Fugger: Rachel McAdams

Critics’ Choice Awards Well Played: Rachel McAdams in Elie Saab

Rachel was thrice nominated — once for the great Spotlight as a film, once for her performance therein, and once for the execrable second season of True Detective — and I’m pleased to say she was entrusted with accepting the statuette for Best Picture, because she looked stunning.

rachel mcadams critics choice awards

Yes, NAB, but whatever: This is glorious on her and her makeup is PERFECT and she looks totally stunning. I wish she had saved this for the Oscars, but then again, she quite possibly had been informed Spotlight was going to win this, and as she herself likely will NOT win the Oscar, maybe it’s worth it to get up on stage NOW in her shimmery oxblood slam dunk and then just take the Academy Awards as they come. I feel you, Rachel. Regina George would approve of your strategy.

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Golden Globes Nearly Well Played: Rachel McAdams in Lanvin

I always do love seeing a pattern on the red carpet, and this one feels particularly tactile somehow.

rachel mcadams golden globe awards 2016

I have no idea what that fabric feels like, obviously, but it certainly photographs like it must be lush, and the flowers really leap out at you. They seem three-dimensional at times. My main reservatiions are with some of those rogue seams, like the one arcing across her groin — do we REALLY need to be putting railroad tracks right through a gentle suburb? — and the fold under her right boob, which just makes the thing look like it’s frowning. Maybe it IS. Maybe it’s just as frustrated by The Pelvic Slash as I am.

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Fuglight: Rachel McAdams in Noam Hanoch

I am almost speechless here, Fug Nation. In other words, WORDS:

Rachel McAdams Gotham Film Awards

Who looks at this jumpsuit and sees a walking dream? I see unflattering pants and a top that looks like a combination between Project Runway and Trading Spaces, where you have to redesign your friend’s living room using only things from her closet — in this case, an old strapless bra and some panty hose from that Halloween where she went as Yvette from Clue.

Or, to put it more bluntly: IT’S SO BAD. Sometimes those three syllables are the only ones you need.

What’s more:

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Fugs and Fabs: Rachel McAdams at the Toronto Film Festival

You know what? We’ve SO OFTEN avoided discussing The Sheers by discussing pizza instead that I don’t even have any thoughts about pizza anymore. I am all out of feelings. What has become of me?

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Boringly/Boredly Played: Rachel McAdams and Jake Gyllenhaal

The Southpaw promotional trail, winding through the ESPYs and whatnot, has been… curious.

jake gyllenhaal, rachel mcadams

That dress feels like she’s running out of steam and just wants to go home. And I am not sure Jake ever had any steam to run out of; at all these events, at least from what I’ve seen, she comes off like she’s trying to smile and manufacture some chemistry while he’s all but stroking his beard and musing, “Is Nietzsche right that objectivity is a fallacy? Did the notion of perfection create imperfection, or vice versa? What ARE numbers? Why is Fox Sports One in the 200s on DirecTV but Fox Sports Prime all the way up in the 600s? UNIVERSE, THY QUIRKS PLAGUE MY SLEEP.”

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ESPYs Fine or Fab: Rachel McAdams

I hope their chemistry is better in the movie. (In fairness, it looks like it was very warm and bright there, meaning her choice of outfit may not have been optimal and her lack of sunglasses may have been devastating.)

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