First issue: Miley + Joan Jett + Billy Idol and IT WASN’T THE HALFTIME SHOW?

Second: Initially I was like, “WHY did TikTok spend all this money,” and then I read that apparently the 7500 Florida front-line workers who got free tickets — all of whom had been fully vaccinated — got to watch this specially. That’s a treat.

Third: Billy Idol has a WHOLE SONG called “Dancing With Myself” that would be a perfect pandemic theme song, and nobody has leapt on that? And in fact, they got him here and had him all up in Miley Cyrus’s grill?!? I’m sure they tested and such, but can you really be sure without isolation? IF YOU PEOPLE GIVE BILLY IDOL COVID JUST FOR FOOTBALL, I WILL BE DISPLEASED.

Last, but absolutely not least: Amanda Gorman delivered her poem via video, which she said had been in the works even before the Inauguration. The NFL tweeted it:

She spotlighted three frontline workers, and concluded, “Let us walk with these warriors // Charge on with these champions // And carry forth the call of our captains! //. We celebrate them by acting // With courage and compassion // By doing what is right and just // For while we honor them today // It is they who every day honor us.”

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