Let’s start with some LOGISTICS: So, from what I can tell, the People’s Choice Awards this year was not very well-attended, and a lot of the folks who did show up seemed to be dressed like they knew they were heading to a Not Very Well-Attended awards show. People’s Choice has always had a slightly bought-and-paid-for feeling, in a way that, say, the VMAs does not — but it also used to be in January, when everyone is in town for awards season, and in the middle of a massive press push, so celebs still used to really show up. Now, holding this show in January used to draw a bigger crowd, but it also made it more obvious, comparatively, that it’s not in the upper tier of awards shows — the Globes/SAGs/Oscars tier — which is why I think they moved it. However! Moving it to November doesn’t make sense to me, either, especially holding it in the middle of a three-day weekend. If you’re fairly famous and you know you’re heading into awards show season, I don’t think you’re likely to pass up your three-day weekend with your family for this, unless you’re getting a major award — like Aniston, who is also still promoting Morning Show, and who won “The People’s Icon of 2019.” I think that instead you’re either choosing to rest up before you’re really busy, or you’re somewhere else right now (like, Kristen Bell won but she’s off promoting Frozen 2; winner Taylor Swift is in China. Beyonce won and Beyonce is never going to come to this; ditto Billie Eilish). The People’s Choice Awards would, I humbly submit, be better off in early April: Awards season is truly over, we’re gearing up for spring and summer movie season, and it’s a tiny bit of a Celebrity Event Dead Zone, before the Met Gala in May, when celebs are antsy to get out there and remind us that they’re still alive. THINK ABOUT IT, E!

Anyway, the people who did come DID wear things.

[Photos:  Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.com,  John Salangsang/Shutterstock,  Matt Baron/Shutterstock]