ASHLEY: Hi, Khloe.


ASHLEY: I’m so sorry about… you know.

KHLOE: I do.

ASHLEY: It’s just so unfortunate. There’s no good explanation for it.

KHLOE: Right? I know, I was pissed.

ASHLEY: You were… wait, but you did this to yourself, didn’t you?

KHLOE: What?!? Are you saying it’s my fault my boyfriend cheated on me?!?


KHLOE: Is that… not what we were talking about?

ASHLEY: Dude, no, I meant your styling.


ASHLEY: I don’t know why, but you’re in this really terrible shirt advertising whatever random company this is, and you have those scary nails, and what is by far your worst hair and makeup contouring job ever. It’s just… I’m so sorry about it, you know?

KHLOE: Yeah. I’m sorry about a lot of things. Like your dress.

ASHLEY: Hah! Nice one. Here’s my secret: I don’t actually care what my clothes look like, as long as my head looks awesome. You should try it.

KHLOE: No thanks. That’s Kim’s aesthetic.

ASHLEY: Well, at least put down the gel and pick up a blow-dryer. Your hair is too crispy to be good revenge.

KHLOE: … Yeah that’s fair.

[Photo: Rex/Shutterstock]