I’m sorry for Rachel McAdams that season two of True Detective is so boring, and not as well-received as the first — although frankly, I disliked the last half of season one so hard that I am not surprised this happened. But I do think she is someone whose career has been something of a curiosity, and her small role in Southpaw (or at least, based on the previews it seems to be small) adds to the intrigue. Basically I don’t know where this car is going, and if she doesn’t want to use GPS that’s fine, but I hope she at least has one of those AAA maps kicking around the backseat somewhere in case of emergency.


I like this better than I expected to, but there’s something jarring to me about the flight of the funeral blossoms across her chest. It adds interest, yeah, but it also feels kind of like she got attacked by them. Like someone shot her with a flower gun.


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