore that awful Stella McCartney thing, then Margot Robbie was in a red abomination, and now Rosario Dawson has gotten into the game:

It’s pleated AND wrinkled AND overcomplicated AND boring AND strangely fitting AND unhemmed. WHY is she fighting The Pretty so hard? Is The Pretty that argumentative and unpleasant? Help me understand.

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Fugs and Fabs of The Independent Spirit Awards, Part II

Jon Hamm’s skeptical look says it all about a lot of these outfits.

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