Apparently I only DVR’d the last two segments of the Dick Clark/Seacrest thing, but there was a whole other part before that? Oh well. I THINK I got most of the outfits, plus a surprise retro cameo from The Go-Go’s. But sadly I did miss this:


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If this isn’t working for you, here is the link. It’s basically a video of Gwen Stefani dancing down the hall in shredded and tasseled jeans, a silver twisty bra-style top, and a random belt around her waist that appears only to be anchoring her tights? It is enormously strange and on-brand. If she spins fast enough, she could clean the dirt off a car.

Here’s a Billy Porter outfit I missed, also, which is Dior:


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I know I almost never advocate for FEWER shades, but would this have worked better if the pants were that same silvery grey?

[Photos: Shutterstock, Getty, NBC/CityTV]