Fugger: Rosamund Pike

Fugs and Fabs: Celebs at Paris Fashion Week, Part 2

As regular readers know, I LOVE London. It’s one of my favorite cities in the world, if not my favorite. I could go there every month, happily. But Paris. Sigh. I almost think Paris is underrated — it’s that fabulous. Seeing all these people running around Paris Fashion Week in amazing coats is giving me a bitter case of FOMO. Not for the Fashion Week, as much as for the scenery, and whatever they’re doing on their off-hours.

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Unfug, Yet Mostly Well Played: Rosamund Pike in Azzedine Alaia

Any post featuring Rosamund here is fair game for a link back to that horrific custom Vera Wang, which I hope has been turned into one of those inspirational posters and given to every stylist in town with the word TAILORING under it.

rosamund pike

This is so much better and brighter. I obviously hate the thigh vents — it just spoils the line of it all so egregiously — but if I hold up my hand just-so, I can pretend it’s not there and revel in the rest of it. Or, if I move my hand, I can cut off the dress right after that bit and pretend it’s the hem, which also works. But even with that part, this is SUCH AN IMPROVEMENT. I mean. That maxi-pad of a bodice! #NeverForget.

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Fugs and Fabs: Celebs at Wimbledon

I made a note for myself on this slideshow, and it said, “DON’T FORGET HIDDLESTON.” (Don’t worry. As you can see, I didn’t.) Additionally: People make hilarious faces when watching a good tennis match. It’s a treat. Additionally additionally: This entire slideshow is an example of how Everyone Looks Hotter in Sunglasses.

PS: ICYMI, we already covered Wills and Kate’s outing, with a special appearance from David Beckham, here.

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Oscars Well Played, Rosamund Pike in Givenchy

This is VERY SATISFYING to me:

87th Annual Academy Awards - Red Carpet

I’m never going to love matchy-matchy shoes, but other than that, I think she looks utterly stellar in this. After an awards season that brought with it true horrors on her body, it’s nice to see her looking so glamorous and so much like a movie star. Round of applause for the Rosamund Pike team, because they nailed it last night.

Which is good, because earlier this weekend was a wee bit of a whiff:

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BAFTAs Better Played: Rosamund Pike in Roland Mouret

“Yes, thank you, I’m feeling MUCH better.”

rosamund pike baftas 2015


“I’ve just gone and hit the reset button on this entire season, and I’m starting from scratch with an extremely low degree of difficulty. Basic bracelet, basic lipstick basic black, nothing mammarially abusive, nothing that forces me to squat slightly like I’m about to take a wee behind a bush. It’s terribly refreshing. I wish I had set fire to my stylist’s home sooner wait I mean lit a purely metaphorical fire under my stylist sooner. See you at the Oscars!”

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Fugs and Fabs: The Louis Vuitton Series 2 Exhibition

I didn’t realize Michelle Williams had been gone until she popped up again. And it may be awhile until we see her more often, because she only has one film in pre-production on IMDb, and that’s it. So this is basically like a yeti sighting: rare, and to be cherished.

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Well Played/Less So: Reese Witherspoon in Giambattista Valli, and Rosamund Pike in Vionnet, at the Oscar Nominee Luncheon

Her lack of other accessories is almost entirely made up for by those cute shoes:

reese witherspoon oscar nominee luncheon

Honestly, I think once Reese realized she wasn’t going to take home any hardware for Wild, she decided to win at the fashion game instead. She is like that mom at school pickup who always looks SO cute and pulled-together and clean, and there you are with damp hair and yoga pants and Toms with a hole in the toe, and you’re like, “WHY GOD.”And at this particular party, she put Felicity Jones AND poor Rosamund Pike on notice:


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