Considering how much I’m on the Internet in a given day, I’m astonished that I missed the Global Goal Unite event, which I gather was both broadcast and streamed. It was framed as being in support of people trying to find Covid-19 treatments, but the press release then said the event “mobilized $1.3 billion to address the health-related impact of the COVID-19 pandemic globally.” That particular fundraising language is foreign to me — I can’t tell how the event mobilized any money if it didn’t directly raise it, and if it DID, would they not say “raised”? Honest question — but it sounded like it was pretty good. And some of the visuals are amazing — starting with Jennifer Hudson up there, and then Miley performed The Beatles’ “Help!” in an empty Rose Bowl:

She told Vogue that the dress is meant to be a sexy, glammed-up, Dolly-inflected nod to the Beatles’ large blue shirts from the “Help!” album cover. This shot is quite super — she’s modeling this well and giving a great sense of its shape. Her hair right now looks a tiny bit like she cut it with nail clippers, but all kidding aside: She also recently revealed she’s six months sober. I admire anyone who is trying to, or able to, walk that path at at time of uncertain confinement when all our worst coping mechanisms can seem inevitable.

[Photos: Getty]