Happy New Year! Did you celebrate? We chucked any and all semblance of effort, blinked boredly at a couple of the TV specials, and went to bed at 12:30. Aren’t we EXCITING? But, I’d rather have been in my living room than at any of those televised parties. HOO BOY. I hope those don’t superspread all over the place, although I guess omicron is doing plenty of that already.

Miley Cyrus threw a party in Miami with Pete Davidson — something about this pairing seems so right to me — and unfortunately we didn’t get photos from it, but Miley did post one of her outfits on Instagram:


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A hundred years from now, this photo will be in a museum, misunderstood as Portrait of a Young Woman Who Really Tried It With Her Bath Sheet. Miley’s IG also has a grand red outfit on it, and apparently she wore a tiny silver top at one point that malfunctioned and she handled it with incredible ease? (I learned this from the Internet.)

Ciara hosted the Los Angeles portions of New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, and bless her, she danced and sang along to everyone — even to Walker Evans’ Applebees song. She wore, sadly, custom D&G, because I guess that whole train is full steam ahead into 2022:


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I love the color, and those orange shoes. And her legs remain a thing of inspiration.

Amanda Gorman supposedly popped by CNN, but I can’t deal with that much Andy Cohen so we only turned it on with 10 minutes to go. Here she is:


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She is a gem, and she sparkled like one. Amanda released a poem, New Day’s Lyric, on Dec. 31, in which she wrote, “[O]ur hearts, once all together beaten // Now all together beat.” I hope so. You can watch her deliver it on Instagram.

Finally, this was not televised, but I could not resist:


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What a great jacket on Michelle. Etro had a big year, and that’s one heck of an ending/beginning for that brand.

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