It took me a few moments before I realize who this cover feels inspired by, and it’s that this outfit reminds me of something that Catherine O’Hara’s character in Beetlejuice might wear. Not in a bad way — Deila Deetz had style! But the youths of today are very into the ’80s in a way I never would have expected when I was alive in the ’80s. (We did not have such great eyelashes, though. In fact, Lana’s whole no-makeup-makeup situation here is very pretty — although, obviously, it’s helped along by the fact that she is very pretty in general.)

The profile, by  Nichole Perkins, is  a very enjoyable and thoughtful read.  (And can we please celebrate that the era of Celebs Interviewing Celebs….seems to be over?! HOORAY.) Lana seems like a dream actress to star in an adaptation of any book — she speaks with real insight about her roles in Netflix’s adaptation of Jenny Han’s To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before trilogy — and she also just seems like what I, a middle-aged woman, feel comfortable calling “a good kid.” (She is 23, so she is an adult woman, but I could be her mother.) She talks with great openness about her mental health, body dysmorphia, and Asian representation in Hollywood — she just seems profoundly likeable.

I also really enjoyed this little aside, in the midst of a much longer conversation:

“Right next to the coffee shop is this little mom-and-pop bookstore that doesn’t have a lot of books, but they order if you need it,” she said. (Thrillers are Condor’s favorite: “This sounds so sick, but my dad always says, ‘If there’s the word ‘girl’ or ‘lost’ or ‘woods’ or ‘murder’ or ‘darkness’ in the title of a book, I’ll just get it for Lana because I know that she’ll like it.’”)

That just make me chuckle. Anyway, pop over there and check it out — she seems like a delight.

[Photo: Jack Belli]