Fugger: Khloe Kardashian

Fugs and Like One Half-Fab: Kylie Jenner Turns 18

Nothing says “CHECK IT OUT EVERYONE WE CAN LEGALLY BANG NOW” like giving your until-recently-underage girlfriend a $320,000 Ferrari the second the jailbait label erodes. And nothing says “It’s August and nobody’s doing anything” like the sight of a Kylie Jenner’s Birthday slideshow (although in fairness, we do get to see Caitlyn Jenner looking classier than the rest of her brood, which is satisfying).


ESPYs Fine and Fug Carpet: Various Kardashians and Jenners

I’m starting to wonder if Kylie is pathologically unable to enjoy anything. She’s starting to develop Kim’s patented Blankface — and Kim’s patented Actual Face, in a way — and even Kendall can’t make her crack much of a sincere smile. What is going ON. Kylie is only 17, still, right? Is it too late to call Child Protective Services?

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Recent Fugs and Fabs: Katching Up with the Kardashians

Because it’s summer, a.k.a. the only time of year when I’m looking around and going, “Aw, hell, there’s not much else going on, so I might as well see what Kim Kardashian has been doing.” Turns out we missed a few things while we were looking elsewhere.

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What the Fug (As Usual): Kim Kardashian, with an assist from Khloe

If this is how her shirt situation is going at the dawn of spring…

kim kardashian in paris

… then I’m developing some anxieties about what summer will bring.

Also, if you’ve ever wondered what a Kardashian would wear to the viewing of a memorial to victims of genocide against Armenians:

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Fug the Krew: The Kardashians Do Easter Mass

Yes, this is a week or so old. But I missed it during our travels, and I felt like we all needed a chance to talk about what the stately and sedate Kardashians wore to Church on such a holy occasion:

Kanye, Kim, North & Family Attend Church On Easter Sunday

Someone basically needs to remind Kendall that the aisle is not the same thing as a runway, and that the whole body-into-bread and water-into-wine thing do not equate to cocktails and light apps.

You’ll be pleased to know Kanye dressed up for the occasion as well:

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High Fugshion: The adidas x Kanye West YEEZY Show and Front Row

I know this is Kanye’s party, but we HAVE to open with discussing how Bieber looks like a refried Ken doll now.

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