I loved her as Regina George but I do not miss her Regina George hair. Which is neither here nor there; I just needed an introduction to this slideshow, and her hair in that movie has always bothered me, so I decided to pick the scab. It happens.

Is this dress in the Burn Book?

  • YES. I am so disappointed in it. IT'S A PUSHER, CADY. IT'S A PUSHER. (26%, 1,069 Votes)
  • I haven't decided yet. I'm not mad ENOUGH at it. (31%, 1,309 Votes)
  • No. I love it too much. It's the Aaron Samuels of dresses: dreamy, and atypical, and WHERE WERE YOU WHEN I NEEDED YOU IN HIGH SCHOOL. (43%, 1,812 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,190

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[Photos: Splash]