I was, as the Interwebs say, today years old when I learned Rosario Dawson is in Clerks II — the existence of which I had managed to forget until there was a premiere for Clerks III, which elicited a loud, “Whaaaaaat?” from behind my screen. I cannot say I ever burned to know what happened to the clerks after Clerks (which may be ironic, as I read the synopsis of the sequel and it does sound like it involved actual burning), but hey, it’s nice for the leads that this gig turned out to have legs. And it gives Rosario a chance to showcase a very very neat Studio 189 dress — that’s the collective she co-founded that promotes clothes made in Africa, by local artisans and with local textiles. She’s a great ambassador for their stuff.

'Clerks III' film premiere, Los Angeles, California, USA - 24 Aug 2022

And look, the gang’s all here. I know Kevin Smith loves shorts, but I’m pleasantly surprised he attempted something more formal, as opposed to the denim and/or basketball variety that he so often favors. Jason Mewes looks kicky — he’s had a really tough go over the years, and Kevin Smith has been a very steadfast friend to him during that time, so I’m glad to see that he seems well. And this also works out well for Brian O’Halloran and Jeff Anderson, who have primarily been Dante and Randal in their careers. I often think that this culture of nostalgia and rebooted/revisited favorites, for all that we roll our eyes at how frequent it is now, must be SUCH a gift for a lot of the actors involved who maybe aren’t as present anywhere else. What can I say? I’m a softie sometimes. Usually just after the first Diet Coke of the day, though, so this is an unusual timeslot for me to be so cuddly.

[Photos: Chelsea Lauren/Shutterstock]