Fugger: Miley Cyrus

Fug and Fab: Miley Cyrus in Moschino

Miley Cyrus is a really curious – if also often frustrating — creature to me. Her sudden disclosures of feeling gender fluid and identifying as androgynous are not without heartfelt spirit and an air of honesty, and I am pretty sure I believe her. But she as a PERSON does pull at my cynical triggers, because she’s such a creature of the media that I keep wondering with ANYTHING she says if she’s simply reacting to what’s buzzy.  And/or trying to muscle her way to the front of the caravan, all in the name of being the loudest voice in any given room. (And I must clarify: I take gender fluidity and feelings of androgyny themselves totally seriously; it is MILEY I am not sure if I should take seriously. Not because of this, but in general. She makes it hard to tell.) But then she’ll say stuff that’s smart, or savvy, or self-aware — or all three. Such as, to Time:

Now 22, Cyrus isn’t worried about offending anyone. “Someone said the other day to me, ‘Should you ask your advisor?’” she says. “I’m like, ‘If I have an advisor, they should have been fired two years ago.’” 

And then this, which made me laugh and also like her:

“All the women in the restaurant [on Valentine's Day two years ago] were with these older, fat men that had just let themselves go. They were just being drunk bastards. And then the women were sitting there, trying so hard just to look good. And they’re ignoring them the whole time. And I thought, ‘I’m not living like this. If I end up in a straight relationship, that’s fine—but I’m not going to be with f-cking slob guys who are watching porn, making all their girls feel ugly.”

The last quote here, I initially read with the Beyonce bit pulled entirely out of context, so it felt more like shade than it perhaps is intended — but I still think it’s an interesting point, because as much as people get annoyed when Taylor Swift stands there in her front-row seat and dances and sings along, it at least has a camaraderie to it that you wouldn’t see from a lot of people.

She recently went to the finals of RuPaul’s Drag Race, but says she’s not particularly interested in attending award shows. [...] She responds better to the unbridled, flamboyant support that RuPaul’s contestants gave one another as they performed. “Beyonce would never be down in the front row cheering on Katy Perry,” she says.

And thus, my complicated relationship with Miley. Like the bratty attention-vortex little sister who makes you roll your eyes and even scream, but she’s not a bad egg and in fact makes you proud sometimes.

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Met Gala Fug or Fab: Miley Cyrus in Alexander Wang

I should hate this so much more than I do:

"China: Through The Looking Glass" Costume Institute Benefit Gala - Arrivals

However, the woman behind her and I both seem to be thinking, “I dunno, Miley, but maybe.” It’s a dress apparently designed to show off her hip flexors and one eighth of her collarbone and it’s basically a thong for your torso, but I’m still sort of like, “I can totally live with this.” Is it possible that I am just that enamored of long sleeves? Is this what 2015′s parade of nudity and sheers hath wrought?


Oscars Weekend Fug Carpet: Miley Cyrus in Schiaparelli and Tom Ford

Miley is going through a really weird phase. It’s called “Pants.”

miley cyrus oscar party 2015

Well, more specifically, it’s wacky pants — but it’s a novelty enough that she is wearing becrotched leg coverings at all. Then again, her newness to such a concept may account for her inability to hem them, among other things; I could deal with the cutesy pattern a lot more easily if they were slim-fitting and allowed for a peek of a killer shoe, but as-is, they’re just this really strange mix of matronly and fourth-grade doodles. I have no idea why she has draped her neck in tulle, either, but ours is not to reason why. Ours is but to fug or die.

For the Tom Ford show earlier in the weekend, Miley went in a more familiar direction:

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SNLFugty: Miley Cyrus at SNL40

I haven’t gotten to see this yet, but word on the street is that Miley’s take on “50 Ways To Leave Your Lover” was fun.

miley cyrus SNL40

Her take on Martha May Hornswaggle, president of the United States Square Dancing Association, was less exciting.

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Grammy Awards Fug Carpet: Miley Cyrus in Alexandre Vauthier

In case you ever wondered what Madame X would have looked like if Sargent had suffered a mental break and gone crazy with the scissors:


Not NEARLY as bad as that description might have led you to believe.

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Mostly Fugs: Miley Cyrus

The good news is that she isn’t wearing a leotard:


I mean, is this technically an outfit, so much as it is a winky nod to the oversized tee you wore to bed when you when twelve years old? The answer is: WHATEVER, MOM.

She also wore Not A Leotard to the launch of her new MAC Viva Glam line:

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